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  1. First, Pete Was The Weed Gummy ! Then, Pete Was The Grinch ! Now, Pete is Mr. Chicken Legs And Andrew Cuomo And Being The Relationship Expert !
  2. Yes, January Jones WAS That Bad ! January Jones Did Not Say Anything And I Think She Just Stood There And Then Said Don ! I Thought Chris Rock Mainly Stood Around And Was Worse Than Kristen Wiig ! I Think The Audience Was Dead With Harry Styles ! Other People Have Been Worse !
  3. Maybe, The Monologue And The Wedding Was Awkward ! ! I Thought The Cold Opening And I Thought The Disney Tour Was Funny ! ! I Thought Week End Update Was Very Funny Especially The Twins ! !
  4. I Think ALL THREE Fit Joe Biden ! ! ! Jason Was A Harm Less Goof Ball And Joe Is Good Ole Joe ! Woody Was Senile And A Bit Creepy And I Think Joe Biden Is Like That ! Jim Carrey Is Simmering Rage, But Has A Smile And Not That Sharp And That Is How Joe Biden Is !
  5. Actually, I Think Kenan's Been On Since 2002 And 2022 Would Make IT TWENTY Years So That Is NOT Quite TWO Decades ! Also ,I Did Not Know What You Meant By Several ! IT Is NOT Several IF IT Isn't Even TWO decades ! IT Would Be A Couple OF Decades IFI IT Had Been TWO Decades Which IT Wasn't Completely TWO Decades !
  6. The Book With The Interviews Had The Cast Members From Each Year ! That Book Had Adam Sandler As A Featured Player And The Next Year Was With And The Following Year Was Featured A Couple More Times I Think ! ! ! They Might Have Had AT Least Two With's !
  7. I AM Not Sure This is What You Are Saying ,But Adam Sadler Was A Featured Player OR They Say With FIVE YEARS Before Adam Sadler Became A Regular Player !
  8. Pete Was The Gummy Weed On The Roof ! Also, I Think He Was In AT Least Another Sketch Maybe The Stationary Bike, But That Might Not Be Right ! ALL Kate's Characters Are NOT Like Guiliani ! We Know Dis, Ruth Bader, Jeff Sessions And Even The Woman In The Vagina Monologues And NONE OF Them Are Like Guiliani ! ! 1 That Fliona Sketch Is That She Was A Diva So She Has Her Agent I Guess Is Who He Is Slap The Other People Who Did Not Have What She Wanted ! ! ! I Did Not Know What Was Charming OR Silly About Fliona Where She Did Not Get What She Wanted So She Had Her
  9. They Did NOT Have Cecily Either ! Also, I May Be Wrong, But I Think Phoebe Had War On Words Where She Switched Sides And She Was With Hitler ! ! Also, I Like When A Different What 's Wrong With The Picture Had The TWO MOONS ! I Can't Remember Who The Host Was On That Episode !
  10. They Might Have Done That Supermarket Sweep Because Lesley Hosts Supermarket Sweep ! They Would Have NO Reason To Do That And Lesley Wouldn't Care IF She Had Not Done That AT That Time ! IT Would Not Have Meant Any Thing To Her ! I Don't Know IF There Were Any Men Kissing Other Men During Bill Hader With their Mouth Closed ! I AM NOT Saying There Wasn't, But I Don't Remeeber Them Doing That ! How Ever, I Think You Forgot The Vogelchecks ! I Think Bill Had his Tongue Practically In Their Mouths Usually Andy ! NO, That Was NOT The Worst Monologue Ever ! I Think
  11. Darrell Hammond Had ALL those Cameos In His Finale ! Kristen Wiig Had Mick Jagger Sing Ruby Tuesday And Lorne Danced With Kristen in Her Finale ! I Do Think They Wanted A Good Finale Since The Season Had Not been Very Good With A Few Exceptions And They Had A FULL Audience And Things Are Getting Back To Normal So They Want To Go To Next Season With Every Body Anticipating A Good Start For The Fall ! ! ! ! How Ever,They Put Beck In THE Very Last Sketch And That Was So Memorable And Funny ! I Do Think Cecily IS Leaving Because She Missed Some Episodes And She Made A Movie in Canada And I Don't T
  12. I Love Beck And I Like Mikey Day ! ! What About Ana, Molly Shannon And Cheri OTeri? Also I Like Jan Hooks ! I Also Like Amy And I Like Maya Rudolph ! !
  13. Do You Think Beck Is Going To Leave Saturday Night Live ? I LOVE Beck And I REALLY Wish He Would Stay On Saturday Night Live ! I LIKE Cecily Also And I Wish She Would Stay On Saturday Night Live, But I Think She Wants To Leave And She DOES Seem To Be Getting Other Things To Do Like Maybe Movies !
  14. i Think IT Is Because I Do Not Know Her, But I Thought She Was Possibly The Worst Musical Guest They Have And Most OF The Musical Guests Are Not Good ! ! Some Times, I Like The Musical Guest Like Chance The Rapper As An Example ! She Was Too Quiet On The First Song And Too Edgy OR Aggressive OR Some Thing On The Second Song ! !
  15. Don't Forget Elon Musk !
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