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  1. Lorne thought Carol Burnett was too smug because he thinks that she thinks the Comedy Should go all out for Belly Laughs and she is not subtle ! How ever, Kristen Wiig was never subtle either !
  2. First of all, the name is Bill Murray ! I think they took Rob Schneider because of Copy Meister OR what ever the Character is and Jan Hooks who is extremely good does not have A Specific Character that stands out except Maybe Candy Sweeney of the Sweeney Sisters ! Darryl Hammond probably for Sean Connery Or even Bill Clinton ! Personally, I think Maya is Very Funny Especially when she does The National Anthem !
  3. I think that is true. I think every body is too busy laughing at Tim Conway Where As Kate And Aidy bring every thing to A Halt which is Annoying and makes The Sketch be boring and NOT GOOD !
  4. If Beck Leaves, then, maybe Alex and Mikey would be the Anchors ! Alex has been on Week End Update and Mikey has a Good voice ! ! IF Beck is still there, then try Beck and see how he does !
  5. I liked when Jason Priestly hosted and they had audience asking questions ! Every Body kept asking about Luke ! Then, I don't know if some of them were writers or if they were just regular people, but I liked that woman that said her question was not about Luke. Jason said Finally ! What's your question ? She said Dylan McKay and Jason said that is Luke and she said well, He's HOT !
  6. I know she has hosted the show ! I remember the Singing Non Singing Monologue !
  7. I'm sorry that he died, BUT I Hated where he said Actors should stick to acting and not be involved with Politics ! Then, John McCain Jumped up and down as he sang Papa, Can You Hear Me that Barbara Streisand Sang form Yentl ! He looked So Silly and that was a Serious song and in the Movie, her Father had a Heart Attack !
  8. No, That WAS the joke ! I think the writers DO know the difference between Maine and Louisiana !
  9. Taylor Swift is a Singer and Not an Actress !
  10. I think you got the order wrong ! Jimmy was on with Tina and after that was Tina and Amy ! Then, Amy And Seth were the Anchors on Week End Update ! Then, Seth was by himself ! Then, they had Cecily and Colin ! Then, they had Colin And Michael Che !
  11. Maybe, That was after Tracy had been in that Car accident and we did not know if Tracy was going to be all right !
  12. I hated that January Jones show, but they have had worse Hosts than even her ! There was Milton Berle, Louise Lasser and Steven Seagull who is considered to be the worst Host ever on Saturday Night Live ! ! !
  13. This is about that other poster that thinks Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon are both hams. Kristen is Always Hyper ! She is like that commercial on Saturday Night Live ! Kristen is Puppy Uppers and Kate is like Doggie Downers ! Kate is NOT Hyper All the time ! All Kristen's Characters are ALL the same ! Kate does different types of Characters ! All Kristen's characters are Annoying ! Some Of Kate's Characters are NOT Annoying and Kate Is Much Funnier than Kristen like the alien Is Very Funny !
  14. Guess what ! Now, I can not get Jimmy Fallon on this Friday either ! Kevin Bacon was on Friday and I tried to play that Both Saturday And Sunday and it says the page does not exist ! I am getting tired of not seeing Jimmy Fallon on Friday Nights !
  15. Actually, I thought it was kind of clever to have Kate be the man and the Host be the woman . You said this was a wasted opportunity. What did you want Kate as a man and the Host as a woman do in the Sketch ?
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