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  1. My Local Channel had Pro Foot Ball and the game went over ! They went to the Local News, but then IT Jumped in the Middle of NCIS ! Then, They had the Monologue come on ! I wonder if they did not want to have Jim Carrey on so They put on NCIS Instead !
  2. Hello Galileo. I AM So Happy that you Finally Saw John Mulaney Last February ! I Wish Stooge Would Also see that ,But He Probably Never Will ! Galileo, Was Beck The Headless Horseman ? I Could Not Tell Who That Was !
  3. The thing is that you said Kyle And Beck were there the longest and I said that Kate came on the show and after Kate was Aidy And Cecily ! ! ! Then, Kyle and Beck came on the Show. Kyle and Beck were Not there the Longest !
  4. Actually, Kenan was there the Longest, but Kate Came Next and Then, Aidy And Cecily Came on the Show ! !Then, Beck And Kyle Came along Later !
  5. Galileo, Was Pete And Timothee In A Movie Together ? This Is about The Most Pete Has been On I Think ! Also, They Have A Lot OF Chemistry Together ! Galileo, Jimmy Fallon Wears A Cowboy Hat And Has Some Times ONE And Some Times TWO Strands OF Hay In His Mouth And He Spreads His Legs Apart And He Says Go On Git To Various Things ! Maybe Jimmy Wrote That And Told Quest Love To Give IT To Timothee OR Maybe One OF The Other Writers Had Given That To Jimmy AT Some Point ! !
  6. NO, The Bachelor Shows Do NOT Always Win ! Was Bobby Bones A Bachelor ! HA ! How Ever, Bobby Bones WAS On American Idol Which Is Another ABC show ! AT Least Kaitlin Dances !
  7. Arkay, Cecily Did NOT Sound Like Barbra Streisand, BUT, Cecily Was Singing Happy Days Are Here Again And Barbra Streisand Sings That On An Album OF Barbra Streisand AND Barbra Streisand Sang That Song WITH Judy Garland Singing Get Happy That Bowan Was Singing On Judy Garland's TV Show ! I KNOW Cecily HAS Been Liza Before On Family Feud Talking About A Peanut Farmer Where Jimmy Carter Is Much Better Than Donald Trump, But Cecily Was Singing A Barbra Streisand Song So I Think Cecily Was Being Barbra Streisand !
  8. Galileo, Bowen Was Being Judy Garland And Cecily Was Being Barbra Streisand Because Judy Garland Had A Weekly TV show In 1963 ! Barbra Was Her Guest And They Sang Get Happy And Happy Days Are Here Again As A Due, Then, Judy Let Barbra Sing Happy Days Are Here Again By Herself And Judy Did Join In On Happy Days Are Here Again With Barbra Toward The End OF The Song ! Also, I Personally Do Not Care Really For What I Call Slap Stick So I Did Not Care About The Snow Globes That Much ! I AM Happy That Cecily Is Back And I Knew She Seemed Familiar in The Cold Opening, So I Am Glad You Told That She Was Being The Girl You Don't Want To Speak AT A Party ! I Enjoyed Morgan Being A Good Sport And Them Doing His Situation ! I Enjoyed This Episode !
  9. I Noticed That They Were Wearing Their Masks, But I Had Trouble Understanding Jason With The Good Nights ! I Presume That The Governor Or Some Body Said Every Body Has To Wear Masks ALL The Time Including Saturday Night Live So The Host Can Not Say Good Nights With Out A Mask !
  10. There Probably ARE Other Black Women That They Could Get ! I Read In TV Guide That Tom Is NOT Interested In Returning Unfortunately !
  11. I DID Think That Was Idiotic That Tyra Wore That Gown AND HAT When She Came Out ! This IS Dancing With The Stars ! This Is NOT The Next Top Model OR What Ever Show She Was On ! Tyra, Do You See Heidi Klum Wear Those Kind Of Out Fits On America's Got Talent ? Heidi IS A Judge And NOT The Host, But STILL Heidi Does Not Do That ! Even Erin Does Not Do that Even IF She Was Not A Model ! She Was A Co Host ! Even Tom DID NOT Wear A Tuxedo !
  12. I Do NOT Think This Is The Same ! I Think Nellie Dances Better Than Bobby Bones ! I Have NOT Seen The Finale, But I Just Don't Think Nellie Will Take A Few Steps And Then Jump Up And Down Like Bobby Bones Did ! Also, Bobby Bones Was On American Idol Which Is An ABC Show And Nellie Is NOT On An ABC Show !
  13. NO, Nobody Is As Bad As Bobby Bones And He Is Involved With An ABC TV Show Which is American Idol ! I Don't Know What Master P Did Because I Wasn't Watching Dancing With The Stars Back Then ! How Ever, Nellie DID Dance And He Had ONE Good Fox Trot ! Bobby Bones Did Not Do Much OF Any Thing And That Free Style WAS THE Most Ridiculous Thing I Ever Saw ! Bobby Bones Took A Few Steps And Then He Jumped Up And Down ! ! That Is NOT Dancing Much Less Ball Room Dancing ! OH That's Right ! You Can Do What Ever You Want In A Free Style, But YOU STILL Have To DANCE ! Sean Spicer Or Bristol Palin Was Probably The Next OR In The FOUR Worst Dancers OF All Time Which I Think Would Be Bobby Bones, And What Ever Order, Bristol Palin,Sean Spicer And Master P.
  14. Derek Is A Judge On World OF Dance ! That Is On NBC ! The Other Judges On World OF Dance Is NEYO AND Jennifer Lopez ! I Think Jennifer Lopez Is Also A Producer ! NEYO Is On The Left Side Of The TV Screen And Derek Is On The Right Side OF The Screen And Jennifer Lopez Is In The Middle OF The Screen ! These Are Dancers Around The World And There Are Children And The Higher Ranked Dancers, But There Are FOUR Groups OF Dancers On World OF Dance !
  15. AJ Went Home ! He sings With The Back Street Boys I Think ! I Think He IS Always A Little Nervous ! I Was Surprised Because I Thought Nellie Would Go Home !
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