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  1. I truly don’t believe anything out of Marshall’s mouth. He will say whatever he thinks with help TPTB. He says it is for safety, well we know that TPTB don’t care about safety. Just ask Hannah and look at all the photos online of the girls, and cameraman in masks during TC, but Kelli and Judy with none on. I call BS Marshall’s comment.
  2. This is a good one! She sings very well and I’ll leave the rest of what’s in my head off the board. 😂
  3. That’s just plain cruel. Shame of Kelli for putting rating for a TV show ahead of the feeling of a young lady Only found her singing Happy Birthday
  4. I always wondered if Taylor got special treatment because of her relationship with Sam. I was actually surprised she made the squad the first time trying and how she managed to be the only one who was able to partake in the one day audition. 🤷‍♀️
  5. My 30 year old daughter told me that’s she felt like a stream roller was on top of her chest. It took her 8 weeks before she felt better.
  6. I find this season to be a very bad circus with K & J being the clowns. Hannah being cut for lack of Pom technique. Hmm...she had it for the last two years and it magically disappeared. Brennan cut for being winded and not game day ready. Another joke because they haven’t even had the first game so she could have had more time to rest after being sick. Then they tell the TCC that they aren’t officially on the team but move to Texas. This post sure puts a damper on Cassie’s BS that everyone had the option of the one day tryout. That was specially reserved for Taylor, who just so happens to be one of Sam Finglass good friends. I smell a rat here also. I’m sorry but with all the ladies they pick Tess and Maddie as leaders. 😂
  7. Where did you receive this information? Heard something completely different from someone close to a DCC that those options weren’t available to everyone Sorry, I don’t believe her BS one bit. She drinks the kool aid in high doses daily. She is protecting her mother and that ridiculous organization. I saw multiple photos where both her mother and Kelli had no masks on while watching the TCC dance. Hmm...tell me, why did production shut down early? Cassie, the organization that you defend was reckless in holding TC during a global pandemic I agree! That girl is protecting the organization that her mother makes a great deal of money from. I don’t believe Hannah made this up because she was cut.
  8. I swear Taylor is on the squad because of her friendship with Sam Finglass. She has nothing special in my opinion. She got the benefit of a one day audition and then they cut Hannah who could dance for speaking the truth. Makes no sense
  9. I am totally disgusted with this organization. They should be empowering women and not beating them down. I won’t be watching anymore because I truly feel they take girls for rating and drama and disregard talent. I don’t know why these ladies were cut, but K & J let go of these ladies unnecessarily in my opinion. We are in a pandemic and they worried about making a squad for a TV show. Meredith: you are a beautiful and talented young lady with a great future ahead of you. Follow your heart and be proud of the year you had on the DCC Squad Lily: I remember crying the first year you got cut out of shock. You persevered and came back stronger and earned your spot. Be proud of this accomplishment. Brennan: I rooted for you from the first time I saw you and you were a determined lady. You persevered and came back stronger each year and finally accomplished your dream. You were an amazing DCC and a great ambassador for the organization. Best of luck and I will miss you! Hannah: I’m at a loss right now. You were another determined young lady who came back year after year to achieve your dream. You are such a strong person and talented dancer. I was so impressed when you talked about mental illness and shared your story. I showed it to a few people who were suffering through a difficult time and it really lifted there spirits in a dark time. You will be surely missed and I wish you the best.
  10. I hope this doesn’t get in her head and she doesn’t do well on the finals. I love Hannah
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