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  1. I agree; for whatever reason this situation has really had me thinking. Probably because when Kellee first mentioned how she hates being touched by strangers I remember thinking about how I could relate. But as the episodes carried on, I was constantly shown how different Kellee's life experience is from mine. I kept trying to think about how I would react , but its tricky because it's seems extremely unlikely just because Im a guy. Even when I think of it as a hypothetical , it doesnt really line up because it feels weird/awkward but still non sexual
  2. Thank you for responding, I do appreciate there are two strong sides to this and I try to learn where ever I can. I do agree with Zeke ( I havent seen all the seasons so Im not sure who that is ) and I think at least as far as this board we are quite outraged. What bothered me the most was the moment at TC when Dan was making his weak ass BS 'I'm sorry if' speech every example he used was some incidental contact when he KNEW 1 He got a specific warning ( dang I wish we got to see this ) 2 Kellee outright asked him to stop intentional contact I've been trying to learn about wh
  3. Wow; glad to see Dan gone, doubt we will ever get the full details . When that card popped up that said it wasn't a player and not on camera I immediately thought he did something during a medical checkup. It's a time when he would be in close proximity to folks and likely not on camera as they tend to ask those 'how are you doing' questions . My next thought was awww, Dean wont talk the votes onto himself and then go home on a fake advantage. Elaine was doing good but she over played, that story should have been saved for the when she's final three because I'm sure a lot of folks r
  4. caught this one last night; meh, still trying to decide if Im going to stick with this season. I dont like seeing Dan's face :( part of me wants to see him get voted off , but another part of me says who cares. This is just a stupid game show, it wont make a difference in real life. I realized last night that even though I have 'hated' players in the past ( the Dan / Will guys ; Reem was absolutely miserable . The Jock assholes who poured water on their fire ) I guess deep down I've always thought these folks could be playing a character and might be different in real life. That helps
  5. I'm behind on my survivor watching, just caught this episode over the weekend. I've never had an emotional reaction to survivor beyond the normal excited / disappointed with who gets voted off . This episode was a whole different thing. In the first episode when Kellee was explaining how she didn't like being touched it really resonated with me ; I even explain to others that its a me issue just like she did. It's way more complicated then that obviously , even I can't necessarily quantify every possible physical interaction and know if I will be uncomfortable or not. In fact,
  6. There was a brief conversation the first night after Tribal when they saw the three jury members. They correctly concluded that a) The three jury members where still living on the Extinction island, and b) that Kieth and Wendy were missing because they chose to quit. This is a rough season ( what should have been an exciting tribal was still a bit meh for me ; I think the reason is tribal only matters if someone leaves the game, with this set up all your really doing is voting someone on to the other tribe. When Aubrey leaves the game ( assuming she doesn't win her way back in ) it won
  7. I fell behind a bit on the show but got all caught up this week ; what a wonderful episode , in a wonderful season. So many great cast members this year, Christian, Gabby ( She is totally an elf! I agree with whoever came up with that, or maybe shes a pixie :) ) Mike is great on screen, John seems like a very down to earth guy for a celebrity. I also think this cast really plays well off each other. I didn't love Dan at first, but his interaction with Christian and John is entertaining, and gotta give him points for good game play with the second idol. in so far as he knew to get out and look
  8. Sweet, Im from Calgary :) Unfortunately, I can see John going right after the merge. Like you say, as soon as his alliance feels they dont need him, they will see him as a challenge threat and get booted. Thinking about the first challenge , the physical part seemed pretty scripted ; didn't really leave any room for Parkour + Creative thinking to present a unique solution. I wonder if for liability reasons they are required to structure the physical challenges and not allow much out of the box solutions. I think it would be great to see some challenges that are more free form an
  9. Thank you , I really appreciate you taking the time to explain this. Of all the possible reasons to have so many stage names, I would not have guessed it was copy write related. I did a little reading about the Lucha Underground, never heard of it before this, its interesting how different leagues have different approaches to the story telling. I remember Bret Hart for sure, I actually think he is from my city, but I might be mis remembering that. Looking forward to cheering for him on the Goliath team. re-watched the episode last night with my wife and she laughed at his antics as well.
  10. Thanks for this list; so far I like this guy and I hope he keeps entertaining. and I hope he has more names to list off, haha. I also appreciate the quick run down on how Wrestling works ; I was vaguely aware that it is more athletic entertainment then genuine athletic competition but never really knew what was determined before hand. Quick wrestling question if you don't mind , why does he have so many different names ? is that a common thing these days ? When I watched as a kid we had guys like Hulk Hogan, Jake the Snake, The Undertaker ... as far as I recall they only had one stage na
  11. found that list, thank you. some of those names are hilarious . I hope he does more lists on the show,
  12. Hi Everybody :) lurked here last season , decided to join the conversation this season as shows are funner when you have folks to talk about them with :) Overall great first episode. Several things that I loved specifically - 90 minutes without trying to jam two eliminations into it was a great way to introduce everyone. I noticed that so many different folks got their own talking head , but I didnt count. cool to know everyone got to say something. - interesting contrast between Pat and Natalie. Pat asked his team who had building skills, then took the lead as he was con
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