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  1. this season of the bachelor looks good
  2. I am so excited for Pine Valley I hope Llanview is next
  3. Zac’s ability to verbally express his love for Tayshia is top tier
  4. DWTS has to get the award for the most COVID safe season show
  5. I hope Tyra banks isn’t the host of DWTS next season
  6. Artem being the first pro to win both Dancing With The Stars & Strictly Come Dancing a moment in history
  7. NEV will be dancing on Broadway and anywhere else he ever wants to dance for the rest of his long career
  8. Did not expect to see Lita on The Bachelorette
  9. This show is NOT called The Tyra Banks Show It is DWTS! Tyra Banks attempts to be the star not a host Tyra focuses more on showing off herself & her riduculous over the top outfits than focusing on the dancers
  10. I honestly think Nev has got this in the bag
  11. Johnny did AMAZING and Britt did phenomenal for her first season as a pro!
  12. Spencer’s ego might get him in trouble in this house.
  13. tyra banks look like a Nicki Minaj wannabe
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