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  1. Realist1975

    Cortney and Antonio: Smelly Cat(fish)

    Sorry, but I have to fast forward through any section with Cortney in it. Can't look at her face. That 1 eye is way too creepy. Instead of flying halfway across the world, why don't she get that fixed. At least put a piece of tape under it to hold it up or something. I was very surprised they even aired her with the way she looks. It's very disturbing and hard to look at. Yikes! The other girl, the one that is with the young male from the Netherlands, good God, she would drive me to jump off a building. Given, the male isn't a saint, but that chick with the crying every 5 minutes and having to control every little thing that happens makes for another one I have to fast forward through. I tape them ahead just for this purpose.