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  1. It'll be an outright crime if she's not VOTY this year!! She is just 100% class, grace, seems super genuine. Over the years, she's really grown on me. Talk about a Glow-up...she's really sensational!
  2. Agreed. I have zero knowledge of dance, but I do know about being entertained- and she's missing the mark. The constant cheesing for the camera really annoys me. It'd be so much better if she could just dance and not be so aware of the camera, IMO. Seems like there's some pretty clumsy footwork in there too, to my untrained eye looks like bad choreography or maybe that's what y'all point out as bad technique? Small, extra, poorly placed steps that just appear sloppy. Truth is "good enough for the team" is probably her wheelhouse. If she were one of 36 on this dance, we'd be drawn to the stronger performers and she'd just be a grinning blender. Too bad they'll place this grinning blender on show group and in prominent positions for the next 8 seasons...
  3. Any news on calendar shoot? or did I fall asleep and miss it? just curious how they handle/handled it with the restrictions. Dallas is a really photogenic town, with lots of iconic sites, it'd be kinda cool to see the girls modeling in those places for a hometown pride kind of twist. Not the star- we see enough of that. I'm talking Los Colinas horses, downtown, stockyards, etc...
  4. and let's not forget that one Belk fashion show attire either! While tacky, it seems to me those outfits are costumes for her dance job(s), not something she picked out to head to a concert or night on the town, maybe that's the difference for TPTB?
  5. Watching Episode 1203.... Is that Shaina (S14 TCC who's friends died in the helicopter crash, not sure I have her name right?) sitting next to (I think) little heather when they're announcing TC invites? Man it sure looks like her! also, K&J all but recused themselves from Dayton conversations. Interesting.
  6. Watching Episode 102 (Finally caught season 1 and I'm so excited!!) few observations: 1)Kelly is thin, almost too thin, her head looks too big for her and I think she looks amazing now with a little fluff! This really shows how well she's aged, surgically enhanced or not! 2) I remember liking Brooke when the show ran, but she comes off a little ditsy (or maybe just immature?) watching it back now. 3) Can't stand Jay. Or Kallie Fullerton's eye make up. Never saw what they saw in her. Is it just me or does she look older than she likely is? 4) Natalie Woods is a godess. She seems so poised, classy and real.
  7. Just watched Kat's takeover, I liked her goofy, kind of self-deprecating nature on the show (even if it did get a little annoying at times) but till now wasn't a superfan. She's much classier than she came off on the show, a real fav for me now. Wonder if Taylor's orange pic is a lighting issue? Hope so...and the platinum hair isn't helping.
  8. I've never managed to catch this on pluto and can't find it on youtube (in it's entirety) does anyone have it that they could link?
  9. Watching past seasons on Pluto and I sooooo annoyed by so many girls getting into the "cut" meeting who are like "oh, I know I can do this!/Please let me show you I can make this team/I promise I can dance bigger/I'll prove to you I can do this/give me one more chance!" I'm sittin here thinking, 'girl. you've had <fill in the blank> weeks in training camp to prove this!! WTF did you think training camp was for?"
  10. Question for anyone who knows...not sure if it should be here in past season or current, but I’m watching Pluto so sticking it here! it seems some Girls wear more like a tight (dance tights?) on the show, but sometimes I see pictures where there’s a run like panty hose on someone’s leg. Do the tights run or do some wear tights and others wear hose? (See kashara’s right leg here)
  11. It was just on Pluto an episode or two ago. That was pretty convenient wasn't it?
  12. I’d forgotten how annoying Savannah’s hair side-part was! It’s literally right above her ear and just looks silly... Young Briana might be able to dance but heavens, she’s dull as dishwater! Waaaaay too timid.
  13. Why oh why did I click on stupid Pluto!? This is a bigger time suck than instagram.... Couple things- Kali Nicole and Alex Hermès are both adorable. Were they well liked? as bad as the nepotism seemed at the time with Cassie, it pales in comparison to the VK-o-Rama we have now. Cassie never impressed me, she just seemed to have an expressionless look to me, but I think so did Whitney Isleib those breast cancer Performance outfits are TERRIBLE! They’re way too little-pageant-girl! Ick! (I think this is season 7?) Does anyone have a roster of everyone from the show and their tenure on the squad? Just curious re-watching this who are the one and dones.
  14. My two cents regarding the VK mess: She looks good in the uniform and dances as good as the next girl, but by no means is she prettier or stronger than the next either. Frankly, she should be. She's been groomed for it for 20 years.... Sure, she came back better this year, she should have. But she shouldn't have needed to come back, not after the then 18 years of prepping for auditions. Did she come back strong enough to earn her spot this year, regardless of last name? Maybe. But the fact is, her last name DOES matter. For most of us, her being a legacy means little. But then I'd say most of us are folks who have worked our asses off for everything we've ever achieved, with a last name that garnered little and were probably raised with zero expectation that the world owed us a darn thing. However, in the Jones' world, name is everything. Take a look from the top down of that organization and see how closely that management roster resembles their family tree. How many kids/grandkids are employed there? Do you think Sam or Charlotte's daughter (name?) had to "apply" for their respective position? And if they did apply, do you think for one second they were the best candidate against say, a dozen others? Nepotism is what they do! Hell, its probably in the Mission/Vision/Values statement on the damn boardroom wall (that's a joke. sorta.) So it comes as no surprise to me that VK is a gracious recipient of what will be loads of favoritism and I'm betting that we've only begun to see the tip of the iceberg. She was literally born to be a DCC. That's always been the plan, and no- there didn't need to be a plan B. I'd bet that VK will be 2GL possibly as soon as next season (if there's a mass exodus, then TPTB won't even have to pretend she earned it!) She's gonna be at the front of the squad photo next year, she's eventually gonna retire a 5-7(maybe 8 for the record?) year vet, with point, GL, SG, PB, ROTY, VOTY and who knows what else on her resume. Upon retirement, I'd expect nothing less than a job within DCC and I'd even bet she ends up director some day. It's the way the Jones organization works. She won't get all that from being the best/prettiest/strongest, it's coming to her because she's family and there's nothing they love more than family. She's on the inside. With no other heir apparent to DCC, it's hers to lose. Sure, we're all on here, quoting Kelli and her idea of world class, and how we believe this is all a huge disgrace to the squad (and it is, IMO) but that doesn't matter. THEY still believe what they're telling themselves. If VK is a toxic, thieving, bratty, entitled snot, they don't care. She's one of their own and they're gonna take care of her.
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