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  1. BooBoo6456

    S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    Sorry, I meant crappy looking. New to this.
  2. BooBoo6456

    S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    I agree. He kind of reminds me of a not really good looking Paul Bunyan. The thing that bothers me is she brings the baby with her because she needs a baby daddy for Lucy. But the whole time she is there, all she does is cries about him and her not being together. She never once called her other daughter or cried about missing her. I think they are both very selfish and stupid.
  3. BooBoo6456

    S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    Oh and also, if you wanted to drive down a road that was a short cut,they would stop you with automatic machine guns. Someone assasinated the president, and that started fighting within the country. Thank God the company my husband worked for flew all the expatriates home. Never been so happy in my life.
  4. BooBoo6456

    S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    My husband and I lived in Algeria, back in 1980. Your talking about a man that drives his truck, with his dog in the front seat with him and his wife in the bed of the truck. We were walking in the town and went into a store with my my husband carrying my one year son. If looks could kill, I would be dead. I’m sure it hasn’t changed, with all the terrorist action going on. She might come home in a pine box because she is a Christian, and most of all she is a stripper. DON’T GO!