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  1. KenMikaze

    S01.E03: Boarding Party

    Bloopers: 1) When Jason shot the last hostage taker from the porthole, he was able to hit him on target, but when the camera panned on him, there wasn't any hole in the porthole or window. Besides, the shot wouldn't be clean since the thick glass of the port hole would cause the bullet to miss. 2) The show's Clark Air Base doesn't look like the exact Clark Air Force Base (PAF), nor the Iligan Port. Quick Fact: The Seal Team Bravo could not operate in the Philippines in an active Hostage Rescue Mission as the RP is a sovereign country that has a constitution that strictly prohibit any military action done by any foreign military forces. All they could do is advise their Filipino counterparts, which, they don't really need as the NAVSOG or Philippine Navy SEAL's are quite competent to do their jobs.