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  1. Ebau

    S18.E16: Rule 91

    Oh, yeah; I forgot about that film she did way back when. Good catch.
  2. Ebau

    S18.E16: Rule 91

    Oh, my God, I hadn't even considered that angle. Now I'm kinda hoping that she is the killer and set Gibbs up in such a brilliant, diabolical fashion. That would be a completely different character for Pam Dawber; she always plays such a nice person. I'd love to see her as a murderous sociopath. She'd probably dig that, too!
  3. Not to sound too terribly bitchy, but the only laughs I get watching this show these days are because of Danny's hair. Also, I think this episode was an excellent example of what many of you have commented on over the past year or so: there are too many storylines to keep track of and not enough time to fully develop any of them. I, too, kept thinking that I missed something because I had no idea how the backstory behind the newspaper headline or Eddie's ridiculous "love language" rant came about. I think the writers thought they were presenting a "slice-of-life" episode," but ended up f
  4. Ebau

    S18.E13: Misconduct

    This is exactly what I was thinking when the smarmy defense attorney was doing nothing more than taking shots at Gibbs. No judge would allow that; it had abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with the charges against Parsons. And it in no way would persuade a jury to find him not guilty. Of course, a guilty verdict would have spoiled the denoument, when the thieving fuck-wad got busted for soliciting murder at the end of the episode, but still... That would have been the smart thing to do, and the most believable. It might have something to do with the $500K+ Harmon is paid per ep
  5. During the Roseanne years, I wasn't particularly impressed with Becky's character. At that time, Darlene seemed to steal all of the thunder. Perhaps it was because Lecy tended to delivery her lines in a snarky, sullen manner, which is typical for teenagers, I suppose, but annoying to listen to. However, over the past couple of seasons, I have really grown to like Becky's character and I like how Lecy plays her. You really want to root for Becky, no matter how much she fucks up. And it looks like Lecy is having an absolute blast playing her this time around. I find that I am mostly watchin
  6. Yeah, me, too. I don't mean to sound sexist, but that woman really needs to get laid. It might help remove the stick that's crammed up her kiester. She was banging the ex when she could get Nicky out of the house once or twice a week several seasons ago. What happened with that, I wonder?
  7. Ebau

    S18.E11: Gut Punch

    This reminds me of Magnum PI, when Selleck decided to do a Season 8 so Mosley and Manetti could do a little more financial planning or some such. This might be what Harmon has in mind: allowing his costars to start looking for work or make other post-NCIS plans. However, if 2021-2022 does turn out the be the final season, it'll probably be a short one. That seems to be the trend these days.
  8. Ebau

    S18.E11: Gut Punch

    Absolutely; that's why they're on TEAMS, which doesn't exclude one team working with another. In fact, modern business and law enforcement models are designed around teams. The writers screwed the pooch on this one. Throw them all in a hole that contains a bunch of pissed off Pit Bulls. Add a couple of enraged Rotties, a few snarly German Shepherds, and one or two bad-tempered Dobermans. Finally, a dozen or so of the most fearsome canines in the world - pampered, petulant toy Poodles - should guarantee fitting punishment for cretinous fuckwads who abuse dogs and children. Good c
  9. I think I meant Paula Cassidy, the one who threw herself on the bomb. Sorry 'bout that.
  10. I agree. I was really disappointed to see the DA back off of Erin when she threatened to quit if she was forced to toe the line. I think AnnA referred to her as an "entitled bitch" and I have to agree with that assessment. The Reagans need to fail every once in a while, instead of always coming up with ways to snap everyone else back into line. If I was the DA, I would have fired Erin for insubordination. Reagan or not, you just don't mouth off to your boss like that and expect to get away with it, let alone treated to a nice lunch! Christ! What a bunch of crap. Toss the skinny bitch out on he
  11. Ebau

    S18.E10: Watchdog

    And they're awfully darn cute, too! I raised Rotties for years, during the time when their reputation was at its worst. They were all sweet, lovable, friendly dogs (all 7 of them) and none ever hurt another dog or human being. I miss my babies *sniff*.
  12. That's a great line! I love the "assisted suicide/flush him" comparison. I may have to steal that. Cheers! A far as Sloane "retiring" to Afghanistan, it would not surprise me if she, too, were eventually "escorted" into the sweet bye-and-bye via an IED, shot by insurgents, what have you. NCIS loves to kill off its female characters off-screen (Jenny, Ziva, Breena, Mrs. Ducky's Mom, etc...). Agent Lee, however, went out with style when she told Gibbs to shoot her (and the bad guy). Now that's what I call Girl Balls. Ditto for Cassie Yates, even though nobody liked her.
  13. I'm a 61-year-old grandma and I agree! This "woke" shit really pisses me off. All "woke" means is that some mouthy little adolescent has something to bitch about, usually in the form of appropriating someone else's culture (about which she has NO clue). This episode was really the first time I've heard the word "woke" used on television; however, my TV choices are somewhat limited. Nevertheless, I think the "woke" generation will eventually get bored with shouting pithy, yet irrelevant slogans at a disinterested world and move on to something else. That really pissed me off. Fr
  14. Was that the one where Alfred Molina played the rapist? From time to time, I see Part II on one of the other L&O shows (I forget which one) and it's frustrating, because L&O:TBJ is not shown in reruns, so you can't really get caught up on what's happened with the case up to that point. But I thought TBJ was a pretty good series, for what little of it aired.
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