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  1. JanneyGee

    S06.E16: Robert & Ashleigh

    Having been a caretaker for a variety of family members & two spouses, all of whom passed away, I can say that this sweet young woman really escaped heartache when Robert rejected her. If Robert truly was living each day as his last, his perspective would be different. But in spite of his disability, he's a typical "visually challenged" male, more trapped by unreasonable expectations than he is by the limatations by his body. Too bad for Robert but happy for Ashleigh.
  2. JanneyGee

    Fix My Father with 34 Children (Part 3)

    The man has no self-respect so he respects no one else. I actually think he has an "Abraham complex". To me, the more important issue is the cultural maxim that a woman must have a man in order to be validated ... why can't we feel value in ourselves without the animated testosterone bags' adulation?
  3. JanneyGee

    Garage Sale Mysteries

    I liked Brendan Meyer as Logan and Sarah Canning as Hannah much better than these other young actors. Connor Stanhope doesn't have the same chemistry with Lori (his mom) as did Brendan; and Eva Bourne is unconvincing as the daughter. WHY are they in the show? It does NOT need their subplot..
  4. JanneyGee

    The Consultants

    I'm glad to know someone else feels that way. Camille is a great consultant but I'm shocked that Camille is allowed to wear such horrific makeup at a BRIDAL SHOP! Isn't the owner afraid that her makeup will accidentally transfer to the dresses? I have no doubt Camille is lovely underneath all that paint. Will someone PLEASE give her a makeover??
  5. You are right on target! As a grief counselor, I also see this attachment to this nonexistent man as a response to her grief. Her summation of her feelings for her late husband is in light of new feelings for the "scammer.". I think the stepdaughter truly cares about her stepmom. All that anger from the mom is projection - she's furious at herself.