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  1. I would love to see those photos
  2. I think it's the same way they hook up in Thailand
  3. Well, there's so many unattractive and douchbaggy things about Po Just about everything is ripe for fodder. Simple tasks, such as walking, are ugly and Sheldonish. He looks stupid when he runs because of the unmistakable bandy leg throwing itself around. His beard is undergrown and will never look right. He wears Dickies. His hair is one of those nondescript mom haircuts that are "just fine" . His teeth need to be brushed more often and whitened. Then we find out about the creepy ocd-ness. Po is sure to be moquito free with not one but two of his nifty head to toe bug suits. I know he wanted to tell karine that colognes and aftershaves were undesirable due to the fact that they attract mosquitos but in a rare moment of calm-ass managed to shut his po hole since apparently Brazilian girls from age 9-19 all seem to have the same maturity level and she might actually thunk him over the head if she has to give up all the smellies and stuffed animals he brought her. Po's mom thought it absurd the amount of money and trinkets karine asked for. This usually leads to a discussion between Po and his mom where they both agree that Po was lured away from his mother by the undesirable women who used him for gifts and money and one girl even got him caught up in an arson case. Po admits that, yes, mom knew better many times before so was sure to know best now. Po and his mom are WAY too close (normal people do any of you want a hunk of your mom's hair which was HARVESTED from her comb?!??) The whole wierdness of all of Po and his mom makes me think maybe they should make a sound proof room under a creepy house somewhere so Po's mom can render lots of girls sterile and Po can more thouroughly examine his emotional retardation. Good God! This shit is hilarious! Yup I bet that's it
  4. Emerald2303

    Evelyn & David: Who Let Them in Here?

    The hymen police! LMAO I love how she says " here's a fun fact," and then goes on with the snowflakey ripping off his butthole. Hysterical!
  5. Is it wrong that it's 4 a.m. ish and I can't wait to read more? I had no idea David was so ick. I love how Annie spews venom and rolls her eyes every time tobo opens his mouth and David's wife clearly married him for money but she's still one of my favorite people. Finally! I can bitch about 90 days to people who will listen!
  6. I love to make fun of Pole! Even un-Kleany is constantly confused by his wierdness. And she's obviously hygenicly (sp?) challenged. AND she and pussy Pole go hand in hand as far as sissy-ness. Why does she have to take the STD test and he doesn't? Cuz she's dumb. And I can't wait to hear everyone's opinions on his criminal record (stalking, arson, etc. I'm really excited about Danielle and MooHamed and I'll be shovin a hot poker up David's large patoot real soon!