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  1. Okay, I think I've recovered from everyone's well wishes this past week or so. Just, thank you, I'm super shy and don't try to do too much so I think y'all are being far too kind! And you've got this, @howmanywords, thanks so much for taking this on! I don't always give the link, but here's the next set of spoilers from soaps.com: Monday September 7: Days of our Lives will not be seen today, due to Labor Day holiday programming. Tuesday September 8: Abigail’s return prompts a shocking reveal after she and Chad try to figure out who drugged her; Tripp informs his dad Steve w
  2. Spoilers for the week of August 31st, from soaps.com and DR: Monday August 31: While sitting vigil with John, Marlena is reunited with a loved one; Philip reunites with Kate and Lucas; Bonnie comforts Justin after he discovers Sonny is leaving Salem. Tuesday September 1: Philip and Xander battle for the title of Titan CEO; Sami brings in a surprise witness to bolster her case. Wednesday September 2: Shawn and Belle are confronted by an old foe. Thursday September 3: Vincent makes a shocking confession to Ciara; Belle and Sami have a huge showdown; Kristen returns to Salem
  3. Spoilers from DR: Monday, August 24: Eric tries to find a compromise with Belle; Sami confesses the truth to Marlena. Tuesday, August 25: Eve has a vision of Paige. Wednesday, August 26: Ciara is trapped in a dangerous situation! Thursday, August 27: A fearful Hope questions Ben. Friday, August 28: Rafe and Gabi say farewell to Salem.
  4. Early stuff for the week of the 24th:
  5. Looks like TV Guide released everything, so here goes: Monday, August 17: Eric and Nicole receive a restraining order from Sami. Marlena and Kate argue over what's best for Allie's baby. Sarah and Xander share a romantic afternoon. Victor and Bonnie spar. Tuesday, August 18: Nicole and Eric have a heated confrontation with Sami. John collapses. Philip returns to Salem. Xander gets good news. Wednesday, August 19: Marlena receives grave news about John's condition. Xander is threatened by Philip's unexpected return. Sami keeps the truth from her family. Sonny is of
  6. Monday August 17: Eric and Nicole receive a restraining order from Sami. Tuesday August 18: John collapses! Wednesday August 19: Xander is threatened by Philip’s unexpected return. Thursday August 20: Gabi doesn’t react well to Will and Sonny’s big decision; Vincent puts the final nail in Ciara’s coffin. Friday August 21: Eve marks the anniversary of her daughter’s death. From soaps.com
  7. The stuff about Allie's baby continues to make no sense whatsoever to me.
  8. More spoilers for the week of August 10th from DR: Monday, August 10, 2020 Will and Sami reconcile. Claire and Marlena discuss Claire’s plans for the future. Tuesday, August 11, 2020 Ben hides his unease from Ciara. Gabi and Jake have a huge blow up. Kate recounts to Abe her bitter rivalry with Vivian. Wednesday, August 12, 2020 Sami seeks help from Belle. There are shows Thursday and Friday, they just chose not to release spoilers for those days. And I'm 100% not here for referencing gay characters as predators. ✌️
  9. More spoilers for the week of August 10th, from soaps.com: Monday August 10: Allie leaves a letter with a shocking request. Tuesday August 11: Justin has a surprise for Bonnie. Wednesday August 12: Sami, Nicole, and Eric search for Allie. Thursday August 13: Ben has a nightmare of strangling Ciara. Friday August 14: Eve pleads with Claire not to turn her in; Gabi and Jake get surprising news.
  10. That's my take on it, yeah. The report from earlier this year was that she would start filming on contract in March, and then.... Well, the promo is out and words fail me - I've got nothin':
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