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  1. I wouldn't doubt it was Charlotte. That beotch is cheap. Her and her dad have been stealing money from the cheerleaders since 1961. They get paid nothing for their time and get treated bad in the process. Kelli said the dcc gives them many opportunities... To do what? You do realize she has had a nose job right? So has the veteran red head, I forget her name. So there is plastic
  2. Why doesn't K&J cut a veteran? There are so many good rookies. I have a suggetion, cut Kelli. I seriously don't understand how she made the team when she looks like a Vegas hooker. K&J accused Brandy of looking like one but no, this dime store doll gets a pass. Future 20 year veteran of the porn industry. Yuck.
  3. She keeps dressing like a 12 year old. At least she got rid of the Pocahontas earrings.
  4. Cassie was the one that needed lip injections, poor thing had absolutely no lips. It looked like Kelli got shagged right before coming to work, she looked pretty rough. No make up, bad hair and she was overboard mean.
  5. me too, Charlotte and her dad have been stealing from these girls for way too long. They take a lot of emotional abuse from people like Kitty and Kelli, work their assess off and get paid next to nothing. Its disgusting and nobody except Erica has had the courage to do anything about it.
  6. I noticed they cut out a lot of scenes AFTER I bought the episode Amazon so they obviously have the ability to edit post release.....but WHY would you want to see Kitty?
  7. Nobody can make someone create a show. The big wigs will notice and come to you. Tina hasn't even had an interview about her daughter nor has Shelly except for a few seconds on the first day.
  8. You can buy it on Amazon for $1.99
  9. His eyes absolutely freak me out, it's like he's bug eyed and they did his facelift too tight that he can't smile.
  10. She's the typical Hollywood infected type. She spent too much time out there and got the fake bug. She not only has lip injections, she has Botox all over her face. She looks awful. Her personality is so fake I can't stand her, what a difference from the person she was at tryouts. Yeah what the hell was she wearing with those ridiculous earrings!
  11. Not just in THIS episode, I think she's a bitch period. The way she talked to Kristen was either to create drama for the show or that was just her bitchy self. Poor Kristen, she was trying to get answers on how she could change and they didn't giver her ANY helpful advice.
  12. I think Kitty wants to encourage KandJ to cut a vet so VK can make it. She asked Kelli if she was willing to cut a vet then zeroed in on sweet Miranda. Grandma Moses? WTF? Why did they even mention what Kitty said to Miranda? They value her squewed opinion way too much.
  13. Smart, I didn't think of that. Better to tell the truth!
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