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  1. OMG -- that makes me insane! I've seen Carole shame critics on Twitter for tiny things that could be typos. Her writing is full of spelling and grammar errors.
  2. I remember her schtick around food resembled what I know of eating disorder therapy, which has a lot to do with eliminating cycles of restriction of "forbidden" foods and binge/emotional eating. I seem to remember her saying that there were no rules against certain kinds of foods (e.g., French fries) and the only rules are things like "no food noise" (obsessive, anxious worrying about food and exercise) and no binging. The theory behind that approach in the eating disorder landscape is that your body will just reach a natural "set point" -- someplace that is neither overweight nor underweight
  3. I completely agree with this!!! I actually don't think Bethenny ever made that big of a deal of Carole and Tinsley's closeness. She said exactly one time that they were "BFFs" and "thick as thieves," and she appeared vulnerable and sensitive to the relationship in Cartagena -- even jealous. So what? From watching the show, I didn't feel like she was spinning a huge story about Carole so much as she was just processing her own feelings and perception of the situation. That's what everyone does is situations where they're being ghosted, or faded out, or just experiencing a shift in a relationshi
  4. I think you are dead on! I have also always noticed that Carole has a very distinctive way of emphasizing the word "girl" in self-narration. The other women often refer to the whole group in terms of "the girls." But Carole is constantly talking about "the kind of girl" she is, and she has a tendency to paint pejorative pictures of a generic type of woman and follow up by saying "I'm not that girl." Carole claims to be less self-involved than someone like Bethenny who is so focussed on personal drama and her brand. But, for me Carole seems constantly to be doing autobiography, and th
  5. Never gets old. Just saw an interview with Carole. I think her favourite way to avoid taking responsibility is to describe herself, and then say "I'm not that girl."
  6. Jovani, indeed! This is pretty much my favourite post ever. I especially appreciate the incisive comments on Carole's comments about "Indian." I could not believe how offensive and just plain stupid that was!
  7. I think she should have done some more of them, or just stuck with shorter distances. She just didn't look prepared for that marathon.
  8. I really noticed how terrible her form is, too! She looked so uncomfortable, and in the footage I saw she was mostly walking...and then having trouble even walking. It would have been much better for her to start with something like a half-marathon, or even just a 10K, and try to learn to be more comfortable in her body. I agree that the marathon probably messed up her body.
  9. I am beginning to believe that Carole actually believes her own bullshit -- as in, she does lie sometimes, but often she's not so much lying as she's become very, very, very sane, as in the intensity and attention have gotten into her head, and she's just living in some alternate reality she and her puppets have constructed. Kind of like her pal POTUS 45.
  10. When I saw that post, I cringed with embarrassment for her. Bragging about being ahead of the game fashion-wise? It's so juvenile, I can't even... Bethenny made a couple of modest comments about how Carole had become pretty oriented to superficial things like her appearance. I'd like someone to count the number of comments, because I did not hear her repeating this stuff even a fraction as much as Carole repeated it. And Carole went apeshit about Bethenny's false narration and lying. But Carole is the one doing the things that make her look vain and superficial (and juvenile). How she can
  11. I agree it's desperate. And hypocritical, but no surprises there. She knows a lot of people will assume that she landed a new job, so she's trying to create a narrative by implication. Signing with an agency suggests she's looking for new projects. Kind of wondering about two possible scenarios: One is that she just signed up with the new agency so she could make a big announcement and keep the drama going. The second is that she knew she was at loose-ends career-wise all along, and just constructed this huge drama with Bethenny to get her name in the media spotlight (and she doesn't actually
  12. Ha-- that's so awesome. Thank you. "You get the face you deserve!"
  13. Oh...someone must have forgot to give us the memo that she was holding Bethenny "accountable." That's not what I thought accountability means, but I am not the kind of girl who is very, very, very sane and has a huge hippocampus. I just remembered Teddi Mellencamp and her accountability coach business. Can't stop thinking Carole should send in her stellar resume. Or maybe she already did and the reunion was like an audition.
  14. YES! Let's set a couple of things aside. First, it's not bashing and bullying to say that someone needs to have a best friend. It's not bashing and bullying to create a narrative that someone needs to have a best friend, even if that narrative is false. It's also not bashing and bullying to use that narrative as an explanation of why your friend started to distance themselves from you. Second, sometimes people just make up explanations for why things happened in the moment to explain it to themselves. The BFF comment might have been a bit exaggerated, but who cares? Children take labels l
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