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  1. caws 727

    S04.E12: Providence

    Well said Nidratime - I'm interested how they will portray Rogers reluctance to stay and be with Brie (if it will take a long time or if he'll just disappear for the most of the episode only to show up at the end) - how he will react to Jamie and how Ian's sacrifice will play out - I'm sure we will have echoes of these decisions play out in more detail next season - I feel like we needed Rogers moment to get us into his head that we got this week, so whatever happens next week, we are in full awareness of what Rogers motivations are. Without that - if he does disappear only to show up later to confirm he wants to stay - we're not like "wait, why??"....just my opinion.... There is a lot of feelings and emotions and talking in ones head in the books - hard to express that on film - and I think the time/episode constraints make it a challenge. I've read all the books and not recently, so exact details are not in the forefront of my memory - the basic plot points that I can recall have all been done this season (save the meeting with Jenny, which couldn't be helped) - I'm not 100% behind all the casting choices, but I feel like the actors have all risen to the challenge (and I just don't understand all the Sophie hate - I think she's doing a great job and getting better with time). I agree that some of the episodes in the beginning could have moved the plot a bit better, but I'm not a writer or director or show runner and the little I do know about film and editing, its not as easy as it appears - sometimes what you have in your head just doesn't translate in the end the way you want it to....I'm enjoying the season, can't wait for next week, and am dreading the Droughtlander.
  2. caws 727

    S04.E12: Providence

    I feel like they will save Roger pretty quickly in the finale and give us a little of his walk about. And just end with either the baby being born and Roger returning to River Run or them all going to the ridge. Save the Gathering for the next season.
  3. caws 727

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    I kept thinking, he would make a superb Vampire Lestat if they ever did a remake...
  4. caws 727

    S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    Loved it. The post rape scenes were very well done, so uncomfortable and just terrible. Lizzy was a good friend, and showed that really in a situation like that, there isn't really anything one can do. Sophie really did well with that. LOVED her meeting Jamie and the hug!! I knew they would have the Claire reunion right there, but it worked well, Cait's face, priceless. Also, the meeting with Ian and him just accepting her no questions asked...just amazing... I feel a bit better that Bree got to have that sit down and talk about Jamie growing up and the feeling of family that we missed with them skipping Lallybrock. Good lord Sam was great in this episode - they need to use this for his Emmy reel next year - just perfect...his face when he first realized Brianna was who she was, and all the looks he gave her all episode, watching her while she slept, it was just so well done. And then. HIs RAGE and going after Roger - I couldn't watch it, but the first bit when he was coming at him and Rogers all "oh hello, can you help me?" and then "oh shit, this guys gonna murder me!!" I giggled for a split second and then that feeling went away and oh poor Roger!!! Love Ian "want me to kill him?" - these two, so protective of Brianna...they are gonna feel like SHITE next week when they realize what they did...but good on the whole situation that they all think Roger went back to Scotland and back to the future, so no one was even thinking that his showing up would be even a possibility...and Lizzy - yes she was mistaken, but Brianna really wasn't in any mood to talk about anything to her after her encounter with Bonnet, so yeah.... So much to process...gonna watch that one again....
  5. caws 727

    S04.E08: Wilmington

    Don’t count you chickens...they still need her to recount what happened to Claire. So we may get some visual via flashback. Ugh.
  6. caws 727

    S04.E08: Wilmington

    The non book readers are going to REALLY hate Roger now.... I'm wondering how they are going to fit SO much more plot into the rest of the season....I feel like there is just way too much to cram into how many more episodes? 4??
  7. caws 727

    Show Spoilers and Book Talk

    Goddamnit Lizzie..... Thanks for posting, can't wait for this one...I swear if we don't get THE reunion, I may flip a table.
  8. caws 727

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    I liked it. 1. Brianna's trip through the stones and hurting herself and wandering through the countryside was believable - sure she tried to "prepare" as best she knew - she watched her mom, but can anyone REALLY understand what the past was really like unless you've been there? When she fell and was limping and she was trying to just get to the house she saw in the distance - and just collapsed, I felt that desperation, I felt that dawning realization of "oh my God, what did I do??". Well done there. 2. Loved that Joanie was so sweet, so when Brianna meets Marsali, she may cut her some slack and not go right into defense mode since her mom is a psycho. Also - so she can commiserate with her mom and dad - when Leghair is nice, she is really nice...and can swap to crazy in a snap... 3. Was happy to see Tobias and the glimpse that we get in the later books with his research and how much he knew. Also that Brianna didn't say she was going to go to England with him, and she felt guilt that she could have prevented his death - good background and things. I like how they add these little tidbits here and there, since we can't be inside their heads to know what they are thinking 4. Oh Roger - I adore Roger and was happy to see they left in him saving Morag and that he got to see Bonnet for who he was - yes, it was cruel to throw that child overboard, and yes that was probably the really only thing he could have done, but the callousness of it, and the tossing of the coin in the cargo hold - Roger didn't get to see the full on evil that Claire and Jamie got to witness, but he'll understand full well. 5. The scene at the doc - Lizzy - I understand why they aged her up, but they should have gotten someone shorter, b/c Brianna is supposed to be tall for a woman and "out of place" - she shouldn't blend in with all other women she comes in contact with. Oh well, she is hopefully a great actress that will bring the character to life - I wasn't a fan of Wee Ian till I got to see him act, and now he IS Ian to me, so I'll trust the casting people and let it go. Next week: I'm so hoping they give us the Brianna/Jamie meeting and don't make us wait another week. We still have SO much to get through and not that many episodes left. And with added story line for Murtagh, I'm hoping not too much gets sacrificed.
  9. caws 727

    S04.E06: Die Glocke

    My favorite scene was Jones when she produced the deed and just played into that Nazi's ambitions and then right after they are let in, her "holy shit" moment with Cassie...loved it. She used her angry Season 1 Jones voice on him....
  10. caws 727

    S05.E05: Rewind

    Anyone think Hunter and Bobbi are the parents of (forgot his name) - the guy that set up Daisy to the Blueman Group??
  11. caws 727

    S03.E03: All Debts Paid

    Maybe Murtagh will take on the Duncan Innes role? I always drew an comparison to them in the books anyway...thought it was just me, but maybe not.
  12. caws 727

    Season 3 Discussion

    Glad they are finally going to bring in Cole's Mom, they hinted at it in S1 and then never talked of her again. Loved this season! Was great to watch it so quickly, b/c sometimes after a week, especially with a show like this and all the twists and turns, you can forget what is happening...I think the format really helped with that. I mean the Deacon centric episode alone could have turned off viewers if this was airing week to week (just my opinion). I felt bad for Deacon, that he wanted to be more important, hopefully he will be. Loved that he figured out Olivia's game before splintering, he's one smart cookie. And was I the only one that screamed ITS GAIUS BALTAR!! when Athan first appeared? LOVE me some James Callis. He is such a great actor and was able to really make you like him in one episode. His whole story is so tragic and sad, glad he redeemed himself in the end. Sad that fixing the world and ending Olivia will mean he is never born (or will he?) - I still have hope there will be a way for Cassie and Cole with the world fixed. Can't wait to see how they will sum this all up. And shout out to Jennifer Goines, she is amazing and fun to watch and I'm so happy that what they have written for her is so compelling and integral to the story. Can't wait to watch her figure out the symbols and what that all means in the end....
  13. caws 727

    S04.E22: World's End

    From what I understand, InHumans will premier in the fall on Fridays after Once Upon a Time. It has 8 episodes. Then AOS will start it's next season in that time slot.
  14. caws 727

    S06.E09: Battle Of The Bastards

    I think Sansa has finally learned from Cersei, Littlefinger and Ramsy how to totally annihilate an apponent. The only way to beat Ramsy is to surprise him. She said that he won't fall for your trap. He plays with people. She just played all of them. I don't think it would have worked if Jon or any of his war council knew they had reinforcements coming. Ramsy needed to believe he won. Then...see ya later psycho. Cant wait to see their conversation next week. Please please please someone one feed Littlefinger to the dogs for dessert.
  15. caws 727

    S02.E08: Lullaby

    I thought time needed Jones to regain "hope". She had lost all hope that what she was doing was helping save the world. So time wouldn't let Cassie or Cole kill or change Jones' timeline but would allow them to give her happiness that would renew her hope and "fix" time by stopping the 12 monkeys.