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  1. At least the kids are playing with non family members.
  2. Probably when they get married, unless their headship restricts it, maybe never.
  3. How Anna lets that slug touch her I’ll never know 🤢
  4. Do the oldest Bates girls have to wear a ski skirt too? Anyone who follows gothard must have lost the plot, what a loon.
  5. I hope someone spams her P.O. Box with atheist material (I know she would burn it) but to see her face if she got something like The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins etc would be so worth it.
  6. Right if I was related to these people I would tell no one, I’d be so embarrassed. What did he expect exactly? I genuinely wonder.
  7. The Bates mentioned in the article, is that THE BATES family or a different one?
  8. Why is he writing this to Jer? When as far as we know he’s not allowed on instagram?
  9. Or they couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there, that’s why they left there coats on. Also since when does Michelle hold anyone else’s babies? She didn’t even like to hold her own.
  10. If the Duggars were my family I wouldn’t spend Christmas with them, run Jinger run!
  11. I was just coming on here to talk about Jill’s hair and you guys already are! It looks amazing, I love it. I hope she feels so much better without the longer hair.
  12. Did you notice when Michelle and Jinger were at the funeral home, Jinger was crying,Michelle got a tissue and started dabbing at her eyes? No tears? What’s the point in faking it honestly. This episode was so sad btw I was in tears (more tears than Michelle could muster and I didn’t even know the woman) Those poor kids some things shouldn’t be on tv but of course JB wants the money so who cares if he’s exploiting the children. RIP Grandma Mary, I hope you’re in a better place.
  13. “God has great plans for this little girl” really like what? Meet a guy and become a breeding machine ok.
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