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  1. DUTCHDCCFAN, Your first post was on Friday, and in that post you said, “The 2019 season will finally be on TV in a few weeks here so I am excited to finally watch it fully.” So I’m confused what you based your above statement (made three days later) on that VK did a “good enough job in 2019”?
  2. Kat is quite brave to go somewhere other than Tangerine, which Kelli pretty much insists they go to (even though there are MUCH better salons in Dallas). I wish the DCC would allow women of color to show their natural hair and not cover up with wigs.
  3. She might have a Master's in Library Science -- this is a Master's in Legal Studies.
  4. Sorry, but you don't need to a magnifying glass to see that Victoria isn't a strong dancer.
  5. Based on her wording, I would expect she’s getting an MLS degree, not a JD. She stressed the word “master” and used the hashtag “legal studies”
  6. I don't buy that. There are many girls who Kelli knew in advance would be upset about not making SG and yet they didn't make it.
  7. In my opinion, she made show group for two reasons: 1) TK would have been pissed if she hadn't, and Kelli values that friendship (why I don't know); 2) Kelli was very annoyed at all the backlash VK got (backlash that was justifiable, in my opinion), and it was a bit of the middle finger to those people.
  8. I think she looks bad by DCC standards, not that it matters. Remember this is a girl who fell out of turns two years in a row and dances heavy, yet still was awarded a Barbie both years. So ended whatever credibility Kelli ever had.
  9. Yeah, that doesn’t look good. And, boy, does she have bad technique.
  10. That strip mall is depressing. Other than Kitty's, the only things still open there are C Dallas Nails, Primo Brothers Pizza and Wash N Dry. Many of the girls from out of town are shocked when they see it with their own eyes. I bet she hasn't spent a dime on that place in years. It's really run-down.
  11. Agreed! There is a disgusting laundromat in that strip mall called Wash N Dry, and it has bars on all the doors and windows. That tells me all I need to know about the quality of that location.
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