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  1. Well, I have confirmed that the story about VK and the phone case is true. I'm no fan of VK, but even I thought her better than that. The girls are very angry with her and with Kelli for not doing anything about it, but of course, they all have to act like they LOVE VK so as to not have their positions on the team put in jeopardy.
  2. I have not, but that sounds a bit hard to believe (i.e., that she'd be brazen enough to steal something and then use it in such a way that others could see she stole it).
  3. The favoritism VK is getting is truly ridiculous, and Kelli no longer cares how bad it looks. VK has amazing power and control (not in her dancing God knows, but in the politics of DCC), and the girls have to walk on eggshells around her out of fear she'll give unfavorable reports about them to TPTB. As you can imagine, many of the other girls are just fit to be tied at what has become of the team. I suspect a number of them will not reaudition next year.
  4. SmpIsimon

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Easy -- they're disgusting human beings.
  5. Christina was kept in the back to keep her bad boob job from being too obvious.
  6. Most of the girls think it's ridiculous, but of course can do little more than roll their eyes. It's a source of great amusement behind the scenes of the perks that "Princess Cassie" gets. The story of her USO tour is also quite a popular topic of conversation.
  7. The DCC discourages ethnic girls from having "natural" hairstyles. Just look at Jacie's hair when she was on the team and now.
  8. Kat "made it" because they needed more diversity. I's a growing concern that the team is too white.
  9. That's exactly what that was. In her mind, there was a conspiracy to keep VK off the team, but she feels that she ultimately won.
  10. With all the ridiculous bullshit this season, I think Kelli deserves her own brand of Kool-Aid -- they can call it "Victoria!"
  11. I totally agree. Kelli lives in a bubble and it's gone to her head. She needs a reality check, and long live the TCC who gives it to her!
  12. I'm sure it was VK (probably via TK).
  13. If Julia did say "Fuck this," then I'd like to compliment her on summing up my feelings about this entire season so succinctly.
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