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  1. Are you forgetting that this is just a tv show and it's all scripted? These people are following directions and scripts.
  2. I think they're all auditioning. All the time. The camera does that.
  3. Oh right, Kevin. To me his mouth is way to small for his face. He never looks happy.
  4. Who's the guy with the tiny mouth that always has a distressed look on his face?
  5. My snarky comment of the day - Kendall and Annelise are not attractive. ?
  6. I know how much editing and scripting is involved, but whatever they choose to air with Jordan, he seems to have some issues. Not only because he behaves like a toddler, but he looks and walks like one, lol! Seriously he seems way out of place in a social environment.
  7. So how many people believe that Jordan is interested in females? or anyone?
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