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  1. OMG they they have the title as “Swap Tours” instead of “Swamp Tours”! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. I agree with this. Some have said she was strung along in TC but I also believe she brought that on herself by quitting her job. Once she quit I think they felt obligated to give her every chance to make it. She really needs to move on at this point.
  3. I just saw that Melena was at Jenn’s prep class tonight. She is another one that I really hope doesn’t try out again.
  4. She posted next to nothing on social media about auditioning last year and I believe she is currently gone from Instagram. I really doubt she will audition but you never know. She is (or used to be) friends with Lexie and Alexis and some of the other current DCC but I haven’t seen her pictured with them lately either.
  5. Kennedy seems to really have improved during her time as an Ice Angel. Last year her figure didn’t look uniform ready, but she has really toned up and was on the Ice Angels swimsuit calendar. I really hope Tiff doesn’t try out. She has a long ways to go dance-wise and she appears to be such a flake on social media.
  6. Jen’s choreography really sucks IMO. This routine is especially bad.
  7. He also doesn’t wear dance tights for auditions. I’ve always wondered why because everyone else seems to be wearing them. I assume she does wear them when in DCC uniform.
  8. I thought so at first too but there’s another picture of her and her top is different than the one standing and the Vikings gal can also be seen dancing in the clip. Adding that it is possible the video clip included multiple days strung together so they are wearing different practice clothes.
  9. Yes! Can it even be considered tap if there are no taps?
  10. Kat’s shtick seems to be acting goofy, silly, stupid. I don’t find it cute at all and agree she just comes off dumber than a rock. She doesn’t represent the organization well at all.
  11. I’m not from Texas but thought it probably isn’t a good idea to post something like that. She also said she went to the “Libary” instead of library. Her dancing may have improved but she is obviously a risk in other ways. I hope she gets cut.
  12. Except there wasn’t any drama or even mention of it on the show was there? I find it strange they would edit that to create drama and then not actually create any drama around it.
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