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  1. Based on her college degree, she should be well versed in asking and answering questions. The interview questions should be a piece of cake for her! The fact that she didn’t even realize there was a problem with what she said says a lot. So does her attitude when she returned to the field, whether she swore or not.
  2. Who swore??? The only bleeping I heard was when Julia mentioned the news station she works for and that was bleeped out.
  3. That is correct. It’s what you bring to the job not what the job does for you. And you can’t tell me that anyone who is stupid enough to say what Julia said would not be a huge media risk regarding other things she might be asked as a DCC. And another thing you can’t tell me she hasn’t had lots of media TRAINING with the degree she has. https://www.linkedin.com/in/julia-fife-328ab9105
  4. The way Julia said it was just so bad though. It’s fine to be ambitious and use your life experiences as you move to other opportunities, you just don’t say you want the job for your resume when you are working to get said job. It sounds very selfish and most people would have know better than to put it that way, especially those with experience working in the media.
  5. That clip of Julia is just shocking. If I recall there was a post when Julia was cut about her being set up by an opposing news station at media training. I’m looking forward to seeing if more is shown when it airs. She said what she said and I don’t know how that could be a set up or simply editing to make her look bad.
  6. I was wondering this too. Does she still have her same job she had before training camp? She came across terribly and didn’t even seem to realize it! I’m interested in seeing Kelli’s reaction. Of all people who should have aced media training, you would think Julia would given her career choice.
  7. Thank you for posting! That is surprising. I hope she gets it under control because she is a great dancer.
  8. Can someone please post the pic? I couldn’t find it from the link that was posted.
  9. It’s hard to know how late she was. Due to editing we really have no idea if it was a couple of minutes or an hour. It looked like they were still stretching and warming up when she hopped back in.
  10. Big sellouts and big disappointments this year for sure. So much respect lost for these two.
  11. After deliberations Kelli also says there will be some disappointments and also some surprises. It was like they were setting Jalyn up and I agree it was a premeditated storyline. Also a correction to what someone said earlier—it was Jacie not Cheryl that asked about Jalyn being on SG last year.
  12. They should have listened to her! The two this year are just not point material unfortunately.
  13. She was expected to go out there smiling and some people just can’t do that. You are right—it doesn’t mean she is toxic. I feel so bad for her.
  14. I haven’t seen an answer for sure on this but I may have missed it. Anyone know who sat out the last game?
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