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  1. I voted for Kelcey: talent and a softer version of beautiful compared to their typical DCC glam. I couldn't believe how few votes she had! Aren't they done in the DCC corridor? Pretty sure that's the route all the girls go to get to Kelli's office!
  2. I have to disagree, I think Ashlee has tonnes of showmanship. She has some extra pop and sparkle about her. She's also been used in a lot of the the promos. I think her moving up to the triangle would be a reasonable selection.
  3. No blondes in the triangle? Don't forget about the DCC version of diversity! I think Ashlee will move nearer the front.
  4. One of my fave ever DCCs. Her technique was off the charts! She was strong in so many styles but blended in DCC style well.
  5. I liked Caroline as a rookie but she's certainly one of those whose blossomed in her second, like many of them have from her rookie season. The second-years is one of the strongest crop they've had in years. I could see many of them as point in future. They look like they have a real bond as a smaller group too. I think their rookie season, you're just trying not to screw up and fit in with the squad. In year 2, if you can get past auditions, you can just enjoy TC and relax a little more. Yes, I know you can still get cut but dance is always much more enjoyable to watch if the dancer looks like they're enjoying it too!
  6. I've just watched the halftime show as it's the only bit we see of the cheerleaders with UK coverage. Caroline looks set to be the next point as her and Maddie were at the front of the stage during the last song, with Amy tucked at the back. VK was behind Caroline so I assume she will be up there too next year. Maddie does not look good in HD, I think it's the grin and child-like hair. The whole thing was flat (I'm not really a fan of Ellie Goulding), the dancing didn't match the songs either. Should've ditched the poms and done a SG-type piece instead. Love Me Like You Do allows for pretty lyrical, not some recycled pom dance. Also, EG's outfit was horredous.
  7. But there's no favouritism? What rookie has ever been that high up in the triangle? 🤬
  8. She best be injured and not just 'rested'. You cannot put arguably your best dancer on the sidelines for someone who is a part-timer. I've been a fan of Meredith since last season but she still makes so many errors on the field!
  9. Looks like Rachel A was in the triangle on the stage from the SM videos so far too
  10. DCC-UK

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Not the best one they’ve done so far. They’re all beautiful in this style but it looks like 4 soloists, not an ensemble piece. Rachel W needs to work her hair better too.
  11. I think it's because of visas. I looked into it when I thought about auditioning myself and it's a minefield!
  12. I thought you meant the country i.e. United Kingdom haha!
  13. I'm so glad you love the UK, and not just London! I'm from Yorkshire and I can confirm we have the best accents.
  14. DCC-UK

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Brennan is such a pleasant dancer to watch, so precise and clean, like Lily. Gina just has that extra pop needed at point for me. Even Molly is giving it more than Tess. I like Tess as a pretty face but she has zero power and shouldn't be so far up in the triangle. If there were more senior DCC this year, there's no way she'd be a leader either.
  15. DCC-UK

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I really hope Erin gets SG next season. She was killing the hip hop numbers this season, despite being a ballerina. She is the best example of going away, doing your homework and coming back stronger. She looks like a completely different dancer to when she was first in TC when she got cut!
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