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  1. Has anyone signed up to the Star Style classes yet? I'm interested in getting a pass but will the fitness classes be added to the library or just dance classes? Also, how easy is it to cancel the subscription?
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. Of course, manners are 100% important but etiquette classes (mostly fine dining) just seem very outdated to me. Considering it seems a very British thing to do, it seems very classist. I've never been anywhere posh enough to require how to know which knife to use or how to nibble on something! It certainly isn't part of a degree programme over here. The main thing I didn't appreciate was when someone (possibly Amber) asked about what to do if you don't like a meal. Coleen's response was about cutting it up in tiny pieces and moving it around the plate. They could've had a trigger message on for eating disorders for that because that's exactly what I used to do when I was anorexic
  3. Why are so many of them squinting and smiling so hard? Rachel W still looks dead in the eyes to me. Alanna, Ashlee, Briana, Cianna, Dani, Erin have the best headshots. VK's hair looks awful, really dry and frizzy. Gina's body is orange and her face is white. Chandi and Kat's hair looks weird. Kristin and McKenzie look half asleep. Tess looks like her boobs are about to pop. There's something about Jada that I like but her photo is not very flattering (looks very yearbook to me). Honestly, these cameos are RUBBISH! Get a new photographer please!
  4. It's pretty telling that the only person to do the one-day audition was Taylor, who just happens to be best friends with Kelli's daughter and is a teacher. I'm not sure many of the other vets would've been thought of quite as highly, no matter what their job is.
  5. I can get on board with all of these. I HATE etiquette training, it's so outdated and misogynistic. The only part I liked was when Lauren stuffed a whole slice in her mouth and was all 'I just love bread'. That's my kind of girl! Oh and Coleen's name always gives me a giggle! More dance, lots of dance and all the dance please.
  6. Kelsey, to begin with, was a bit of a trainwreck, but in her rookie TC, she improved on both her ambassadorship (is that even a word?) and her dance skills. I found her to be easier to watch as a dancer than Morgan or Meredith (who is excellent when in her own style) and she had a really likeable personality. She really grew into the role of being a rookie and then a vet. Even fan fave Lauren struggled with her memory, but still got show group!
  7. I reallllly like her as a dancer but I question her as a human being. Twice, possibly three times even, she's been across to Mexico for a holiday in the middle of a GLOBAL pandemic. Do you not have social distancing in the US? Our UK lockdown might not really be a lockdown but at least there are some rules in place!
  8. That's why it's not media training, it's media interviews. They need to tell them how to answer questions they're uncomfortable with or don't really know the answers too. Surely interviewing technique and media training should be in the first couple of weeks of TC and then towards the end, they should do media interviews to see any improvements or who would be a risk. The whole thing needs an overhaul.
  9. I don't think Tess particularly adds much to the squad but her kicks are some of the best currently. It helps that she's tall but her kicks usually look effortless. Wow, talk about tone deaf. I don't care how 'pretty' or good of a dancer she is.
  10. Brennan, Hannah and Briana have been 3 of my faves in recent years, BECAUSE they're intelligent, well-rounded women. I know the squad needs fresh-faced 18 year olds too but I relate more to the women who have other stuff going on outside of the DCC world. They're much more interesting, probably because I feel like we have more in common. They're all crazy beautiful but look like you could hang out with them too! However, Kelli always says she wants her women to be well-rounded yet doesn't appreciate that not everyone can do random weekday appearances or tonnes of DCC camps.
  11. It's not necessarily about who was cut (Hannah has mixed opinions on here), it's the matter of how and why she was cut, and how they've made up a story to cover their backs. There are two main issues here. Firstly, TC really shouldn't have taken place in any capacity this year. People should only be leaving home if it is necessary. If Covid isn't stressing you out, then you must be extremely privileged. (I don't mean you in particular, I mean in general). The problem is that people (especially the US) aren't taking it seriously enough (large gatherings still taking place, no masks in sight). In the UK, we're on lockdown 3, numbers are still rising. Half the population are adhering to the rules, the other half are simply doing what they want especially over Christmas/New Year. Secondly, Hannah and the vets/TCCs were told that the bubble was secure, which probably eased her anxiety initally. She loves being on the team and wanted to continue so under the impression that all precautions were being taken. She's said she found escapism in dancing in her basement but it wasn't quite the same. On turning up to the 'bubble', it was clear that it wasn't as secure as they had been told. She voiced her concerns and got blacklisted and then cut for that. They have a responsibility as an organisation to make sure that they were taking all Covid precautions. They know of her medical history as she's been vocal about her anxiety/depression on the show before. That doesn't mean she can't go anywhere or do anything. She has been a great ambassador and stellar performer for 2 years now yet now she's no longer capable? Kelli even said her heart doesn't seem in it and she's less engaging. Probably because she doesn't feel safe, which she shared her feelings about, and now TPTB have made up some story to make her seem disinterested. Having watched the episodes, her dancing doesn't seem as powerful as before but she's still head and shoulders above a lot of the women there.
  12. I'm really surprised Daphne didn't get a 2GL spot over Rachel W, considering her UCLA captaincy.
  13. I know this scene was meant to be uplifting but it made me feel uncomfortable. It felt like TPTB were captialising on Shaina's grief and tried to force her to open up. Her friends had literally just died, not months/years ago. Her grief was so raw and likely the first time she'd ever had to deal with death so closely. They keep saying they want their cheerleaders to be individual but they must be extorverted, talkative and happy all the time. I'm glad Shaina spoke out when she got cut but I always felt Kelli was rude to her. The same with Hannah's first office visit this season. Just because you've gone through something similar doesn't mean you know how someone else is feeling. Some people are just a bit more introverted, doesn't mean they can't be good ambassadors or performers!
  14. Suck on that! I'm super proud of Hannah, standing up for all of us who are taking this pandemic seriously than many others are and also showing that even strong women can have mental health problems. She's the sort of person I want to see as a DCC.
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