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  1. Who is the third woman in the video? It doesn't look like any of the vets. Cianna's hair needs cutting, I'm not keen on the length.
  2. I set up my own business and am now self-employed so definitely in a better place!
  3. I also don't blame these girls for not standing up to TPTB. Having done that recently (a member of staff didn't quarantine for 2 weeks after a trip abroad), it turned into a them vs me situation and I lost my job for daring to speak out.
  4. Was it one year at finals when Jay said someone had a heavy waistline and Brenda, the newslady, said it's feminine to have a little extra there? I mean, it's holding up your reproductive system!
  5. I think Hannah got away with it because she's long and lean. Meagan's shape was too shapely for Kelli. She always prefers the tall, skinny girls. Her idea of curves is boobs and a butt, although not too much butt.
  6. I loved both of these girls. Meagan had an extra pop and I thought she looked great in the uniform. All that thutt nonsense was ridiculous. Sure, she was stockier but not fat by any means! Maybe if their shorts were a little more flattering instead of hotpants, it wouldn't be such an issue! The blouse gives even the flattest chest a set of boobs so why can't the shorts be that magical?
  7. I have to say, many of the other NFL cheer squads have come on leaps and bounds in dance technique. Many also offer far more diversity and also have some great social media ideas going about. DCC could actually learn something there!
  8. Girls with boxy figures tend to be the ones most at risk (I'm thinking Allie, Keyra, Gabby, Alex Hermes), even more so when you're short. Even in her TV interview before going into panels, Jessika just seemed so wooden. I didn't hate Shelbi but she wasn't my fave. That's the season where I wish Kyndall and Courtney would've made it, probably over Simone and Raylee.
  9. Holly and Lacey are two of the best kickers they've ever had. VK should've asked Holly for tips, being a 'thicker' girl. Madi's kicks look pretty here but they all look weak compared to Holly's! It's all about practise. Whilst flexibility is super important, posture in kicks is everything. Having a straight back, a pointed foot and not hunching over is what the girls need to work on.
  10. I'm rewatching season 13 and how on earth did Jessika become a 3-year vet? It's her 3rd time to finals and she couldn't answer any of the panel's questions and has zero pop on the field. Her and Christina were the two weakest vets that season (worse than Selina and Keyra, who both got cut!).
  11. To me, this Barbie look makes them less liked by women. It's very catered towards what most men like. Women would probably prefer them to have a more natural look.
  12. I'll be sad to see her retire. I reckon she'll retire after this season. She's over 30 now and with her bestie Brennan gone, she won't hang around any longer. I gravitate towards the more mature, educated women on the team, like B & B, rather than the 18 year olds that make it.
  13. VK actually looks great in this image. Less eye make-up, neutral lips, controllable hair. Her gummy smile isn't something she can necessarily change but her whole look just needs toning down so she seems more approachable. I loved Holly but I wished Melissa W, Megan C and Amy T would've stayed. They're my dream triangle.
  14. They were also different ages. Tara was 20/21 I think, Savannah was 26.
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