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  1. Kelli, unprofessional? Never! -rolls eyes-
  2. I thought that was such a rude, derogatory comment. Ika had a really striking, exotic look, probably that Kelli hadn’t seen before. She didn’t fit in with her usual Texas look for the team. Whilst she shouldn’t have made the cut (her dancing was below par), Kelli’s comment really wasn’t appropriate.
  3. She seems lovely but not particularly bright. Common sense seems to be lacking.
  4. I see Savannah getting at least a 2GL spot. I'd love to see Brennan get a 2GL spot too. They call her the momager and a girl boss so I think she has leadership qualities, Plus she's proof that sometimes it can work out better the second time around in TC, or third in her case!
  5. I’d switch out Jalyn for Caroline. There’s no way that she’ll get a 2GL spot after last season. Taylor J could be a surprise call too. Anyone have a list of returning vets and how many years they’ve been on the team? Is that all the current 3rd/4th years they have?
  6. All three of those sets are beautiful. Looks like they've picked colours that suit them and their personalities too.
  7. Same here! I actually like Kitty and miss her on the show. The dance world is super harsh so her criticisms were usually spot on.
  8. I think they’re preparing Amber to be the next point. She’s been in a lot of the DCC in Motion videos and is a well-rounded, clean dancer. I mean, I’ll pretty much take anyone being point over VK in the future but Amber would be a worthy candidate!
  9. Might be scared she’ll share too much about the process online? I’m a blogger and most bloggers I know would want to document the journey but if told not to, we’d share as little as possible!
  10. Especially if the girls have got to finals in previous years, just to see if there's been any improvement!
  11. I can't get the first couple of seasons here in the UK so haven't really seen Whitney Ott. I guess it depends what you're into. Holly P is all about the sex appeal and tricks to shock the audience. Olivia is all about showing off the technique and years of ballet training. I love her IG videos of her doing Fosse-style jazz.
  12. To me, I've not seen as big an improvement for Savannah as I would like. She was called out for mistakes a lot in her second year (when Tara got cut) and still looks super awkward in hip-hop and some contemporary styles. However, she's good in DCC style and lyrical. I'd say she's like Miranda and Alexis to me; they're all there more for their other attributes rather than for their dance skills.
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