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  1. That's Alexis next to Heather who is scrunched over. I've found her dancing to be really heavy this year, both on the show and on social media videos. She's a gorgeous face but she does nothing for me in the dance department! In fact, Alexis, Christina and Briana in the back left corner to us look sluggish. If only Alexis wasn't the 2nd leader, I'd have Amber and Bridget as the two behind Heather. They'd look like a fab triangle.
  2. Feel a bit sorry for Christina being that far back. I thought squad photo was based on seniority? Rachel W and Ashlee have skipped the queue! Rachel A is killing it! They look weird on the floor. Alexis looks like she's pressing down on Lexie's leg!
  3. I always love the DCC who look a little 'different', those who are beautiful but not in a model-esque way. Jayln is one of those for me! Many of the 'Kelli-pretty' DCC have had bland personalities!
  4. This almost annoyed me. Like I get that she has improved but she was already amazing! Clearly she only pays attention to her obvious favourites or the strugglers.
  5. I think that's unfair. I love Jalyn but Rachel A has definitely improved since her rookie year. Yes, she looks great with chopped hair but her dance technique and power/style are great now. She was a blender to begin with but I think she's one of their strongest dancers now. Jayln should also have a SG spot though!
  6. Clippers? Pretty sure they had a show on Lifetime, we got it in the UK. It was pretty naff.
  7. I can't read the article in the UK but I can just guess about it. I hate that there's this misconception that women have to be one thing and can't have multiple talents/interests. I have a Masters degree in sports journalism, run my own blog and business and work part-time just for some spare money. I also love to dance and would love to do it professionally if I was good enough but I also love to learn and pride myself on my brain. Dancing is just a passion for many of the women and they have lives and careers outside of it. There's nothing wrong with wanting to excel in many areas and it's not wrong for a woman to want to be sexy either! Their uniforms may be small but they're not exactly strippers. They should definitely be paid more because it feels like it's a full-time job for them.
  8. Melissa is one of my faves too! She’s the best technical dancer they’ve had, other than Holly P. She just dances effortlessly.
  9. I've only followed her for a short while but I've not seen any of this! Can you elaborate?
  10. I have to say Mackenzie has always been one of my fave DCCs. She just had that extra sparkle quality that so many of them are missing. She's a powerhouse dancer and her kicks weren't as low as some of the others. She then showed how much she was willing to work for it by visiting a physio and stretching with a veteran. I liked Taylor also, she was a powerful dancer also but hers didn't seem to improve as the series went on. Amy was pretty rubbish on the dancefloor and with her kicks.
  11. It's not like it's just rookies, which I could understand. The vets have known most of these dances for a year and a half now and still make mistakes. I know as a dancer, sometimes you can have a mind blank but it seems a pretty common theme so far this season. And we're only 2 games in!
  12. https://instagram.com/stories/dccheerleaders/2121392510064836197?igshid=7bqvxykz91e9 The fourth person in, which I’m led to believe is Lisa, has pretty low kicks. She’s also on the shorter/more athletic side. Could she be an Allie and get cut at finals next year?
  13. As a Brit, I know all about his music, certainly his older stuff. It would get played so much, it got annoying 😂
  14. In fairness, she was. If you’re basing it on true technique and showmanship, she had it all. If she’d have stayed/not got in trouble, she would’ve been point after Jenna. Kashara wouldn’t have been in the running considering her 3rd year was her first in SG and she got point in one fell swoop!
  15. I'm trying to make a playlist of DCC songs and would love some help! What songs should I add? Only songs that they dance to please!
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