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  1. Now Rachel's got shorter hair, it's easier to decipher now! It's Molly in the pic.
  2. I'm rewatching season 13 and I have to say I'm finding VK even more annoying this time around. I'm on episode 3 and she's had far more air-time than anyone else. Dayton was the only legacy the season before and didn't get anywhere near as much time. As a trained dancer, I find her very messy. When dancing as part of a team, you have to stay in your space. She's just not a clean, precise dancer. It's so obvious that they have rose-tinted glasses on when discussing VK coming out her turn on the field. They're all 'Awww' which they're not for anyone else. She's a bubbly, over-the-top personality which is great for some, not for others and maybe she is someone who people warm up to over time. I agree with what someone said earlier. She should go away to college and join a college dance team. She'll learn all the fundamentals about dancing on a field/court and as part of a team and it'll help with maturity too.
  3. That's her old dance school, I went on their website and she's on there holding a trophy for something.
  4. I'd say in the world. They're certainly the biggest club from the NFL across the world, like merchandise over here is mostly Cowboys merch. I just wish we got MTT on UK TV so I didn't have to watch it on a dodgy online feed.
  5. Most of it isn't the actual song they dance to in the studio. I taught myself a couple of dances off Youtube and it's not the same song. They definitely don't use Thunderstruck on the show for some reason! I'm watching season 12 and my god, I'm fallen in love with Lauren all over again. They've just been on a veterans visit and she is so attentive and thoughtful. Despite her memory skills on the dancefloor, she really does embody what a DCC should be. Damn, I miss her! Sucks that she had to call time with DCC because of an injury
  6. Tess and Alexis look as hot as usual but my god, Brennan is killing it here! I'm not keen on Rachel or Lexie's covers. Seriously, they were the best shots of them that they got? I highly doubt that!
  7. I just watched the season where she made the team. Her, Amy T and Holly were absolute rockstars that season. The talent of those three alone was incredible!
  8. I'm sure they just merge all the dance montages altogether. You often see Group 1 up dancing but then it will flash to someone dancing who isn't even in that group!
  9. Can someone remind me how many spots there are open for rookies?
  10. They're very important in the bouquet though! I've given up on the fact that Kelli will ever figure out what diversity actually means, rather than just hair colour!
  11. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked her but most in her rookie year are blenders: Alexis, Christina, Lexie, Miranda, Molly, Savannah. All good but not great to me! Doesn't help that they were sandwiched in between two really strong rookie classes (2016 + 2018) Why is there no 'Burnnnn' button?!
  12. I think the idea is that all show group are at the front so they don't have to constantly change formation for special events. Then everyone else is just slotted around them.
  13. Neither are star dancers. Danielle was a GL and 2nd but never in show group so she never moved that far forward in the formation either!
  14. Rachel A surprises me. I've always thought she was a blender but she stood out in a recent DCC Academy video so maybe she's upped her game?
  15. I'm now up to season 11 and I love spotting future DCC in the mix before they make the team in a future season. I've spotted Miranda and Hannah already! Yesterday watching season 10, I spotted Lexie and Khalyn. I didn't even know they'd tried out multiple times, other than Hannah. They always seem to focus on the Texas-based girls trying out every year, like Kelsey and Kelli. Do some of them just choke at Finals or something?