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  1. Holly is still one of my fave ever DCCs despite her issues. The only thing I don't like in this is one move she does facing the back waving her hands sideways. Looks like she's blowing a fart away.
  2. Might put this on my pinboard as inspiration to get back in the gym! I wish my ass looked that, I'd always have it out! I think Hannah is one of those girls, like Erin, who always looks slim and skinny because of their height. I wish my bod looked like that again!
  3. It's such a dancer pose growing up (I think it's meant to make your legs look longer or something) that I still do it as an adult in all photos!
  4. Christina's flexibilty on a side kick isn't great, Molly's rond de jambe isn't quite round enough. Alanna's fouettes are okay but then her split jump at the end of her solo part, she doesn't quite get the height or hit the proper split. Also their timing is off throughout as a five. I'm just extra picky, I know!
  5. Whilst it’s nice to see different faces, please stop doing tricks you can’t do.
  6. This is the main issue for me. They want all the girls to be multi-faceted and work hard yet almost penalise them for having jobs. Those who work full-time will only be available for weekday appearances, such as Brennan, Bridget and Heather, so we don't see them as much and it always feels like it counts against them. I'm just waiting for a vet to be cut because they turned down appearances or something. VK has far more free time so she's rewarded for it. She's the only full-time DCC.
  7. I thought this too. She must be mad to take Victoria on board!
  8. This is my issue with Jay. Is he a qualified nutritionist? Many personal trainers think they're qualified to give advice on diet when they're not. He's a great trainer but should leave it to someone else when food/medical advice is involved. Like the episode in the grocery store where they're picking out what they eat. I actually love Taylor in that scene because she's so brutally honest and takes the mick. Also, how many of them can afford salmon for breakfast when most TCCs quit their jobs in order to focus on TC?!
  9. I think the choreo is dull because it has too many different style going on. There's some jazz, lyrical, hip hop, yet none of it seems to blend. Also, why do they bother putting in leaps and floor work when DCC don't really do that on the field? Surely prep classes should be pure DCC field style as that's the area that most TCCs fail with: being big and bold on the field!
  10. Oh you won't! Most of us who love Gina have some hair issues with her. They've made hers more of an icy blonde, which just doesn't suit her. I'd like it to be a warmer blonde to make her more approachable-looking. However, it's probably TPTB that determine hair colour!
  11. I feel like it's the one occasion that is way more exciting for the girls than it is for viewers. Like it's always the same every year. Judy tells us how she places the girls, some girls need boxes, some girls get moved around because of hair colour, the girls at the front moan about being in pain from kneeling. Surely by now, Judy should have it organised a bit better!
  12. It's on all the social media channels. Gina and Bridget are rocking it as always and Lisa, who I'm a fan of her dancing, looks a little out of her depth. UPDATE: Found it!
  13. I think she’s cute as a button, adds some much needed diversity and usually looks good in the DCC style. She’s not my favourite but certainly blends in well.
  14. Thinking of all the rookies: Amanda - one of the strongest dancers on the team, no chance of being cut Chandi - looks like she's lost some sparkle in prep classes so hopefully she finds her power again Kat - could be seen as an ambassador risk, obviously not the strongest dancer Kelcey - another strong dancer and well liked by teammates Kristin - looks much better in prep classes, a year on the team has allowed her to improve, might need to watch weight though Lily - clearly adored by teammates but not the strongest dancer, could be at risk if she doesn't step up Lisa - powerful dancer but not well liked, also has a short and muscular body type and they have a track record of getting cut at finals (Heather H, Allie) Meredith - still looks like a dance risk in videos from the season, seems to do a lot of appearances though! Taylor P - solid dancer but doesn't have the best stamina, has also looked heavy throughout the season VK - no comment! I actually don't think any vets will get cut. If they're not strong dancers, they're great ambassadors for the team (i.e. Savannah, Miranda). I think Kat and Taylor P might get cut. Kelli fought to get Meredith on the team so I doubt she'd cut her. Lisa is besties with VK too so unlikely to get cut.
  15. Another day, another video of Jalyn smashing it. She just has a certain pop and sparkle that so many others on the squad don’t have. I hope she stays another year and gets that damn SG spot back.
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