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  1. What an inconsiderate B---h ! This was really about her showing everyone how mad cool she is. She will sit around and drink wine, while others have to clean it up.
  2. Keep your silly attention games up. Life will give you something to really cry about.
  3. A perfect example why I feel she is going to mess someone’s life up. She might end up getting sued. I can see her going on social media and telling her clients business for attention and likes.
  4. Off again ! She works the system like no other. Please keep it up.
  5. "I am almost graduated from IIN in NY to be a certified health coach." At first I was laughing when I seen this, but it’s actually scary as hell. You are going to have people with serious problems , taking advice from an attention whore. She is also an airhead. When she messes someone’s life up. She will say something stupid. “It was God’s will “🤷‍♀️
  6. LMAO ! Now she is the gangster Christian.
  7. OMG ! You miss a couple of days, you missed a lot on here. I enjoyed catching up. The last time I was here. Coco was the headliner, so Jackass calls out sick. Now I read they had her on Q2 with no posse. I LOVE IT !
  8. I said it before ! She takes off more then any other host in the history of QVC. I think her BS is catching up to her. She was clearly playing the sidekick to Coco, from the advertisement that was posted on here. I would not be shocked if this call out is a temper tantrum 😡 What a big pile of s—t 🤢
  9. DAMN! She must be burning through money.That is so irresponsible . Especially with someone depending on you ,for at least the next 20 years. There is no way she will last that long at QVC. At her age and reputation . She will not have a lot of employment options after QVC.
  10. I LOVE IT ❤️😍💜🧡🖤💛🤍💚🤎💙 I bet that knocked her ignorant ass down a peg 👏👏👏👏👏👏 HEY JACKASS ! WHO’S POSSE IS IT NOW 🤔I bet she got good and drunk after the show 🍷
  11. Really QVC ! this is your fashion queen ?
  12. What a horrible person 👹 I’m starting to think ,someone at QVC is enjoying skunk 🦨 behaving like a jackass. That person should put Shunk and Kerstink together and let them self destruct together 💣
  13. Please stop using your family for attention ! It's not fair to them. You have no idea the future damage you are causing.
  14. This is so typical of the tramp. Trying to be the center of attention at someone else's wedding. I'm sure she "unknowingly " flashed people ,while dancing or picking something up.Did mommy drop you on your head when you were little ?
  15. The two reasons why I don’t buy from QVC anymore 🤮One is mean and nasty. 👹The only is crazy .🤪 🤮
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