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  1. I hope QVC is named in the lawsuit. When this crazy bitch gets someone sick or worse. She loves giving bad advice ,when she is not having social media breakdowns.
  2. If she really cared . She would not have turned it into a social media event. I also noticed, not everyone was happy about her recording 😞 The moment might have meant something, if it was not used to get likes on Instagram .
  3. I like Leah a lot. I think she is a class act. I’m happy she is in a good place with her mind and body. I’m not bashing her . I think there was more going on with Leah’s weight loss then diet and exercise. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I just hate all the lying 🤥 that goes on at QVC.
  4. How can someone look at that and want to buy anything she is selling 😞
  5. She is so fake 🤬 You think women are jealous of you 🤢 That is so far from the truth. You are a hypocrite and an attention WHORE . That’s why people don’t like you .
  6. This is the same moron who was excited about PA getting hit by a tropical storm . Which destroyed some homes 😞She has the mentality of a 2 year old.
  7. I’m not sure if we can post it on here. If she is going to bed at 8pm and getting almost 8 hours of sleep. Her last book cover, is total BS ! I can’t believe she is given a platform like QVC, to spread her bull shit !
  8. If she is having a procedure. I hope it’s a lobotomy.
  9. She looks bat shit crazy 😜 Who goes on Instagram preaching and looking like a lunatic 🤪
  10. Skunkass is the first size 2 I have ever seen, that looks like a Linebacker !
  11. Sadly 😞 when you have someone take a picture of you crying over your dead mother. Posting it on INSTAGRAM for likes and comments. Filming yourself crying every other week on Instagram. People tend to think you are full of 💩
  12. This is why she is a big JOKE 🤡She plays the slut than will turn around and try to preach to others. Talk about health yet has one of the most dangerous diets I have ever seen. It’s so bad . She had a meltdown on Instagram and said it might be due to the fact that she was hungry 😱Talk about exercise like she is fit and literally looks like she is melting.
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