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  1. I fast forward through them as well. I can't decide which storyline is more fake. I think they were probably online friends who decided the pitching the story of coming out to their parents was a sure way to get cast. But I also think Yolanda's storyline was also a pitch. What adult would still refuse to believe they were being catfished with everything that has occured. David also recognizes as soon as he admits that he was catfished, his storyline goes away so he pretends denial.
  2. I still feel that her reaction was more around the fact that he withheld the information when she thought they'd been baring their souls and confiding all. I saw her reaction more as an issue that there was such a significant secret more than what the secret was. To hear what she was hearing was that he was not honest with her. To me, it would be the same as not confiding that you had been convicted of a felony and spent time in jail. That is something that would seriously impact your lives as couples from employment opportunities to housing. So for all the people who are jumping o
  3. I want to like Yolanda. But my cynical heart says she wanted to do a reality tv show to make some money and the only one that she could do was this one so went and found the catfisher to create a storyline.
  4. I kept wondering how many other reality tv shows he's tried out for.
  5. I had hopes that Ashton might have actually been working maturing but it's obvious he is not. Rhylee has a short fuse, but with this group of guys I would too. Instead of ignoring her suggestions about how to set up the pool or offer to go down and work on setting up other items, maybe take a moment to consider that she might be correct. But Ashton seriously can not multi-task. He can do one thing or think about one thing at a time. How did Simone get this job? From not knowing how to pour a beer, open a bottle of wine, or make just about any type of drink, it is clear she is not pr
  6. This is a pretty boring group of couples. I've decided my favorite character is Sarah, Winedouche's ex. Everytime she appears, I can hear the prep conversation with the producer. Tell me again how much I'm making for this appearance? What do you want me to say? OK, got it, -So I just need to tell Julianana she is not allowed to parent while my kids are sitting at the table, -Oh, you want me to suggest I officiate their wedding! Ha, will love the look on his face. -You want me to bring up pre-nup? While she is standing there! Tell me how much again. Ok, I can do it.
  7. I so liked Missy at the first part of the season. But her belief that she had the authority to dictate other's decisions or actions really caused me to dislike her game play. Maybe it's editing, but I can't remember her ever having a real discussion with anyone and getting their input. It was always her laying out the game plan. But I don't think she is a bully but instead of interfacing with others based on her personal experience as an athlete and in the military. With any team, there is always a coach or captain calling the plays and team members go along with that. Missy couldn't rel
  8. Pretty disappointed in Lee's twitter attack on on Abbi this week. I know he is as much of a reality tv star now as he is a professional captain. But even so, I find it very unprofessional to publicly comment on an employees performance. I thought she responded in a much more mature and professional manner stating that though she did not enjoy working on a motor yacht she also was second guessing her decision to appear on a reality tv show and realized it was most likely a mistake in her life. I respect people who are willing to give up the notoriety a return to a private life.
  9. Pretty blah episode. Kate is being too darned nice. Ashton needs to quit drinking because he's an entitled ass when he does. Glad to see Abbi go. Wish we saw more of Simone and Courtney. Wish they would show Grumpy pants Lee interacting with the guests. It's hard to imagine that he is actually fun to dine with given that everytime we see him he looks like he is pouting.
  10. I really liked Jamal at first and I am so annoyed with him now. Someone needs to call out to Jamal his sexist microaggressions and I truly hope it is the "girls" in his classes at his all girls school. Calling it a "girl's alliance" was sexist. Saying he knows women only know their power when they are in a group is also sexist. I have personal power when I'm the loan female is a meeting with 10 men. I don't need a tribe of women to empower me. Every year in every competitive reality show there is at least one "alliance" that is all male. But they are not always called out
  11. I've only watched the first episode so far. At first it was difficult to keep track of who was in what decade. I think I'll enjoy the series but there were a few things that annoyed me. I wish Underwear guy in the 70's didn't look as similar a the actor playing current day Alaskan guy. Also, there is no way the farmer would have never come across that hatch in his own barn. They should have put the hatch in some place that a farmer wouldn't be mucking out or moving things around so frequently. And I want to know what time of day or year that you can just walk up to the Palace of Versailles wit
  12. That was my favorite part. His being whiny is obviously standard behavior based on her response to him.
  13. Your right, I went back and watched and he said they applied for a visitor visa and she was denied. But he also mentioned that as part of that visa that he'd be sponsoring her and that she had modeling jobs. So nothing really adds up. If she planned to work she would have needed more than a tourist visa. I'd be really surprised if someone denied a standard tourist visa would be eligible for a K1 visa. But who knows these days.
  14. Wine guy said she was 20 when they met 2 years ago. So she could now be 22 or 23. It sounded like they tried to bring her in on a work visa. I would think it would be pretty difficult to get a work visa for the US for modeling work since it is not a skill that is in high demand vs number of people qualified to perform the skill. An intercompany sponsored work visa requires you to have worked for the company for at least a year. She would have had to find a US modeling agency willing to say she worked for them in Brazil for a year and they needed to relocate her to the States to fill a po
  15. Thanks for sharing that as I couldn't figure out why all the whispering was about.
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