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  1. SugarHigh

    Siesta Key

    Brandon's rapping makes me cringe. Good for Madison for not getting back together with him.
  2. SugarHigh

    Siesta Key

    It looks like they are adding some new cast members in for the season.
  3. SugarHigh

    Siesta Key

    I hope they're back this week. I've enjoyed listening to the podcast.
  4. SugarHigh

    Siesta Key

    I had the same thoughts. He's not particularly likable. The podcast that scrb mentioned has talked about this as well...that for someone whose dad financed the pilot and is listed as executive producer (?), Alex doesn't come across well.
  5. SugarHigh

    Siesta Key

    So Kelsey wouldn't go on the Bahamas trip without Garrett because she was afraid of what she would do...does she have no self-control at all?? Garrett is better off without her.
  6. I have it on in the background. I don't like Katy Perry. Her hosting is annoying me. I really just wanted to see Ed Sheeran perform and see what craziness Taylor Swift would put out so I could turn it off, yet I still have it on. The Lorde performance was interesting. That makes sense that she didn't sing if she's on vocal rest, but I couldn't figure out the point of it in the moment. I know more songs and people there than I thought I would.
  7. SugarHigh

    Siesta Key

    This show is definitely in the "so bad it's good" category for me. I also think it's bizarre that everyone seems to blame Chloe for the fight. It does seem like she gets fired up pretty quickly and no doubt that alcohol played a role, but Amanda still punched her and broke her nose! And no discussion at all about how Amanda was all over the guy she knew her supposedly best friend has feelings for? Even if you think it's fine for Amanda to do whatever she wants with Brandon because he and Chloe weren't dating or anything, it still obviously hurt Chloe's feelings.
  8. SugarHigh

    Zach and Whitney: The Constable and the Carhop

    Wow, I stopped reading the Duggar forum and didn't realize that Wanderwoman was outed as the same person behind the Razing Ruth scam! I never donated money to Razing Ruth, but was definitely sucked in and and believed the story. I'm glad to see Whitney wearing jeans. I know it's small in the grand scheme of things, but it at least shows they're making some decisions independent of family beliefs.
  9. SugarHigh

    MLB Thread

    I appreciate Bill Murray's fandom, but I thought his 7th inning stretch was stupid. I definitely think the Cubs need to win tonight to have a chance, but I don't love having Lackey out there. I'm hoping that Kluber on short rest works in the Cub favor. I selfishly am also hoping they win because I found a Chicago sports bar in Atlanta and want to experience some excitement rather than frustration if I'm going into the city to watch the game.
  10. SugarHigh

    MLB Thread

    Even as a Cubs fan I can agree that the media is over the top (and has been for a lot of the season). I don't live in IL anymore so I enjoy the coverage because I don't have the local media talking about it as well, but I see where it could turn off the casual fan. Of course I'm also the ever pessimistic Cubs fan and I worry that all the media craziness will jinx them. During the last game I was on edge until about the 7th inning and even then I couldn't fully relax until that last out was recorded.
  11. SugarHigh

    MLB Thread

    As a Cubs fan I felt my ever-present pessimism start to creep in last night and was pleasantly surprised to wake up to the news that they won (as an East Coaster the late start times on weekdays are killing me!). I didn't want to see this Giants in this series, but don't have an opinion on the next one. I'm just hoping that the pitchers don't have to carry the offense in the first games.
  12. SugarHigh

    MLB Thread

    I don't normally post here (but have read along almost all season!), but I have to say "Go Cubs Go!" to all the talk of who to root for against them ;) I'm cautiously optimistic, but as my Cardinals fan husband likes to remind me, the Cubs could easily end up going the route of the Cardinals last year (although I think Cubs are much healthier than the Cards were at this time last year). That being said, I'd much rather see the Mets than the Giants.
  13. SugarHigh

    Dating Naked

    I don't know why I'm still watching this, but here I am. I was not sad to see Michelle go at all. I'm positive Natalie will pick David, and I'm not 100% sure about David. I want the first season format back.
  14. SugarHigh

    NHL Thread

    So excited for the playoffs! I'm a Blackhawks fan so I'll be rooting hard for them, although I'm not terribly optimistic this year. I feel like playing the Blues in the first round will be tough, but they're not exactly unknown to the 'Hawks so they know what they're up against. Hopefully they'll surprise me like they did last year!
  15. SugarHigh

    S03.E09: Back Seat Bates

    I'm not usually a fan of episodes that are very clearly made for show (the police training stuff) so it was kind of a "meh" episode for me, but I did think the Chad/Erin album cover story was cute. The whole "let me figure out a way to spend more time with this guy I like" was so normal sounding!