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  1. Luis is very very wealthy...he doesn’t need Tre. A family member is his accountant and has been for many years.....he had a very very successful business which he sold and still makes residual income from as well as his current businesses.
  2. Lexi does “normal” nails. I have an acquaintance who goes to her...a gel manicure so $160!!
  3. Is there anyone who didn’t understand that she was making a comparison/analogy? I totally got what she was doing....and talking about a rumor you heard (Teresa) is spreading a rumor..and even if she is too stupid to u derstand what Jackie was doing....saying it at a party with tons of people multiple times is very different than saying something in a private conversation with the one person the “rumor” effects.
  4. Your point is exactly why I’m saying Bria isn’t doing something right....Long Island is the hair and nail salon Mecca....one in every strip mall...so if she is so great why is her book empty?
  5. Gia has 746,000 followers...not exactly “private”. People will always say crap on Instagram....turn off comments if it’s so upsetting. For the record i follow her and didn’t see anything awful. She prob had it done at a plastic surgery center instead of a hospital....
  6. While colorists are a dime a dozen...there is also a much bigger client pool for people needing color and cuts than for getting over the top manicures like Lexi does. I know i personally get my hair colored every 3-4 weeks. Bria needs to get butts in her seat, end of discussion. Not many stylists here on Long Is and are hurting for business. Maybe she needs to humble herself and charge normal rates.
  7. Owing a business doesn’t mean it isn’t profitable or successful. We own a business in a similar trade as big Mike. Some years we lived like Rockefeller...and others we were dipping into savings to make payroll. Living on Long Island property taxes on their house alone are $2000 a month.....never mind insane insurance costs, utilities, etc. cuomo did a hard lockdown in NY. Trades were shut down for 3 solid months....you got a $10,000 a day fine if you tried to work.
  8. In 2019 he became a police officer (if i remember correctly)....don’t know if he is employed as one or how he passed a physical...but that was what was in the media lol.
  9. Raytone plumbing in Queens
  10. In hindsight now we can say there were cases in fall 2019...but here in the US it didn’t even hit the news until late January early February and that was regarding cases in China. I was in Disney world until March 18. It seems like Travel restrictionists to the Caribbean didn’t happen for quite some time after this was recorded.
  11. Brandi actually did go to a treatment program because of this.
  12. My guess is she divorced well 😂
  13. I feel like the show is trying too hard to be current and relevant...like they are trying to touch on every hot button issue going on right now...to the point that it is annoying.
  14. They are in the middle of the ocean...where would dust come from? Water spots and dampness yes...dust nope.
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