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  1. It is done on Long Island all the time. Parents send them to private school for a year to jump ahead & then transfer back to public the next year. People also do it to hold kids back without any stigma.
  2. I was going to comment on this...I’m from Long Island and our towns HS has 2,000 kids and maybe 3 are black.....when i went to Georgia on a trip I actually noticed how integrated it was with blacks and whites.
  3. He owns a plumbing company in the city.
  4. Why is her son wearing a hair bow in his therapy session on her Instagram story today? And wtf with her “therapy look of the day” posting selfies in her outfits during therapy? Like shouldn’t you be paying attention to what they are doing. My daughter had OT, PT and speech 5 days a week for each and i was engaged and watching and participating so that i could reinforce and do follow up exercises at home.
  5. How did i miss Angela being arrested for a DWI last month!
  6. Oh i agree 100% that is what she is doing. But....she is mad that her husband has a problem with her secretly doing this? You can’t have it both ways.
  7. Pol is a complete lose...but how is it okay for Karine to be texting othe4 guys behind his back? It does make me curious as to what this new guy must be like...she doesn’t strike me as a great conversationalist 😂
  8. The house she lives in is worth about $600k and the taxes are $16k a year which is pretty average for the tri state area.
  9. Her body is NOT good....she has zero muscle tone....having big boobs doesn’t make you have a good body. Good for her for having positive body image...but she crossed from confident to conceited.
  10. I got the feeling that Gary didn’t want this all on display for the cameras.....yes he agrees to put their lives on the show but i think he was minimizing it because he doesn’t want his kids issues broadcast on tv.
  11. Does anyone think Chels is starting to look scary skinny? Her insta video today with lauriebelles in the jean shirts and yellow jacket she looks sooo thin (and slightly taneroxic).
  12. People make such a BIG deal that Dennis, Paul etc are still married but are dating...ie:you’re dating a married man.....,when people have the amount of money and assets that they do divorces can take years and years....,my sister in law was nowhere near as wealthy as them and her divorce took 6 years to finalize....real estate had to be sold, stocks divided etc. they actually considered tax implications etc as to when to finalize. They were both engaged to other people yet still “married” to each other. Its not a big deal...at all.
  13. I guess my issue isn’t so much with Jamie’s body but with the too tight performance fabric shirts he is wearing showcasing his man boobs.
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