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  1. Proud mama, nothing more. Someone had the same kind of poster for Alana and no one seems to be annoyed by that. I don’t know why Victoria and her mom keep getting singled out.
  2. 100% agree! I think Victoria’s mom is fun and full of energy (idk, like maybe a cheerleader?!?). Plus she’s proud of her daughter - and should be. Nothing wrong with that.
  3. Whether her comments were offputting or not, I kind of give Shaina a free pass. I think she’s been through a lot and she’s probably not in the right frame of mind to be completely composed and aware of how she might be coming off. But Julia showed her true colors. She had no idea why her interview response was so wrong, she made another blunder during her conversation with Kelli and Judy, and then her reaction when she went back on the field was completely unprofessional.
  4. I don’t know about Kelly but I could see Judy retiring soon. With all the guest choreographers creating routines and group leaders leading practices, I’m not really sure what Judy does. They never show her blocking dances or teaching routines, just there giving critiques.
  5. I noticed Victoria’s outfit during uniform fittings was the exact same outfit Alexandria wore during the first training camp meeting. Do the rookies share outfits or does the organization provide some? I’ve always wondered how these girls who seem to be on a tight budget always have such great clothes.
  6. CMT said 13 episodes this season. I hope they show more of what happens after the team is announced. Or vet-only events like the trip to Canton/Hall of Fame they did a couple of seasons back. I really enjoyed those episodes.
  7. I’m curious how the board ranking works. Amanda had 11 judges say yes, 4 say maybe and 1 say no. Lisa, who was lower on the board had 14 yes and 2 maybe. Shouldn’t the girl with more yes’s and zero no’s be higher?
  8. Sorry if this has been posted already but, does anyone know what happened to vet Lauren? She wasn’t one of the vets shown giving a goodbye speech in the second episode even though she was in the locker room. But I didn’t see her re-audition. I’m assuming she decided to retire sometime in between. But does anyone know more?
  9. Victoria won me over tonight. Her solo was beautiful. I literally said “wow” after her first few steps. My other “wows” were veterans Rachel W. and Hannah. I’m already tired of Kat; she gets way too much camera time. She should not have made it. Terrible solo and kick line. What happened?
  10. Poor Malena sweating buckets. She seems to always be on the verge of tears and some of her facial expressions make me feel like she could have a meltdown at any time. I question her emotional stability. If she makes it to training camp and gets cut again, she’s going to fall apart. And if she doesn’t make it to training camp, she’ll probably still fall apart.
  11. Am I the only one watching this show? I caught an episode after DCC Making the Team and I’m already hooked!
  12. Yes, so funny! The camera keeps catching her making stink-face. There was another when she was sitting in the chairs before finalists were announced. 😂
  13. That response made me love Yuko even more! Kelli and Lacey’s speeches made me cry. But I have to say KeShara’s came off a little arrogant. “I gave everything I ever could give to you.” Really?
  14. Yes! I noticed a ton of clown makeup, muddy makeup and painted-on eyebrows. Maybe it was the weather or the lighting; everything looked darker in the audition scenes. Julia for example looked so old in auditions but when they showed her interview she looked much better.
  15. Did anyone catch that they played the song "Me Too" when they showed Taylor's audition? Do you think they were throwing some shade at her for not knowing what the Me Too Movement was during last year's media training?
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