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  1. I thought Gina was great plus I really like the energy of everyone. It’s going to be so much fun to watch them all this season. And luckily for me I can only tell the difference between outstanding choreo and the worst choreo ever. Everything in between those two looks ok to me.
  2. On the other hand if someone showed up on my doorstep with some original Dead Sea scrolls in hand , I’d be willing to answer my door. Probably. Who am I kidding, I answer my door as often as I answer my phone.
  3. My executive assistance wants to know what the DCC:MTT reminder on my calendar Friday is for 🤣. Does he not know me at all???
  4. As a follow up, I’d just like to note that confessing this did not make me want the ice cream any less, nor did it keep me from coveting said ice cream, or thinking longingly about the ice cream. I can’t be 100% sure but I feel like my guilt level wasn’t lessened any when I consumed the ice cream. And yet still, I’m back to confess to y’all, I ate the ice cream. There, guilt absolved right? That’s how this works?
  5. I would take a Queen sing, any Queen song, over Thunderstruck.
  6. I just watched the DCC farewell to Texas Stadium performance (YouTube). It included alumni from every decade dancing and I thought “now this is the sisterhood they’re always talking about”. I figure some of those women had grandchildren in the audience and how fun for them it must have been to show off just a bit.
  7. Amen to this!!! (Or I should say Cheers to this)!
  8. Everyone singalong: 🎶One of these cameos is not the like the others 🎶
  9. Let’s wear our laundry day granny panties in public. With a belt. They’ve had some longer more flattering lengths in the last that they ought to try again.
  10. And I confess my envy that you binged on nearly a pint of the new Halo ice cream stuff. I don’t even know what it is and my envy is deep. Whew, confession is good for the soul.
  11. And Jing should feel free to post it via her phone using his social media accounts when it does...
  12. Then you can join all of us who buy them in the frustration and race to see which vendor makes them available first - it provided quite the bonding opportunity for all of us last year as we waited and waited and waited some more some weeks.
  13. And the bafflement from Melissa R as if she didn’t understand what Rachel was saying.
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