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    Shannon was terrible at the beginning and has not improved over time. We laughed once during this last episode.....the very last line where Gary Cole asks "So...how long are we supposed to sit here?". We've seen each ep hoping it would get better....if we finally drop it, it will be Shannon that drives us there
  2. Is it me or does it seem like it's inevitable that Tamar will go all "Bayleigh" at some point here soon? I get the feeling that her feelings just won't stay bottled up for long. One other note.... I don't recall anyone looking to team up with anyone from a "game playing" perspective (yes, they paired up for challenges, but that hardly means coordinating game play). Is it just too early?
  3. So....no Sean Spicer or Kaitlyn Jenner as was rumored for a while.... Thankfully! I wasn't ready to watch Spicer be himself....nor was I ready to see what was under ALL that makeup that Jenner wears. Now....based on last year's CBB, how many of THESE players have children that they're going to miss to the point of tears and begging to be let out...?
  4. While Bergen was nominated for a GG, I haven't read a single story predicting winners that says anything about her at all. Why wouldn't the foreign press fawn over this show like the domestic media has? I don't think anyone else on the show was nominated nor was the show itself. Wha!!!!!
  5. Like father, like son...? If you count Magnus, we know Ragnar had sons with at least 3 women. ....and if you asked me, Bjorn's current shaved head is a little too...........anglo......for me?
  6. As Bjorn leaves for perhaps the last time (for the 100th time), he pours his heart out to Torvi to show her how much he appreciated everything they had and everything she did for him over the long years of good and bad: "Thank you" Meanwhile, his alter ego Magnus is like a puppy when Bjorn shows up at King Herald's...jumping around him like he Bjorn had a pocket full of Scooby snacks. It's clear that Herald has a thing for Gunnhild but he's been good at keeping his mouth/zipper shut vs. starting trouble. ...and speaking of not starting trouble, apparently Lagertha isn't with Herald and has likely gone on a walk-about after seeing Bishop Batman get skewered right in front of her....on top of everything else that's happened to her since ruling Kattegat. I'm torn about the death of Aethelred. He seemed to have shown his support of his brother via the battle and his explanation to Judith.....but then was apparently mulling being King after his woman mentions her wanting him to lead. Judith, on the other hand, with one son lying incapacitated, decides to kill off the only other link to being able to keep living in the Big House (aside from the new baby). I would think she'd be happy to have either of her children as King.....but here we are. I thought Floki did a great job of explaining WHY they shouldn't go back and save the Evil Family.....everything was much quieter and safer since they'd left. "But they can change!". Fool me once on the Island of Misfit Vikings..... But then, here they are, travelling along and what's their reward? Rain, heavier than I can even imagine. How aren't their furs/clothes just a 100 lb wet pile they get to carry around? I'll have to see whether Buddhism had an influence on the Viking culture at some point in history. As was mentioned before, Ivar's Gas Lighting of poor Hvitserk should be just another reason he needs to bail before the Bjorn and Harald show comes to Kattegat. Overall....I thought I didn't like the episode as it went along but in retrospect, it wasn't bad.
  7. In the season pre-opener (the Bjorn Saga) they mentioned in the actor interviews that Lagertha was going to fall into a dark place mentally including cutting her hair short. If you can imagine a story line where she is devastated by the series of events leading up to now (losing Kattegat, fleeing and then demeaning herself in Wessex, having the Bishop dump her right before she gets to watch him get shish-ka-bobbed), you can see her spinning off the deep end.....but PERHAPS only to have something resurrect her back to Shield Maiden status so she can eventually go back and give Ivar the boot.....and a few other things. We all talk here about the loss of Ragnar and what he meant to the show. Lagertha is (IMHO) right up there with him as far as why we fell in love with the series. I think that killing her off would only loosen another of the strings that ties this show together while allowing her to hit rock bottom and then rise back up to greatness would be very satisfying. Lastly....mark me down for one who really enjoyed the Bishop when he was just a Christian battlefield bada@@ ...but really didn't care that the Batman Bishop version was taken out.
  8. CBS has officially stated that a 12th season of MB is not in the works at this time. Not sure what that means....but that sure sounds more solid than Diane English's prayers that it isn't.
  9. My wife and i were watching this last ep and were talking about the Lil' Blake "kidnapping" and how everyone in the show (except the Colbys) were wrapped up in it. We wondered.....where does it go from here.....and then, literally 10 minutes later, the drama was over and everyone was happy again....more or less. Then, 5 minutes later we have Jeff Colby shot on the side of the road and Steven is now missing. Talk about lurching from one story line to the next in nanoseconds.... Dynasty is terrible but it's our guilty pleasure. We look forward to the next episode if only to see what ridiculousness happens next.
  10. And just like that.....it's done. So...as the sun sets on the reboot of MB, we have to ask whether the one-and-done season was due, in part, to the idea that it is intended for half of the country but not the other half. Would we trade a more balanced approach at the weekly subjects for another season or are we ok with the idea that, when you exclude so many viewers, you end up cancelling the show? I am conflicted.
  11. Why is Magnus the real son of Ragnar? Because Ragnar is still the heartbeat behind Vikings and they need Sons of Ragnar to continue the storyline. For every son that dies, another must be created. IMHO.
  12. Absolutely true. If Ragnar did lie, then poor Athelstan raised a boy in his home (Magnus) for no reason.... What we really need is Jerry Springer to show up and resolve this.....and then move on to Kattegat to proclaim "Ivar the Boneless, you are NOT the father!".
  13. RE: Magnus. I am convinced that he IS the long lost son of Ragnar....here's why. There a scene in season 4 ep 14, back when Athelstan had Ragnar in the cage after he was initially caught where a young Magnus was introduced to Ragnar as his son. I recall Ragnar crying and he spoke to his "son" but did say that he didn't have relations with Kwenthrith. This is exactly the story that Magnus told Ubbe/Lagertha/et al....more or less. There was only Athelstan, Ragnar, Ragnar's newly found son and Alfred in the room at the time so we can safely say that Magnus was in the room.....was introduced as Ragnar's son...and was summarily dismissed by Athelstan. So....this kid IS "Magnus". The only question that remains is whether Ragnar lied about not laying with Kwenthrith.
  14. This show is our guilty pleasure. Yes, it's terribly written....yes, it's terribly acted....but it is plain and simply, stupid fun to watch. I haven't watched a whole slew of shows folks tell me to watch because I just don't have the time to.....but for some odd reason, we keep watching this one and enjoying every minute of it.... ....well, most minutes.
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