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  1. I captured this photo of victoria on ig. She was doing an ad for some make up. I CAN NOT believe how different she looks without makeup. Its astounding. Also Not a fan of hers at all but her arms look fantastic.
  2. I see what your saying. Lilly fell through the sinkhole in 2021. Therefore child lily and adult lily were both living in 2021 at the same time how? If she went through the portal in the 80s how is she a child AND adult in 2021.
  3. Im a big CT fan but his consternation about kyle switching teams was ridiculous. Ct said Kyle did this without any care as to how we would feel about it. UMMMMMMM last season with Big T. When he dumped her for Kam and did so in a very nasty way! Double standard much! Also Josh acting like he is so amazing in that win last night. He contributed nothing to that win. I cant take him.
  4. Gina posted this on IG. Seems as though she is getting Erica’d. No mention of her. No glimpse of her solo but she was there.
  5. One thing that's bothering me a little is dropping the case all together. Jeanette's dad would have been out a large sum of money for lawyer fees and I'm sure the lawyer would have gotten a percentage of the settlement. Jeanette's dad also lost his job because of this and it seems he was out a substantial income. I really thought when she went on the talk show she was going to say she was suing the talk show host for airing what Kate said.
  6. I agree. I do not think her break is this big dramatic thing like a pregnancy or anything like that. I think she gained so much weight that there was no way possible to get in the uniform and Keli told her privately to take the year off rather than embarrass her. I do think Keli cares about her. I think after she takes the year off she will realize after this year off that either she doesn't want it as much as she did at 18 OR she will realize that she just cant make her body fit the DCC Standard.
  7. Jenn to replace Keli and Kash to replace Judy.
  8. I guess i understand Leroy and Kam's thinking on being on different teams but in the end they should have teamed up IMHO. They probably would have made second place together and walked away with ALL of the second place money instead of half.
  9. Didnt know if anyone had seen this. Very sad for Jordan Chanley Tabor. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMP1N3dACeG/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  10. But she still went, stayed until the end, and only spoke out after her cut.
  11. This will be super unpopular and down voted BUT I cant help but think if Hannah was truly that concerned about training camp and the faux bubble, why didnt she decline to go. I know she wanted to be apart of the "sisterhood" but knowing what it was going to be like and the risks, she still CHOSE to go and didnt speak out until after she was cut.
  12. They may wait until the podcast on Thursday to announce who got roty and voty. It seems they may be scrambling for content and that would be a big conversation topic and they could have those girls on with them.
  13. Me either. According to the podcast she has been watching all the video submissions and getting ready for next season. IMHO when she does retire it will be announced at the beginning of the season and they will make a big deal out of it being her last one. I could be wrong.
  14. Heather confirmed her retirement on the podcast.
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