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  1. As I recall, the egging happened in the middle of the night.     Why would anyone be expected to go outside in the middle of the night, and trying to fix vandalism that the entitled idiot 16 year old did, and her loser father was just fine with it too?    

    The plaintiff should have had the door or glass replaced, and siding fixed, and porch painted, and then presented the bill to her royal jerkiness.     For some reason, JJ really disliked the woman.   

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  2. 5 p.m. reruns, 2018-2019 season-

    First-(Sorry but I absolutely disagree with JJ on both case decisions)-

    Six Dachshunds Wreak Havoc-JJ thinks people who rented their house for five weeks to two people who had six dachshunds (they breed them, so there were a lot more than six) made a bundle on rent.   They get nothing for the damage the people and their confined dogs did to their rental house.   I bet there were multiple litters, since five were breeding animals.   What kind of idiot breeds a 12 year old dog.    Tenant and daughter both smoke too, but claim they never smoked inside, and never made a non-refundable pet deposit, per the lease.  Plaintiffs get nothing.  (I've seen registered dog puppy mills, I bet those puppies were never out of that room their entire lives).

    Egged House Payback-Plaintiff's house was egged by entitled twits, and JJ says $600 will cover the damage.   Wrong, the vinyl siding will have to be replaced, and good luck getting it to match.    This girl should have had major charges, and some jail time.   Bet she still pulls this garbage, and destroys what other people own. This little vandal is standing there smirking, next to her enabler father who can barely stop himself from laughing out loud at the plaintiff's damage.  JJ refuses to let the woman get money for replacing the door, and siding.   $250 for plaintiff, and that is ridiculous.    


    I Won't Rat Out a Friend-(Young man who had huge party at his place won't tell which of his friends hit, and left after smashing the plaintiff's parked car.   This is the young man who does nothing, and just has big parties. Man and fiance, both 20, have a 1 year old kid, he inherited from his father, and does nothing useful). 20 year old defendant was also serving liquor, and drinking.  Plaintiff car was hit at 2 a.m. or so, when defendant's friends were leaving party.     When fiance walked out into the parking lot a bunch of people were standing around the damaged car, laughing and taking cell phone pictures.     Fiance of plaintiff knocked on 80 doors in the condo to find out who had the party, and who hit plaintiff's car.   A neighbor's door bell camera taped the accident, and the hilarity from the party guests, and defendant is on video looking at the crashed car.   There are texts between litigants, and defendant says that he knows who hit the car, and now denies it. 

    Plaintiff gets $  2,555.  

    Bartender Blackmail-Plaintiff gave defendant $1500 cash, because he claims she was stealing from the bar he was going to purchase.    Plaintiff claims money was a loan to defendant for his car replacement.     $1200 to plaintiff.  

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  3. I don't believe that on this series almost all of the hoarders clean everything up.   I suspect like the lady today who owned both sides of a duplex, that virtually everything went in the other side.    The rest of them probably have a garage or storage units they rented so their places look empty. 

    Why is everyone on this show "Overwhelmed"?   Never have a drinking game using that word during a hoarder show.  

    They're showing the classic rerun "My Teeth Are Lost in the Pile", with Lynn who lost her dentures in the hoard (squeamish people need to skip the next sentence).


    When the cleaners find her dentures, she picks them up and pops them right in her mouth. 

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  4. I liked the first season with Sidney in New Orleans.   I especially liked that he doesn't endlessly put up with garbage from the flippers.    One man totally disregarded what Sidney told him, did exactly what he was told not to do.   That including pricing a house at least $50k over market price, and ignoring everything Sidney has learned over the years.   Sidney walked away from the partnership, and I think that's refreshing considering how much garbage some other 'reality' shows put up with from flip partners or future business partners. 

    I can't wait for the third season.   It should be interesting seeing how the different zoning and permitting issues between the two cities impact the flippers.  

  5. Even after the love muffin in the pepper spray case denied he had kids to the plaintiff, the defendant is still running with the loser, and he was her witness.   Of course, many times 'witness' really means they wanted the free flight, hotel, and a couple of meals from JJ and Byrd.     I bet that loser is still sitting on the defendant's couch, being supported by her, and still trolling for other desperate women.     

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  6. 5 p.m., 2018-2019 reruns-


    Pepper Spray Showdown in Atlanta-Two women were fighting over some unemployed loser.    Defendant has twins with loser boyfriend, who has apparently never been employed.   Plaintiff claims loser boyfriend contacted her, said he had no kids.   The two women fought, and plaintiff later came to CDC (where defendant works), and threatened defendant, and sent her photos of guns.   Plaintiff ambushed defendant at gas station, and plaintiff pepper sprayed defendant .  Plaintiff tried to get a protective order, claiming defendant attacked her, instead defendant has a temporary protective order.   Plaintiff was arrested and spent six days in jail for the attack.   Plaintiff claims she didn't get a restraining order against defendant.   Video is of defendant cruising past the plaintiff's house (they all live in the same neighborhood).   Plaintiff case dismissed, defendant gets $500. 

    JJ asks plaintiff if she's cuckoo, and she says yes, she is a little bit.  

    Charge Party With the Company Credit Card-Defendant fired after three accidents in company trucks in the same year.     After firing, defendant used the company credit card to pay his cell phone bill for two months.   Defendant says card was on file, and he didn't do it deliberately, even though it paid his three months of his back cell phone bill, and another month of bill.   Defendant claims plaintiff forgave the money, plaintiff gets $739.38.


    Pit Bull's Eye Poked Out-Plaintiff's dog was attacked by pit bull, and he was hitting the dog, and poked it in the eye to make it let go of his dog's leg (This is 29 Palms, and plaintiff is a Marine).   Defendant is the adult daughter (37 years old) living with dad, and has the pit bull.   Plaintiff was walking his dog at noon on a leash,  saw pit in the fenced yard, and then dog breaks out of the gate only secured by a bunji cord.      JJ is distressed by allegations from defendant daughter, in her written statement.     Pit charges plaintiff, and bit man on his arm, and pit latched onto plaintiff's dog's leg.    A neighbor gave shelter in his yard to plaintiff and injured dog.   Defendant father has sign on his gate saying "Bad Ass Dog on Duty" (something is wrong with defendant father).    Defendant denies plaintiff asked for vet bills, and (plaintiff mutters Tweaker, and no one says a word to him about it).     Pit was quarantined, because they didn't have shot records of rabies vaccination.   

    Defendant claims plaintiff, and his dog came onto her yard inside the gate, and attack was all his fault.    Defendant claims plaintiff viciously attacked her and her dog without provocation.    Defendant daughter claims plaintiff demanded sexual favors from her to drop this case, and the vet bills.     (As plaintiff puts it, he wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole).   Defendant claims it's just prejudice against pit bulls.   Plaintiff $700+ for vet bills.  Defendant and her father are out of control in the hall-terview.   

    (Every time I see this case, I thank heaven that I didn't apply for that job at 29 Palms.   When I asked the Marines at work about the job, and living there, they were horrified I would even consider living in that town.   I really wasn't thinking of moving, but it was cute seeing their reactions).    The defendant daughter was wild, and crazy, especially ranting that being against pits is racism.   Her  father was totally out of touch with reality, and he seemed more compromised than she did.     

    Outrageous Roommate-Plaintiff suing because former sublet for two months, didn't pay rent for four months instead of two, and swears plaintiff begged her to stay without paying rent.  Plaintiff is suing for rent, towing fees, and other stuff.  Defendant only has a part time job, never paid rent, and the new roommate was left the expired parking permit by the defendant when she finally moved.   $912 to plaintiff.  

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  7. 3 p.m. reruns, probably 2016-


    Landlord Lease Breakers-Plaintiffs wanted tenants with signed lease out early.     Former landlords want money for unpaid rent, damages, water bill, and who knows what.  Defendants rented house from plaintiffs, but wanted to stay out lease period (three months remained).  Plaintiffs said tenants were violating the lease, had unpaid water bill, and village code violations, and late rent payments.  Tenants move out two months before lease expired.   Security deposit was $400.  Plaintiff's witness is the former tenant, who moved into the house and is the current tenant.   Defendants took the landlord's washer and dryer with them, and it gets returned to the landlords.   Case dismissed, with return of washer and dryer.  

    Drinking and Car Totaling-Plaintiff suing former defendant for totaling his car after a night of drinking.   Defendant hit snow bank with plaintiff's car.   There is an accident report by police, and a domestic violence report between the two men.  (I have to commend the announcer for pronouncing the litigants very complicated names).  Defendant paid the deductible for car, however plaintiff denies this.   Police report outlines damages to car, and it wasn't totaled at the accident scene, but plaintiff claims there was more damage from accident.      Defendant's phone croaked (again).  (The most imperiled cell phones on earth belong to JJ litigants, they always die a horrible death).      Case dismissed.  


    French Bulldog Breeding Battle-(Case hasn't started and I officially hate both of the breeders) Plaintiff bulldog breeder studded her boy out to breed the defendant's female, in return for pick of litter.   There's actually a written contract.   The female was artificially inseminated, and had five puppies.  Six weeks late plaintiff went to look at the puppies, and decided on pick, took it home, and intended to sell puppy to her witness, who wanted to breed Frenchies too.   Plaintiff took puppy home, at six weeks, wanted DNA proof of puppy parentage.   Plaintiff claims puppy wasn't the right color genetics it was claimed to be, and there is an expert witness.   The defendant wanted to swap out puppy, and plaintiff had already sold puppy for $15k.   Plaintiff is a loon., she accepted the puppy, resold it, and still wants more.   Cases dismissed.      

    DUI Meets the Company Credit Card-Plaintiff business owner suing former employee who got a DUI, and used company credit cards to bail himself out.   He plead the DUI out. Bail was $2,245 on the cards.  Plaintiff receives $2245.    Defendant is still an idiot, who endangers everyone on the road.  Other claim by plaintiff is stupid.  Defendant thinks he should get lost wages, and bonus money after a DUI.    $1950 was posted to the credit card by the courts two days before this hearing, so plaintiff gets $295.   

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  8. So I guess that was the end of the season?    Since the second hour, that turned out to be another show seems to have taken over their slot on Tuesdays for the next two weeks.   

    I think this episode, and the other one with Karen using a cane were filmed at the same time.    The house next to this one was one of theirs too, so I bet they bought several on the same block again.    

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  9. Years ago, I worked at the main building of the Library of Congress, and they were allowed to film in our halls.   (You can't film in the U.S. Capitol building, and we were all marble, and looked close enough for filming.   The scene in All the President's Men, where Redford and Hoffman are running down the Capitol stairs was the Library steps).  They were filming an Alan Alda movie, The Seduction of Joe Tynan.     One of the younger women was a cute blonde, who seemed very good.    I figured I'd never hear of her again.   I was wrong about that, it was Meryl Streep. 

    I met a legendary man twice, CWO4 Michael J. Novosel, Sr. , who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism as a Medevac pilot in Vietnam.     He is credited with extracting 5,589 wounded personnel . He was a legend in Army Aviation, and a fantastic person.   

    I met Pete Conrad the astronaut in the 1990s.  

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  10. I hate that an ensemble show like Alice turns into a bad show because someone can't share the spotlight.    I guess stars of shows don't realize that people tune in for the interaction, and if they aren't fond of the star, they might watch to see other characters instead, but it all results in ratings.  

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  11. Yes, but a donated building or other facility is something that other students can use for years to come.   The people who paid bribes mostly paid the company that arranged everything, bribed the test takers and proctors.   Also, the coaches who certified that those students were qualified to be on their teams.   The schools and students didn't profit.   

    I think it's hysterical that Loughlin, supposedly wants a plea deal, and still claims she did nothing wrong.        

    I found this article about the case funny, and look who's going to be featured on People magazine. 


    Doesn't a plea deal involve pleading guilty to what you did as a part of the sentencing agreement?  

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  12. I'm making the huge mistake of watching a rerun called "Tiny Monsters" with  Sherry, the queen of the recliners who blamed everything on her kids.   She died a few years ago.   However, I still hate her guts.     I hate her husband even more, because he moved out,  and left those poor kids in that roach pile.  What a bunch of bull to say he deserted his kids to that hell hole because otherwise his loser ex wife or whatever her status, would have her benefits cut.    Look at the nasty, unhealthy teeth on those children.    They won't make thirty before they have to get dentures.  

     When the exterminators are complaining about the roaches, and other vermin, you know it's beyond belief how bad it is.   Thank heavens nobody ever invented smell-o-vision.     I'm sure the exterminators went to the nearest hot shower, and stood in there for a week, and burned their clothes after.   I can't believe the organizer, and junk people have to handle used sanitary pad, and hypodermics everywhere.  Why didn't they tape the appliances up, and take them to disposal closed?  

    Sherry's the one when asked about her roach infested baskets, and if they can be trashed, answers "Sure, my mother can come out of her grave and make more".   Those baskets don't look home made, but cheapies from the hobby store.   I really wish the organizer or someone would kick that lazy jerk out of that recliner.   She sure moves fast when she gets insulted, and almost runs to her van.  

    I can only hope the health department, and CPS showed up to monitor this pile of total c$*%.    Those poor children of hers never had a chance.    So the loser husband comes home, because it's now cleaner?    What a jerk he is.   You know Sherry started dumping trash all over again, most hoarders do.      My only regret is that Sherry didn't die sooner, and free her children from that filth, and vermin.     

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  13. 5 p.m. reruns, 2018-2019 season-


    America Not So Great Again-An ex-convict who receives disability for PTSD from being shot in prison, moves in with a woman, and her family.   Even though he's considered mentally fragile, and  disabled the woman hires him as nanny for her special needs little girl, and I found that super creepy.  He also was trying to potty train the six year old child.   (I wondered where he was from the last time this aired, because I didn't catch it during the case.    Sadly I ran across an announcement that Mr. PTSD/father of the year and his ex or whatever she is, who have already had four kids taken away and placed for adoption, were having child number 5.   I hope CPS in California, or wherever they live were watching, and keeping a close eye on the situation, and save that baby)

    Man has 4 biological kids with ex-wife, four or five, or six kids are out there.   Plaintiff says four kids are actually adopted by other people.   Christopher Clokey was arrested for parole violation, by going from Missouri to California (where Ms. O'Farrell lives), so he went back to prison for another year or so.   He lived with O'Farrell in 2014, then 2016, and then back after prison.   (I may be wrong on this, because I'm confused).   

    Defendant was released to plaintiff's address (his ex-wife, who he calls his wife, was not eligible to have him move in. No, I don't understand it), in California from Missouri (where he was in prison).    

    Plaintiff is suing defendant (ex-prisoner) for false restraining order, travel costs (she gave him the bus tickets, and expense money), a wardrobe (she sent him in prison for release to her home), and six months back rent.   Man never repaid plaintiff anything over the years, so she had no expectation of repayment.   Ms. O'Farrell was his payee for his Social Security Disability (that's not normal for regular disability), and cashed one check, and keeps it.  Man drives, and does everything else, but still gets disability, and has a payee?    As JJ says, he can do everything else other people do, drive, cook, tend children, make babies, etc, except he can't work.  Case dismissed (no expectation of repayment, and plaintiff received money from his one SSDI check).    


    Landlord's Legal Troubles-A property manager denies having an inappropriate relationship with his ex-wife's divorce attorney when a former tenant accuses him posting a false eviction action on her credit report.    The attorney who represents the defendant's ex-wife is also the plaintiff's child's father's attorney in a current custody case.   About the same time the custody fight started, the eviction was posted on plaintiff's credit report.      

    It gets really interesting, when defendant blurts out he did not have sexual relations with his wife's attorney, who represents the plaintiff's ex in the custody battle. (The Yelp reviews on this property management company are all 1 stars).     

    Plaintiff claims she had to move out of apartment after another tenant attacked her, and she and her son moved out immediately.    Plaintiff is suing ex landlord for putting a bogus eviction on her credit report after she moved out.   Eviction happened in 2012 through 2013, and started after she moved to a shelter, and had a protective order, and police report to show the property manager. . Other tenant was ultimately convicted, and sentenced to prison for the assault, after plaintiff was evicted.    Defendant placed the eviction information on the plaintiff's credit record only recently (six years later), and plaintiff now has trouble renting apartments.       Plaintiff gets $5,000.

    (Tomorrow's second episode has a really bad dog attack)

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  14. 3 p.m. reruns, usually 2016-


    Car Deal Doubt-Plaintiff car buyer gives defendant deposit of $1,000, and then changes her mind on purchasing the car, and defendant keeps the money.   Plaintiff had someone check out car, but couldn't talk to the person about the car until after the $1,000 deposit was made.  Defendant claims she never asked for her deposit back, but plaintiff has text messages proving she did ask for a refund.   Then defendant sold the car for $2500 two days later, making $3500 on a $2500 car.  $1,000 for plaintiff. 

    Illegal Jeep Repo-Plaintiffs were buying a Jeep from defendants, never registered it in their name, never finished paying for the Jeep in the year.    Defendants repo'd the Jeep, and plaintiffs want their payments back.    There is also a ticket plaintiff received, that caused defendant's license to be suspended for non-payment of the ticket (because it was still registered in defendant's name).    The plaintiffs could have registered the Jeep, with a statement to DMV from the lien holder (seller).  Ticket went up to $780, but plaintiffs say they didn't have to pay the ticket off for six months.   $3,000 was purchase price, and they paid $2700, but only paid $2400 anyway.   JJ says plaintiff won't be getting money or Jeep back, to consider it rental, and at $200 a month it really was a rental.  Plaintiffs get nothing, defendants get $780 to pay the ticket, and get his license reinstated. 


    My Brother Did It-Plaintiff / car owner suing brother/ drunk driver for damages to her car, when he crashed it while taking their 6-year-old niece to lunch.   He only had one beer (55 gallon drum size beer?).   Since defendant used his mother's phone, everyone thought it was the mother, but brother took the car.   After lunch and shopping with niece, he stopped at his baby mother's house, (Sister according to defendant was acting "Historical"). and claims baby momma jumped in the car, backed out, and hit something with the car.    Plaintiff gets $811.34. 

    Suits, Safety and Flipping Cars-Plaintiff suing ex-roommate after their mutual car flipping business, that tanked.   Plaintiff suing defendant for mutual purchases.  Plaintiff called her mother when defendant assaulted her, personally someone assaults me I call the police.  Plaintiff also claims that defendant used her credit card to buy suits, and didn't pay her back.  She also claims he used her mental issues against her, to persuade her to open additional credit cards.  (Not much of this made any sense at all).   $652 to plaintiff for the clothes.     Plaintiff didn't succeed in filing a protective order request, but did file a police report.   Police report is actually civil complaint alleging all kinds of things, including the apartment rent.     There is no report on assault.   Complaint dismissed except for $652 for clothes purchase to plaintiff.    

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  15. How many times have Larry and Shawn filed for divorce each?    And how many public 'friendships'have become public?      It's amazing they stayed married this long. 

    I hope instead of plea bargaining out Lori and her husband, the U.S. attorney makes an example of them.   Neither one has shown an ounce of remorse, both knew exactly what they were buying with their $500,000.      Instead of keeping quiet, there are continuing statements from LL that are absurd.   Bribing some sleazy company to help your kid get into school is not the same as donating an academic facility.   The incident where the school counselor was suspicious, and the husband confronted her was despicable.   Just because you're rich, doesn't mean you should be able to bully people for just doing their job.  

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  16. The corbels needed to be much wider, and bigger.    The apartment was cute, but I would have left the dining room exactly that, not a play area.    The bar stools are way too tall for little kids to use, and the family needs a quiet place to sit and eat, and decompress in the evening.   I loathe wall paper, and the best I can say is that wasn't as bad as some I've seen, and it was only that one wall. 

       When they say it takes a village, they're talking about this family.   I love how they all seem to be close, and care for each other.   Remember the little duplex was rented to Mina's sister-in-law, but I'm not sure who she was related to, and then during the first season another sister bought a house from them too.  

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  17. 5 p.m. episodes, both reruns, 2018-2019 season-


    Child Support From Hell-Plaintiff suing his child's mother/ex for money he gave her to prevent his daughter from being homeless, and says mother turned child against him.   He pays his court ordered support, and defendant wanted him to pay her bills off.   The litigants got back together, and she claimed she was pregnant again (no she wasn't).  Plaintiff claims he loaned her $4-5k in debt, but she claims $1k.   She wanted the money before they started to co-parent.  Byrd needs to take the Fly Swatter From Hell after motor mouth defendant.   

    Defendant says they weren't intimate, but plaintiff says they were, and she claimed a false pregnancy.   Defendant claims she was never behind on rent, but plaintiff says defendant claimed she had an eviction notice, and was really behind on rent.   JJ is going to call apartment manager.  Now defendant is lecturing JJ on what's relevant (Byrd get the Fly Swatter, please).  JJ talks to apartment manager, and defendant is absolutely lying.  $3501 is what he paid the defendant.  Plaintiff has paid child support for 10 years.  The day they broke up, she stole his car, threatened to get his child support raised.  

    JJ advises plaintiff to show the payments he made that exceeded his child support payments to the family court judge when she takes him back to court.  $0 to plaintiff, because there was no expectation of repayment.    


    The Terror Continues- (continued from yesterday), Plaintiff is suing defendant for false restraining order, etc.    Defendant is ex-(or maybe not ex) of plaintiff's roommate, and is obviously very friendly with her witness, her married boss.    Yesterday was part one, where defendant had zero proof of restraining order threats, didn't show for court (claims her broken ankle that allowed her to go to work, etc. ) prevented her from showing for  restraining order hearing, so she's supposed to get medical records proving her physical issues.  I still have to wonder about Mrs. Boss seeing this all on TV.

    JJ points out that the 'threatening' messages could have come from boyfriend, or his wife.  

    Medical records of defendant are submitted, and the dates don't match at all.   There is no proof the plaintiff threatened defendant.    Defendant claims pictures of her, and boyfriend have had pictures taken of them together (bet the private detective witness's wife took).   Married boyfriend thinks plaintiff's girlfriend took the pictures.    Defendant case dismissed.   Plaintiff receives $0 because JJ can't imagine why defendant would file falsely, but I can.  

    DUI and Domestic Abuse-Plaintiff suing former roommate for return of belongings, and security deposit, for property he left behind during his unfortunate incarceration.    Plaintiff had a fight with girlfriend, (he claims he'd only known her for a few days), was arrested for domestic violence on a spouse, and jailed for two days.   He was already on probation for DUI, and then this arrest violated his probation, and jailed for 43 days.   Defendant moved out of apartment during this time, and she used plaintiff's security deposit for moving truck, moving expenses, and deposit on her next apartment.   Defendant claims she stored plaintiff's stuff, and his brother picked it up.   Case dismissed.  

    (Tomorrow is the ex-con who was living in a lady's home across the country, with her family, and everything went south.  The man is receiving disability for being shot in prison.   Sorry, after seeing this man on TV, I wouldn't let him in my home for a second). 

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  18. 3 p.m. reruns, usually from 2015-


    Security Deposit Snafu-Plaintiff/former tenant suing defendant/landlord over illegal eviction.  Landlord let tenant move items in two weeks early, but tenant thinks security deposit of $750 was actually rent.    Landlord and tenant had a dispute on move in, about payment/non-payment, so police were called.   Plaintiff claims on supervised move out, the landlord would only let them move items out through the window.   Landlord claims ex-tenant broke the window.  (The stories by both litigants are ludicrous).   Plaintiff gets $750 (I agree with the landlord, man intended to move in, squat and take the 8-10 months rent free before he was eventually evicted).

    Drunk Driving Excuses-Plaintiff suing former friend for wrecking her car when he was driving drunk.  Plaintiff actually had a valid license, both litigants claim the other party was very drunk.  $5k to plaintiff. 


    Tangled Love Triangle-Plaintiff suing cousin over phone bill and damaged credit, other defendant is plaintiff's ex-husband who has now moved on to the cousin.    Cousin/defendant has plaintiff to co-sign for phone, cousin didn't pay for phone, and plaintiff claims ex-husband gave credit bureau plaintiff's social security number, impacting plaintiff's credit.   Phone cost over $775 each (why do I suspect iPhones).    Plaintiff says defendant paid three payments, and that's it.   Phone bill was $245 a month!   Plaintiff claims she paid off bill, and both phones, under threat of collections, so she ruined her own credit.   Defendant claims she gave the phone back to plaintiff.      $1,025 (I think) to plaintiff.

    Unwed Parents vs. Bedbugs-Young parents feud over a car, personal property, and bedbugs.  Defendant has his name on car with plaintiff, but had no license, (or teeth either, sadly).   Plaintiff claims defendant kicked her old car, they got a new (used) car, paid the down payment on it.   They had another fight and broke up, and defendant took the car, which is now at her dad's place.    Defendant was driving car, and still is without a license (he's never had a license).  Forget the bedbug part, and property.    Defendant gets his weight stuff, and one TV, and a laptop.      $360 to plaintiff for car.   

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  19. I'm watching the one with Karen, her husband died three years ago and she now has a house that is endangering her children.      The two boys are so cute, and lost, and she's a horrible excuse for a mother.     I'm glad the social worker from school called CPS, and they told her to leave the house, and clean everything up,  or they would take the boys.   Now if someone will rescue those poor animals, and then bulldoze that house, it will have a good start on her next hoard.      She just smiles through everything, like it's all a big joke.    I wish some relatives would step up, and let Karen go back to her pile of trash, and take the boys and the animals in to live a decent life.       And the kids, and Karen move to a hotel, leaving the animals behind in the trash pile? 

    There is no way the house got like that in three years.   Another hoarder on this show that claims they started hoarding recently, and instead it's been years.     So CPS shows up on one day, and Dr. Becky shows up that afternoon, with a crew coming behind her?   

    I'm hoping in the many years since this was filmed that the boys have escaped her, and never look back.  

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  20. If Deavan moves to Korea, won't they all live with his parents?     That should be exciting, and I'm sure Deavan and her kids will back with her mom within a week or two.    

    I'm totally over Evelin, and Corey the wimp.    

    What age is Jenny?  90 going on 2?   She acts like the world's oldest toddler.   Sumit's parents will never accept her, and she should realize that.    Their only way to be together is if he comes to the U.S. permanently.       

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