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    Beachfront Bargain Hunt

    I think the double sinks, and huge counter tops in the bath are so both partners can leave their stuff on their side of the counter all of the time. And it's also something for house hunters to ding the house on, whether they actually want the double sinks or not. Good point about medical care. I do know someone who wanted to have their destination wedding on one of the more remote Caribbean islands. They had to change it to another island with better medical care available, and better transportation in case of emergency. They had some family members they really wanted to have there, and their medical issues trumped the cute little venue they originally wanted. I wonder how some islands have recovered from the Hurricanes also.
  2. CrazyInAlabama

    Jenny & Sumit: Slumdog Thousandaire

    The problem with the K-1 Fiance visa, or the marriage visa is they cost money for applications, etc. Only 66% of fiance visas are currently approved, and there is still the sponsor's requirement for certain income to sponsor the fiance. Plus, where would Jenny and Sumit live if he came to the U.S., in the spare room at the daughter's place? Would they need a co-sponsor? If so I can see that being a big no from the daughters. How long would it be before Sumit could work either?
  3. The biggest issue for Paul getting a decent job here is the criminal record. There are a lot of jobs that pay pretty well, but he's not going to get them with that record.
  4. I rewatched the initial episode, and the part where Jenny is talking to the financial planner is hideously compressed. I could tell where there were cuts in the conversation, so who knows exactly what was said, and if the answers actually matched up with the questions. Also, I notice the part where Jenny is talking about assets, etc. is really chopped out of a longer conversation. Also, she said she was born in 1957, so sometime this year she's 62. She might be shaving a couple of years off for other reasons, but at the planner she said she was born in 1957.
  5. CrazyInAlabama

    S07.E24: Sean

    I think Sean's mother treated him the same way his entire life, and I'm betting that's why the divorce happened too. For whatever reason, she wanted him to be a big baby his entire life, and the leg injury, and the way she isolated him, kept him trapped. He never knew another way to live.
  6. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    The suicide attempts, and other information was in a recent article about the crime in a local newspaper, they interviewed the husband (Bill?) . The son and wife actually are renting property near the parent's farm.
  7. CrazyInAlabama

    Live PD

    The bad car wreck in Salinas was terrifying. I can't believe anyone survived in the smaller car. The recap of the two people in the car chase was hysterical, from the other day. The one where the handcuffed woman is screaming at the prospective boyfriend for his phone number made me laugh hysterically. The Oklahoma car chase last night was terrifying. I'm not surprised that the state troopers were the ones that ran the escaping car down, they have high speed pursuit cars for a reason. It's so lucky that no one was injured or killed by the fleeing car.
  8. CrazyInAlabama

    S07.E10: Destinee's Story

    There used to be documentaries about transgender individuals, and following them through surgery. Maybe that would work for the producers, and Destinee to get their 'story', and for her to get the amount of surgery she wants. And to include skin removal with a plastic surgeon. I used to enjoy seeing the individual stories, and I'm guessing there are advances to surgery, and other procedures that would be interesting to hear about.
  9. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    $8 million that the farm's worth is plenty of motive for Jason in my view. Look at the father's history in the years since his wife died, with multiple suicide attempts (according to what he told a local reporter). All Jason had to do was kill the mother, and wait for the father to either get convicted, or to die, leaving everything to his son who worked on the farm. Or turn the farm over to Jason to manage, pending his inheritance. Or for the father to sell to Jason, with very favorable financing, because the father couldn't stand to be on the farm after his wife died. I think the son was also sick of being the hired hand in the business, instead of the father retiring and giving him the business, and the farm. The 'robbery' was obviously faked too. The 'my mother's been dead for two hours' in the 911 call was very suspicious to me, too. Sad when a bunch of internet posters seem better at investigations than the local detectives were, but the private investigator certainly was worth every penny he costs. I'm betting the wife knows a lot more than she told. I bet the fact that there was a lack of evidence shows the amount of planning that went into the crime. However, the father is fooling himself if he thought that the conviction of his son for murder would lead to him having the grandchildren in contact again. There is no way that Jason's wife would allow that, and I bet she would have moved and taken the children with her.
  10. CrazyInAlabama

    The People's Court

    I think that the woman in the road rage case made a very foolish mistake when she honked at the man after they were going different directions. I bet it wasn't a little beep either, but laid on the horn, and that started it all again. Both drivers are lucky that it didn't end with someone bleeding out, which has happened all too often. I caught the (I guess rerun?) rerun of the woman who buys the horse, was a first time horse owner, and rides the horse many times over the three days she stayed at the seller's house. Then the horse gets off the trailer, won't stand stock still at the mounting block. Some horses do sense when the rider is nervous, and an absolute beginner who can't control them. Then starts showing neurological symptoms, and is finally diagnosed with EPM (neurological disease), that eventually means the horse is retired. The woman who did not get a pre-purchase exam on the horse by a vet, and signs a contract saying 'As Is', still wants a full refund. She gets nothing, and deserves exactly that.
  11. CrazyInAlabama

    Crimes You'd Like To See On Dateline: Calling Keith Morrison!

    The boarding schools that many Native American children were dragged away from their parents, and sent there for years had long histories of sexual abuse that was ignored also. I know about one Catholic mission in northern New Mexico where there were many allegations of sexual abuse by the priest in charge, and nothing was done. The people I knew that supported the mission with donations didn't seem to care about the abuse, until it was alleged the man also was playing fast and loose with donations. It disgusted me that they only cared about their money, and not helpless children.
  12. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    One thing they brought showed during Jason's marathon interview was when Jason said that he'd had multiple affairs, not just the current one. I think Jason thought with his mother gone, the father would not only make him manager of the farm, but wouldn't have the mother saying that she didn't trust Jason. I think it was entirely greed on Jason's part, and he thought that with his mother dead, the father would rely on him even more, and probably retire from the farm. I think he killed her in the house, because he thought the father would never set foot in the house again. The father was the one who hired the private investigator that found so many facts the police hadn't. The private investigator proved that the father would have to be very efficient to follow the proven timeline, and kill his wife. Jason lied about everything, and I'm convinced that even though they couldn't prove it in criminal court, that he did it. I hope the father did everything legally possible to make sure Jason never gets a dime from the farm or his estate.
  13. CrazyInAlabama

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    There is always a big dust up over the American flag bearer not dipping the U.S. flag at the Olympics. It simply isn't done, it's traditional it's not done. If some one did dip, that would be their last time being honored as a flag bearer.
  14. CrazyInAlabama

    My Lottery Dream Home

    I loved the young couple in Boston last night. It's always funny to me to see what the home shoppers say is a big master, depending on the area. I liked the third house, that they 'chose', it was the nicest one to me, and I think with the yard, they chose very well.
  15. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    5 p.m. episodes, both new (the first episode is starting late because Soccer ran over, but don't worry, they managed to get in at least six of the lawyer ads)- Classic Mercedes Mayhem-Plaintiff suing ex-friend for car bills for two cars the defendant worked on for the plaintiff. Plaintiff refuses to pay defendant for what he has put into the cars. One car is driveable now, but not the other. Plaintiff claims mechanic/defendant does this all of the time to car owners. Plaintiff can get the cars, if he wants to, but moved from Georgia to Utah, so cars won't be picked up, and plaintiff wants to be paid for the cars. Nothing for either litigant. Cat Fight Over Cheap Wine-Plaintiff is suing for return of rent, belongings, and other junk. They were roommates, plaintiff left, and plaintiff wants her security back, her December rent, and money for assault on her. They were fighting over a $3 bottle of wine. Defendant claims hair ripped out by plaintiff hasn't grown back. Defendant was evicted for non-payment recently. No security deposit was remaining after eviction, so that's gone. Fight happened on December 3rd, and defendant wants doctor bill paid from March over her hair (they gave her antibiotics, nothing to do with her hair). Counter claim dismissed for defendant, plaintiff $1037 for property. Landlord Dodges a Bullet-Plaintiff (future tenant who never moved in) is suing defendant (future landlord to be). Plaintiff wants deposit back on room defendant rents, (defendant rents 3 bedroom apartment in private house, rents out two rooms to sub-tenants). Plaintiff gave deposit, and was supposed to move in on 1 February at noon, and former tenant moved out, but at 4 p.m., on 1 February. On 1 February plaintiff couldn't get into the house when he came to the house at 2 p.m. , refused to wait two hours to get into house (defendant was at a funeral). As JJ says, defendant should be thrilled plaintiff didn't move in, because he would have been a nightmare tenant, and it would have been hard to get him out. Plaintiff receives $500 deposit back. Intersection Pile-Up-When two motorists collide at an intersection, they're each suing each other. Plaintiff was in the long left turn lane, but was still going straight, when plaintiff hit the passenger side of his car, a true t-bone accident. Defendant had a stop sign, plaintiff did not. Defendant claims plaintiff was already in left turn lane, and should have turned left at the intersection he was hit at, when defendant crossed the street, and was hit. Defendant, as usual, had no insurance. Police failed to take a report, because no one was injured. Plaintiff's insurance paid him $9,802 for his car, and defendant was uninsured, so his counterclaim was dismissed. Plaintiff gets his $500 deductible paid.
  16. CrazyInAlabama

    The People's Court

    I saw a rerun this morning (at least I think it's a rerun), of the two people with the road rage incident, that could easily have ended in tragedy. A man passes a woman's car, does the sudden breaking routine to make her mad, at a split in the road, the man blows the light to follow her some more, cuts her off, pounds on the top of her car with his fists, and it's all caught on the 911 tape. Don't those people realize that the other drive could be armed? Two friends of mine never made it home, because the driver harassing them shot them, so it does happen.
  17. CrazyInAlabama

    S07.E10: Destinee's Story

    I agree with you. Destinee was so nice, and has over come so much, that I'm really rooting for her. I really hope that she gets everything she's hoping for, and is a total success story. I really wish the producers would do a multistory arc on her, and her medical journey going forward. That could be a lovely story, and Destinee deserves to reach her goals. I do wish that someone would advise her on business attire, and dressing for success.
  18. CrazyInAlabama


    My guess is they had a lot of candy so Adam could bribe the kids. And so they could set up the quints raid the pantry scene. Everyone on here is right, the only way the Busbys will move to Dallas, or anywhere else, is if all three men get jobs there, and Mimi goes too. Since none of that will ever happen, then my guess it will be another phony story line.
  19. CrazyInAlabama

    House Hunters

    I loved the New Jersey couple, and how proud they were to be the first homeowners on either side of their families. I loathed the Montana couple, and hope for the neighbors sake that the couple stay home a lot with their kids. If anyone used the term "hidey hole" to me, I'll slap them until they stop.
  20. CrazyInAlabama


    I'm guessing the Dallas job offer is just another story line that will go no where. So Adam didn't apply for a job, but just got an offer? No way. It will be the crisis of the episode, and then "the mold house is killing us" story line will take over. I'm hoping the little girl who was wheezing was filmed after the doctor's visit, but either way you don't discuss your baby's breathing issues, you get them to the doctor right now. The Busbys should stop trying to make everything a huge crisis, because many of their issues just aren't something most people will see as huge issues. Making up drama over everyday things is a great way to jump the shark, and the next thing that happens is cancellation.
  21. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    5 p.m., first episode new, second is a rerun- Gimme Half of What's in Your Pocket-Plaintiff suing defendant for title for motorcycle he bought from defendant, and didn't pay off. Plaintiff claims a bunch of payments to defendant, but has no receipts. Defendant had the motorcycle retitled in his name, when plaintiff stopped paying. Also, some money was from plaintiff to pay for emergency surgery for defendant's dog. $1470 to defendant to pay bike off, the title is signed so plaintiff can get it registered, and that's the end. (Dismissed without prejudice, so defendant can take the other $1,000+ to small claims locally) Snowy Road Sideswipe-Plaintiff suing defendant for car damages resulting from a sideswipe accident on a snowy road, where defendant fled the scene. Defendant is granddaughter of car owner, and was specifically excluded from the insurance coverage, so she was uninsured. The plaintiff says they were driving opposite directions on a snow covered road that was narrow because of the snow build up, and defendant squeezed by, and pickup bed hit the plaintiff's car. Defendant fled the scene, and plaintiff's had to follow her to get the truck license number. Defendant still thinks that because the grandparents let her drive that the insurance is a non-issue. The damage to plaintiff's car is less than their $2,000 deductible, so that's why they're suing defendant personally. $1704 to plaintiffs. Older Woman Mauled by Boxers-Plaintiff is suing for seeing her mother-in-law being mauled by Boxer, by her tax preparer's dogs. The plaintiffs went to tax preparer's house, went in the open front door, and mother-in-law was bitten (she was an intruder, and the dogs did their duty). Defendant does taxes on the side, and plaintiffs came to the house to pick them up, and one dog bit the mother-in-law. Defendant daughter-in-law wants money from going to the hospital after seeing the mother-in-law bitten. The women did not have an appointment, just dropped by, called and had no answer, and went in the screen door into the house. Plaintiff claims the dog came out the front door, and the dog bit her on the leg, breast, and hand, but the emergency medical report said only bitten on hand. Plaintiff MIL didn't mention the breast bite for 15 days. (Sorry, something bites you on the breast, you'll notice before weeks later). Plaintiff has Medicare, but claims she had bill sent to tax prep. man, instead of submitting the bill to Medicare. Defendant claims the plaintiffs came inside the house, and woman was bitten in his house, not on the porch. Defendant gets $1500. Grizzly Moving Accident-Plaintiff suing defendant for loss of finger helping defendant move a concrete grinder (I looked online, a concrete grinder like this is huge, and very heavy). Plaintiff was employee of defendant's construction business, and claims he has Worker's Comp. However, defendant claims the plaintiff was just helping him move the concrete grinder, and wasn't acting as an employee. As JJ says, the defendant should claim on home owner's insurance for accidents on his property, and for business accidents use Worker's Comp. JJ tells plaintiff to get a lawyer, and sue the defendant . The defendant talked to an attorney, and they couldn't find the company records or insurance. The defendant put the business and other accounts in his wife's name, so now the plaintiff has the information for the lawsuit.
  22. CrazyInAlabama

    House Hunters

    With the Grapevine couple, I figured that they travel a lot, but probably rotate their schedule to cover being home for the daughter. Or else they have live in help, or have other arrangements. I really liked the houses in Texas. I love it when they show a different town. The Portland episode last week was so much fun for me. The fact that the homeowners compromised was so nice. I loved the back yard on the house they picked, and love that they were tackling the inside of the house to make it what they want. Plus, I'm sure the location of the home they picked will really up the value quickly, especially with the remodeled inside. It was strange at first having the narrator gone, but I don't miss the scripted 'issues' that were added before, and I think the home buyers have stopped most of the really strange requests.
  23. CrazyInAlabama

    Favorite Commercials

    I love the part at the end of the Walrus/ Geico ad where the walrus is trying to take a nap, and the coach is yelling No Sleepies! Duncan is adorable.
  24. CrazyInAlabama

    S07.E24: Sean LIVE CHAT

    My guess is that if the show didn't put something like that BSOJ up, then the family members wouldn't have agreed to be filmed, and continue.
  25. CrazyInAlabama

    S07.E24: Sean LIVE CHAT

    For Dr. Now's program to work, or a psychiatric facility to treat him successfully, the patient has to want to get better. Sadly, Sean doesn't want to get better.