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    Kate Plus 8

    Personally, from hearing stories about Kate and her nursing career, I wouldn't ever want to have to deal with her, or be at her mercy. The biggest issues from what I've read in multiple articles is that even when the show money started rolling in, they never paid the mortgages off, and the same with the estate where the kids live now. I wonder how everything is financed now, since there is only occasional money from TLC, and the expenses must be huge. From articles over the years, my understanding is that the first house they lived in had the minimum down payment, and they never put money into paying down the mortgage. Then when they tried to sell it was way overpriced, I guess because they were celebrities, and the house sat on the market for a long time. I'm assuming if it sold it was at a bargain price, because it had been empty for so long. The estate was bought with the minimum down I understand too, and I'm guessing that with taxes, utilities, and a very over the top lifestyle, then there isn't anything saved, or paid to get the mortgage paid off either. At least all of the churches that supported them with speaking engagements stopped, when the news got out that their marriage was a crock, and they weren't the religious family they portrayed. I wonder if any of the kids want to go to college, and how that will get financed?
  2. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I want to know who leaves their front door wide open, and then is shocked when someone comes in the house? The tax prep man is lucky it was only the little old lady, and her loser daughter-in-law, and not the local stick up artists. She should have submitted it through Medicare, and then just charged him the 20% she probably would have had to pay. She was looking for a bonanza, and so was the daughter-in-law.
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    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    New-Older Woman Mauled by Boxers, and Daughter in Law saw this and went into shock-Woman and daughter in law (DIL) went to unlicensed tax preparer on 31 March, (hope IRS is watching this), and when they went to his house MIL was attacked by Boxers (dogs of course, the other way would have been much more interesting), and MIL was bitten on hand. Long time later MIL went realized she was bitten on breast by dog (not mentioned in medical record until 18 April). Medicare should have covered it, but MIL had bill sent to defendant. I suspect that MIL and DIL are soul mates, in the scammer sense. Defendant, shady tax preparer, knew the women were coming to his house, man and wife didn't answer the door, and taxes weren't ready. Plaintiffs get $1500. The MIL should have used Medicare, and sued him for the 20%. DIL should get a life. New-Grizzly Moving Accident -(Man loses part of finger helping boss move concrete grinder)-Defendant who owns small construction company wanted to ship a concrete grinder, and had employee help him prep it for shipping. Plaintiff works for defendant 3 to 5 days a week, and they claim it was at the boss's house, and no Worker's Comp claim was filed, because it was not at business. Not through homeowner's insurance either. Plaintiff's attorney couldn't find a business or other insurance record of defendant, and JJ sent it back to where they're from, because she found out that everything is in the wife's name. She advised the plaintiff to find another attorney, and get a lot more than she can award. I hope the authorities in New Jersey (I guess that's where they're from) watched this, and find out if the shipment happened from the man's house or not, and if Worker's Comp applies. Grandmother Raises Ungrateful Brat-Grandmother who supports herself with disability and social security ($800 a month plus food stamps) was hit up by granddaughter (grandma raised her until 14) for loans for Christmas, and bills. Granddaughter claims they were gifts, not loans. Granddaughter had full time job, two kids, and an unemployed husband. Firsts loan was for back rent, $450. Second loan $1,500 as co-signer at bank, for Christmas. Foolish grandmother borrowed from her credit card, and wrote a check to deadbeat, ungrateful brat she helped to raise. At the same time grandma gave $400 to deadbeat druggie nephew who lived with the granddaughter. Transfer fee for the loan was $45. Totals $1950 so far. I missed the end, and if JJ gave grandma $1950, she was more generous than I am, because she knew the granddaughter and nephew were both deadbeats. He Treated Me Like a Queen-Defendant loaned new girlfriend money for bartender school, and race fees (5k races). Supposedly after they broke up was when he loaned her the most money. Defendant says he was just jealous of her new relationship, and the loans were gifts. Defendant claims they were no loans, and plaintiff is lying. He has text messages that plaintiff responded to, but she claims she never saw the only one about repayment. Plaintiff might have been gullible, but defendant is a thief, and a loser. I think they were gifts until he knew she was never coming back. Zero to plaintiff.
  4. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    Another relative of Pocahontas? It's never someone no one ever heard of. If her lineage is traced back further, I bet she was Cleopatra too.
  5. CrazyInAlabama

    Bad chefs, the worst of Top Chef.

    Nicholas from season 11 as the winner, even though he under seasoned everything still irritates me. Mike Isabella and his rude, sexist remarks should have been shut down very quickly, and it was zero surprise when he was nailed for all of his harassment. Stephen, the wine expert was a jerk. I couldn't believe the ones that tackled Marcel were allowed to go forward, and one of them win. Tom C. was right, they should have sent them home and made Marcel the winner. And the other two assistants deliberately sabotaging Marcel was disgusting, and the fact they thought it was so funny to do that was just part of the reason that I was totally disgusted with the show for a long time. The way Heather and Sarah were allowed to bully Beverly was appalling, especially since she was a survivor of an abusive relationship.
  6. CrazyInAlabama

    S16.E04: Surprise...It's Restaurant Wars

    I can't believe that a big event space like the one they used wouldn't have in house caterers, or a list of caterers, and have waitstaff that at least know what a fork is. I can't wait for part 2.. Maybe it would have been better for a triple elimination, with one gone from each team, because there's always a weak link on each team. Scheduling Alert-Next week my cable guide says Part 2 is at 7 central, and there are no reruns of this week, or previous episodes.
  7. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Yes, I suspect that the new contractor is her side piece, and the husband either ignores it or is happy about it (I can't imagine too many people being happy to have sexy time with her, I bet she gives orders then too, and in the same tone of voice). I also agree with the old contractor, that homeowner does this all of the time to handymen and contractors, and many don't think it's worth the effort to take her to court. I'm hoping other local companies saw this, and don't work for this person. I couldn't believe that the handrail she told him the other man would do (not code to have that set of outside stairs open) was the side with the 100 gallon propane tank, with the metal edge sticking up. One slip, and a person is going to be in serious trouble, and the tank might tip over and the hose pull loose too. 99% of what she was complaining about was the paint job, and that was her responsibility according to the contract. It wasn't just an old Buick Regal, but a low rider Buick Regal. He wanted to drive it, and it was unable to be registered, or legally on the road, and I'm surprised it even started with all of the parts removed. When I lived in New Mexico years ago, a lady in the vanpool had a Buick Regal, and people would knock on her door asking how much she wanted for it. It was scary to me that every bad guy in the neighborhood wanted her car. It was the number one choice of gang bangers, and wannabes, and highly prized, and low riders are even more prized, like the show car. The funny thing about all of the people who wanted to buy her car was that made it very safe from theft. We had a huge car theft problem there, and no one could even go near her property without someone noticing it. No way some low life was going to steal that car, that so many of the gang members wanted if she ever sold it.
  8. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Wildest Explanation -(this rerun is the defendant who claims she was hiding a car for plaintiff, and owes nothing for the other car)-Defendant with lousy credit score goes car shopping with friend, likes 2016 Dodge Dart, and gets the loan in plaintiff's name, and defendant will make payments, and insurance. In December idiot defendant hit black ice, totaled the car, and with no gap insurance there is $6k . Defendant claims she was hiding the car at her house, if she paid for insurance, and drove the car until she smashed it up. Defendant actually claims the plaintiff bought two cars, hid one with her. Anashatier Hines is the defendant, and she only paid insurance, no car loan payments. Since when is $320 a month insurance? Plaintiff gets $5k. Drug Possession and Child Custody- Plaintiff suing former roommate for impound fees because defendant/roommate was arrested driving plaintiff's car and got caught with drugs in car, and car was impounded. Plaintiff also wants moving costs because he had to move from druggie roommate, because of a custody dispute after drug impound. Plaintiff's car was not registered when the roommate was driving car home from airport dropoff of plaintiff. Defendant got pulled over because of expired inspection sticker (the stickers are often color coded, where I used to live, so expired ones were easy to spot). My guess is the inspection sticker was noticed after defendant was either speeding, or doing something not acceptable with his driving, and that's when everything went downhill. However, expired inspection sticker from previous year means no registration. For fans of Parking Wars, no inspection and bad registration is an F-stop, and immediate tow and impounded. When car was searched it had drugs in it (pot and pills), and it was plea bargained out to misdemeanors. Plaintiff doesn't get moving expenses, and didn't deserve them. Plaintiff case dismissed. Woman Takes Tumble Down Unsafe Stairs-Homeowner claims stairs built by contractor were unsafe, took five months instead of two weeks to finish, and new contractor claims he saw previous contractor damaging house. $5800 paid to contractor, and he wants $1,000 more. Defendant claims the stairs were unsafe, she owes him nothing, and she was injured on stairs. Picture of project the day contractor was fired are terrible. Defendant claims paint was bad, dry wall was bad, wrong color paint, floor heights didn't match, and claims she fell off of outside stairs, because one step wasn't screwed down. Plaintiff has different, better pictures of same areas. New contractor claims the previous contractor was fired, and then vandalized the house. Defendant claims plaintiff unscrewed outlet covers, Contract says homeowner will paint inside, and outside, no flooring or outlet covers were included. Strange contract, only wanted one side of stairs with handrail, and was going to have other contractor do the other side. I absolutely hate the defendant, her husband, and the new contractor, and wonder what's really going on here. My guess, they pull this a lot, and the other people don't sue the way the plaintiff did. Plaintiff gets $1,000. Show Car No Go Car-. Plaintiff bought 1983 Buick Regal Lowrider off craigslist ad, took a test drive, and tried to register the car, because it wouldn't pass emissions tests. Defendant claims it was a show car, and not permitted to be driven. However, defendant let the plaintiff test drive the car that wasn't registered for street use, had no plates, and was only a show car. Plaintiff gets $5k. Warning-One of tomorrow's cases is a little old lady mauled by dogs.
  9. CrazyInAlabama

    Flip Or Flop

    So much for romantic, and private. However, considering everything she wears or uses is probably sponsored I should have expected it. I'm just hoping this is the last marriage for her, and whenever Tarek finally grows up that's it for him too, because the kids deserve better than having a revolving door of step parents, and step family members that are there for a while and then gone.
  10. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Oh How I Wish I Hadn't Taken the Nude Photo of Myself (this is the soon to be classic where female plaintiff, and male defendant both had a physical relationship with defendant's witness girlfriend). It's also the one where the witness is brought into court, and defendant goes over and starts reminding her of what to say. Plaintiff took naked selfies, and sent them to Jasmin (gf of both, and current gf of defendant), and nasty defendant posted those photos online. Defendant says on phone message that he was going to retaliate with the photos if she didn't do what he said. Witness Jasmin, everyone's girlfriend, comes to court, and defendant is talking to her. Jasmin, the witness looks totally stoned, and absolutely empty upstairs, and isn't sure of anything that happened. Jasmin confirms it was defendant on phone. Bet Jasmin paid dearly for that remark in court, confirming voice on phone is her boyfriend. Plaintiff gets $5,000. Sushi Day for Judge Judy-Two young men suing ex roommate for broken lease, damages, etc. Plaintiff countersuing for garbage . Plaintiff claims visitor only stayed one day in January, which became a weekend, and landlord said no roommates not on lease. Roommates say defendant wanted friend to stay for much longer, and they said no. Plaintiffs claim the defendant was a drunk, and his friend a career criminal, and they did tell the landlord, who then said the friend was not moving in. There was a huge fight in July/August, and they all lived together for six more months. Roommate defendant left in April, and paid the rent through then. New roommate won't be moving in until July (?), and fool plaintiffs want money from May to when new roomie moves in, and they're not getting it. Neither side has any case, and no one gets any money. Hallterview with one plaintiff "You have to be ready to throw them out the second they threaten to slit your throat" Teens Terrorize Neighborhood-(Teens damaged their apartment, and have a long history of police contact)-Blended family of defendants, had damage to house caused by girlfriend's three delinquent children. Plaintiff former landlord suing for damage to home done by the defendants kids. Landlady knew the male defendant from her father's business. There were repeated police contacts, and defendant's kids were burglarizing neighborhood homes. Landlady kept $500 security deposit. Male defendant says kitchen window broken by teen having tantrum, hole in dry wall (same kid), kicked in doors, etc. I think the door was a hollow core, and had been nailed by a thrown knife, and the 13 year old had done this also, and knife throwing was alleged by neighbors. Pictures of damage by landlady/plaintiff are definitely more than $500 security covered. Plaintiff wants carpet from 1997 replaced, and that's never happening. Two broken basement windows also, phone photos undecipherable. Repair service didn't itemize, and there are very few photos of damage. Sent back to Minnesota court for damages, if plaintiff can get more proof, and itemized bills. I really hope the homeowner got great pictures, and dropped the rug claim. I hope the current landlord was watching this, and knows what their future is like, and probably why their neighbors are having break ins. How Many Times Have You Been Arrested?-Both parties have been arrested a few times each. --Plaintiff claims defendants stole his motorcycle. 17 year old was caught riding stolen motorcycle, and defendant didn't have a license anyway. Plaintiff finally got his motorcycle back from the impound after the case is over, and it was trashed. Mother of defendant says no case filed, but it really went to juvenile court, and he got probation. Defendant's mom doesn't seem to care about having to be in court twice with 17 year old son. This is not the defendant's first arrest either. Plaintiff gets $1500 for motorcycle.
  11. CrazyInAlabama

    General True Crime Shows

    After reading a lot of Ann Rule books, and other articles about serial killers, and the number one quality of being the wife of one is that she's a total, brainless idiot. Gacy's wife believed him when he told her the funky smell in the house was from dead mice in the crawlspace, instead of many dead young men. Ann Rules' stories about the ones near Seattle just reinforced the idea that the wives were all fools, and in total denial. However, the seamstress from Escape at Dannemora seems to have captured the world's dumbest husband too, so maybe it's just something all criminals value in a mate, zero brains.
  12. CrazyInAlabama

    The People's Court

    Thanks for posting that. It certainly is a classic. Benedict has only one review on a legal client review site, 1 star. He's also part of a monastery, and is their immigration attorney, in the same town as his practice is Abiquiu, NM. I was hoping Douglas was going to beat the snot out of the defendant jerk.
  13. This is the episode listed on Titan TV, for 1/2/2019, as Season 7 episode 1. Octavia-After being bed bound for a year, Octavia must take it upon herself to change her eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle by traveling to Houston to seek Dr. Now's help, but she must ignore her best friend who is also her worst enabler. I wish that whoever at TLC does the scheduling, and announcements of show would get their act together. It really looks like amateur hour at that network.
  14. CrazyInAlabama

    Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    Yes the first husband dumped her after he found out she was boinking the current husband and someone else, and they divorced when the kid was barely a year old. Apparently, the second husband is that stupid. The second husband adopted the son, who has a lot of issues of his own with domestic violence with the girlfriend, from reports. I can't believe her second husband wants a wife who was having another affair when they met, was married then too, and has cheated with both of the prisoners. I can't believe everyone at Dannemora wasn't fired. https://gawker.com/heres-how-two-killers-packing-at-least-one-big-dick-esc-1710194157 If even half of the allegations about lax supervision from the Gawker article are true, the entire prison needed to be cleaned out, and new personnel assigned. You have to admit, Gawker certainly isn't shy about their headlines.
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    S06.E02: Queork

    The cork floors where I used to work looked nice, but only if waxed. Then some items were moved, and the cork had big holes where weight had been on them for a while, and others had big chunks tear out, so that type wasn't durable.
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    Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    I'm glad the well endowed one (yes, they mentioned it every time the story was on, and I can't stop saying it either), died, and it's only too bad the other one was recaptured. That lying bag seamstress should have had to reimburse the state for the money they spent hunting for those idiots, because they never could have escaped without her help. The fact that her stupid current husband stayed with her amazes me, since she cheated on him with at least the prisoner. I resent that some paint her as an innocent stooge, since she was anything but. I think it's hysterical that the real woman is claiming there was no sex involved with the prisoner, because everyone of the other prisoners testified the same way about hearing her and her murderous lover boinking in various ways in the supply closet.
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    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I hate the family edition shows, and turn them off when I realize that they're the spoiled, entitled brat edition with the ridiculous parents. When the International ones have the kids input, I turn them off too.
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    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Kindergarten Teacher Abuse-Teacher moves in with loser boyfriend, after mom threw her out, she moved back to mom in December (not for January and February), and then went back to love muffin by March. Wonder if she's really a kindergarten teacher, or another exaggerated job title? They had fight over to have, or not have sex, told her to leave then. She had to take two weeks off of work as a kindergarten teacher, and went to the hospital and stayed in hospital for three days, by the way she called him to visit her. She also told him to take her stuff to her grandparents' place, and he only took some stuff, not her beloved makeup collection. Plaintiff gets nothing. I can't stand the sad sack plaintiff. Horses Grazing Ignorance-Defendant sued by plaintiff because the horses (not his) on his property are damaging the fence. Plaintiff claims the horses are damaging her fence, and that the renter (on defendant's property) don't know how to feed horses properly. Personally, I hate buttinskys who know everything about your horse, and think they are the world's greatest expert on your animal. Defendant says the fence bottom rolling is because of plaintiff's dog digging under, and going on defendant's property. If that dog is bothering the horses, know it all plaintiff will be responsible for any and all damages, including vet bills for injured horses. Actually, in every state I've heard of, animals attacking livestock can be shot. Nothing for the plaintiff, and it's exactly what she deserves. Fiance in Legal Trouble-Plaintiff loaned $1900 to defendant for attorney for loser boyfriend. Boyfriend looks like he's a regular resident of jail. As usual, the defendant calls questions about repayment harassment. Promised to pay back using tax refund, and boyfriend could get work easily, both lies. Plaintiff gets $1900. What Are You Not Suing Me For?-Defendant ripped down fence, and trespassed on plaintiff's property when the fence was extended to the street. Then defendant called the Health Department about rats running on the plaintiff's property. Plaintiff claims she didn't touch the fence, but did call and claim there were rats, and claims the plaintiff ruined her electric fence. Apparently the fence was an invisible dog fence. Defendant has had nothing fixed, and will only get a max of $139 for the dog fence. No witnesses, so JJ has to work off of the survey, prepped by the plaintiff's husband. Apparently the loony defendant had her invisible fence on the joint property line, instead of inside the property line. Defendant gets $139 for invisible fence, and defendant had it send back to her local court, and she can take her case about the fence back to the local small claims case. Defendant claims her gate fell off a while later, and she's claiming the fence caused that. Plaintiff and defendant go back to local court, without prejudice. I think the plaintiff should move if she can, and then hopefully won't have a loony old bat next door. When Smog Comes Between Friends-Defendant spent money smogging and registering the car she bought from (former) friend plaintiff she bought the car from. It was supposedly agreed that the cost to fix car for registration, and smog will be deducted from purchase price, the defendant brought zero evidence, and order is prepared for plaintiff to get car back with marshal's help. Mother Daughter Eviction and Child Endangerment-Defendant daughter kicked out rode hard, formerly homeless, and sad sack mom from daughter's house. Plaintiff accused of making false reports to CPS. Defendant's 16 year old daughter has blocked settlement from school district, and defendant can't touch it, but I bet plaintiff wants her to. Stepdad, Mom, defendant's daughter in law and her five kids lived in the house also, and all were asked to leave. Stepdad was state paid caretaker for plaintiff mom. Mother's happy smirk says she did call CPS on her daughter, when daughter evicted her and the rest of the leaches. Mom's smirk would be much more effective if she actually had teeth. I suspect plaintiff has a floofy top over her tank top that showed way too much before she arrived at court. Plaintiff wants stuff she left behind, and it's all in the garage, Plaintiff has five days to pick up her junk, and after that it will be trashed, and she will have to get an official escort to pick it up. Main complaint by defendant is plaintiff made false reports to CPS in retaliation about booting her, and the rest of the clan out. I hope the defendant changed the locks, and blocked all of them. Claims the mother damaged her property. Plaintiff has five days to remove her junk, and since daughter didn't get damage fixed, no money. In the Hallterview, Mom is trying to cry, but no tears, and already trying to get daughter to feel sorry for her, and I suspect next step is trying to move back in. I bet grandma also wants to stay close to 16 year old granddaughter, for when she gets her settlement money, and will want a share.
  19. I'm hoping that Dr. Now has other partners working with him, so he's only doing some of the office and hospital visits, and not all of the surgery. Vascular surgery for the big skin removals is many hours long, and that's too much for one person. He deserves to be able to oversee treatments, and run the program, and still have time for himself. I'm hoping there are others that work with him, and take a lot of the load off of him.
  20. CrazyInAlabama

    The People's Court

    Today was the fun rerun of woman who rents houses, has no signed leases with tenants, lets tenant get rid of ancient shed, and put up a huge above ground pool. Then when the hurricane hits, and water and electricity are off, she gets mad when tenant moves out. Then when tenant moves back in with no water, and no electricity, gets upset when she's moving elsewhere, and sues for the ancient shed. Then the tenant is suing for plumber bills, and inflates the bill to over twice what she paid. I'm surprised Judge M didn't chase both litigants with her gavel, screaming "Receipts you idiots!" Neither party has proof of anything, so they both get the same amount that cancels everything out. I wish the landlord would get her many missing teeth replaced, and maybe I could have understood her a lot easier.
  21. I hope that we have some success stories this year, and the updates are happy ones.
  22. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Today's reruns Defendant had 50k bail for domestic violence-He plead guilty to domestic violence charges for hitting woman, shoving her into drywall so hard the drywall broke, hit her kid with a tossed cell phone, and fractured her vertebrae (he plead guilty later), and was on 50k bail. Idiot ex loaned him hundreds for shortage on bail bondsman's fee. He was going to buy a car for her, but never did after she paid him money. Plaintiff gets $2700. New girlfriend is a total moron, and you can see from her smirk that she thinks it will never happen to her. My Stupid Dog Story-Plaintiff wants $500 deductible for damage to car paid for, after defendant's dog ran in front of her car. The part the dog damaged was under the front, and it's that black plastic air thing under the engine. Defendant wants vet bills and damages. Idiot defendant says plaintiff swerved into her driveway and property when she hit the dog. $500 to the plaintiff, and the defendant is still a lying moron. Widow's Cadillac Woes-Plaintiff tried to sell 2006 DTS to defendant mechanic. Defendant mechanic has title to car, and car is at the hotel, and claims he was trying to sell it for plaintiff. Plaintiff got a duplicate title. However, defendant has one with late husband, and plaintiff, with a signed previous title. How does the late husband sign anything? Car was towed to mechanic, and hadn't been running, and he fixed it enough to drive to the hotel, for $4,000. He's trying to sell the car for plaintiff on consignment. Order prepared for car to be picked up. Mechanic/defendant gets nothing since he's been using it for a personal car for seven months. No money for either party, and plaintiff gets her car back. Anxious Dog Bites Pet Sitter-Woman was bitten putting harness on dog she was pet sitting. Plaintiff is suing the dog owner (who's wearing purple that matches her hair), and plaintiff also has purple hair-next case will be a beat down at the beauty shop. Defendant left two dogs with pet sitter for two days, on the second day one dog bit the pet sitter and the defendant was right there. JJ says it's not necessarily the owner's fault, and I hate to agree. Says the plaintiff assumed some risk when she hired on as a professional pit sitter, and she's also seen the dogs for three years, and saw no aggression from either dog. Everything isn't someone else's fault. Defendant keeps interrupting, and is really irritating to the Judge. Defendant's also doing that bobble head shaking no to everything that's so irritating too. I suspect the dog has bitten repeatedly, and the defendant is lying about it. I really wish Byrd would take the Fly Swatter of Death over, and beat the defendant until she stops shaking and nodding, and doing fake shocked looks. Plaintiff gets nothing. Defendant still looks like a bobble head.
  23. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Like they said on one of the first Happy Days episodes, the Fonz tells Richie that the secret to fighting is you punch them when they're taking off their jacket. Unfortunately, Richie asks if it means he'll win, and the Fonz says, No, but at least you'll get in a good punch before they beat you up. I agree, the only person that would punch that huge bully is someone with a death wish.
  24. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    The video did not show the defendant wife assaulting the bully granddaughter of the plaintiff. However, the defendant testified that the granddaughter stopped filming, and then shoved her through the fence, and she ripped her finger nail and landed on the koi pond. I think the fence was animal, or rigid wire fencing, and that gets brittle with age, and 40 years is definitely over the expected life span of a wire fence.
  25. CrazyInAlabama

    Flip Or Flop

    This weekend Christina married her latest boyfriend. It was one of those fake parties, that turns into a wedding. I guess that's the only way anyone in the public eye can have a private wedding. Best wishes to the couple, and their kids.