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    S07.E27: June, Chad & Pauline LIVE CHAT

    My guess is June is one of those people who is not going to diet successfully when she's in a relationship. She was fine during the break up with her previous SO, turned roommate. Then she was doing great until she found another relationship, and now she's gaining again. Plus, traveling and sticking to the program doesn't seem to work for most of Dr. Now's patients. I really like June, and I just love her new girlfriend. They are so adorable together. Pauline is reminding my why I dislike her so much. Her son Dillon is her personal servant for endless years, she's a opioid user, and is a world class whiner. Why is she back in that wheelchair? Where did Chad's segment go?
  2. CrazyInAlabama

    S07.E26 Milla

    Actually, if that's Milla's house that we're seeing on the episode when she moved home, I'm glad she met the date outside the house. That place is lovely, and it might not be a good idea to advertise what a nice house she has. I don't know how accurate it is, but some articles claim her total weight loss is the highest amount in the show history. Her weight loss is an amazing accomplishment, and I wish her all the best on her continued progress.
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    Not only the makeup, but all markers, crayons, and pens, etc. should be locked up. I shudder to think what a sharpie would do in that house.
  4. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    5 p.m. reruns- Repo Assault and Neglect-Plaintiff step daughter (SSMOO-Sainted Single Mother of One) suing step father for repo on her car, that she purchased from him, and damages. Plaintiff Epiphany has a history of repo's. Stepdad made her a real deal, and didn't pay most of the time, and partial payments, and caught up in a few months later. She wasn't stiffing the stepdad, but the bank. Then she stopped paying again, and made a partial payment for the next month, and a month later the step dad repo'd the car. Out of $2700 in payments, she paid $1900. SInce car loan was in step father's name, the credit bureau hits were on his records. SSMOO didn't put insurance on car. $900 to defendant. Dog's Broken Nail Leads to Amputation-Plaintiff suing dog groomer (sorry, dog salon owner), claiming that defendant broke dog's nail, leading to an infection, and it led to amputation of toe. However, plaintiff didn't even take dog to vet for two weeks after 'injury', so it could have happened any time between grooming, and vet. Vet report only says infected toe. Case dismissed. Sub-Lease Deadbeat-Plaintiff landlord/tenant suing defendant /sub lease tenant for non-payment. Defendant paid nothing for the first six days in May, other months he was late, so late fees applied. Six months later he didn't pay the rent, and plaintiff's mother paid it, and defendant repaid her. Then the next month he didn't pay, but he was still there. The plaintiff evicted him. (This is the man who currently lives "In an undisclosed location", so his counter claim was dismissed) Neighbor Survey Changes Everything-Plaintiff suing defendant for damage to his property by defendant's dogs. Defendant says he believed the area he put yard trash, and where dogs were was on his property. After plaintiff's survey proved the opposite, man cleared up yard trash, put up a fence on his side, and dogs were only on his property. (The defendant is misunderstanding how surveying works). Plaintiff has no proof of survey payment, so that's gone. Case dismissed without prejudice, so he can get proof and go back to court. (Warning, tomorrow's first evening episode is new, and it's a dog attack on a young boy).
  5. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    3 p.m. reruns- Brother vs. Sister-Plaintiff sister is suing defendant brother for unpaid balance on a car, and unpaid tickets. Sister sold non-running car to brother, who never paid for it, got it running, and it was left on the street and amassed a bunch of tickets. However, defendant gave her the car, and plaintiff let the registration lapse months before, so tickets are hers. Case dismissed. A House Divided-Plaintiff father suing adult son defendant for sub-standard work on father's water damaged house. Son had full time jobs, and father is suing son for property damage that he didn't have time to repair on the house. Defendant was given $2250 total, but plaintiff wants $5k. Case dismissed, JJ doesn't believe anything the father plaintiff says. The Pregnant Chihuahua Did it-Plaintiff / former landlord and ex girlfriend, is suing defendant / former tenant for apartment damages, which are blamed on his pregnant Chihuahua. When defendant left apartment, his Chihuahua and her puppies were locked in his room, and he left them. Defendant is a perennial victim, who had leached off of friends and relatives for over 10 years. Defendant was employed when the litigants moved into the apartment, it was a three bedroom, one was for defendant's seven year old daughter. Defendant lost his job, they fought, and he left without contact, before the first month was over. Plaintiff doesn't look too good either, because she left the dog locked in the room, and only broke in when the dog started barking, and clawing at the door for over two weeks, after complaints from the management company. She fed the dog under the door. She then took the dog, and puppies to the pound. $4800 to plaintiff. Deceased Parents, Feuding Children-Plaintiff sisters suing defendant brother, and wife for return of deceased parents property, and claim undue influence on the parents. There are nine siblings, one deceased, and only three sisters are suing. The three sisters rarely saw the parents. The coven of sisters hired an attorney, the court appointed a guardian, but they're still whining about the parents, who both died in 2012. Property they're suing about was sold by father before he died, and they're still blaming the brother. Parents filed an application for a restraining order against daughters. Appeal was denied. SIsters are still upset that defendant 'banned' them from the funeral. Case dismissed, and will never be over.
  6. CrazyInAlabama

    Good Bones

    It's about time they had a decent, attached garage on a house. The original green on Karen's side was awful. Enough with the Carrera back splashes. I hated the stencils in Karen's kitchen. Mina's sofa area in the kitchen should have been the dining room. Both sides looked very feminine, and stuffed with furniture. If they didn't over decorate, then buyers might have an easier time visualizing the space, and what they would do with it. I bet they had prospective buyers on the line, because flippers usually go for the widest buying pool, and don't do taste specific decorating like the duplexes were last night.
  7. CrazyInAlabama


    I agree that the writing on the bathroom wall, and in the closet seemed awfully high for a couple of 3 year olds. What did they do, stand on chairs to write? If the girls had to clean up their own mess, then I bet there would be no more destruction. I know the parents will have to fix the closet after everything is put back up, and finish with the bathroom. However, the girls should learn bad behavior has consequences.
  8. CrazyInAlabama


    Wow! Josh's teeth make me want a vomit emoji.
  9. CrazyInAlabama


    I couldn't believe the amount of damage the girls did to that house in one day. That is ridiculous. I think the lock box was for the remediation of the old house, so the workers could get in and out.
  10. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    If I heard it correctly, I think the tenants in the trailer case lived there for four years after the plaintiff bought the land, and were tenants for the previous landlord, and owner. I can't imagine how crowded it is in that trailer with the mother, her boyfriend, and three daughters, and for a while the son. Six people in that trailer, plus who knows how many others short term, or long term is so crowded. Since it was California (at least I think it was) the eviction rules are apparently so slanted for tenants, that getting those tenants out was a major win. The only cure for that trailer is to rip the old one out, and replace it with a much newer model.
  11. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    5 p.m. episodes- New- Bakersfield Boyfriend Trouble-Plaintiff is landlord who purchased 4 acre property, with two houses on property, and defendant and daughter (three daughters, and son too) were current tenants, month-by-month. Then defendant mother's boyfriend moved in, and the trouble started. Sadly, for the three years before boyfriend moved in, the police were only there for several suicide attempt by one daughter. The 70's mobile home the defendants lived in was trashed. Defendant, and her daughter moved to another house on another rental property. Defendants didn't pay rent the last month, and have no security deposit. Defendant tenant claims sexual harassment, she also claims plaintiff runs outside naked, and made advances towards a daughter. Plaintiff gets back rent, but no damages. I can't believe that trailer is still habitable. Double Lane-Change for a Donut-Plaintiff is suing fellow driver who he claims forced him off the road. Plaintiff turned right onto a multi-lane road, and says defendant crossed two full lanes, to the far right lane where plaintiff was, and drove plaintiff into curb and off the road. Plaintiff was going to get a donut. Defendant witness just got told to sit back down, by JJ. $1320 for plaintiff. Rerun- Divorcees Fight Over Son's Assault-I disagree, I think if private lawyer wasn't agreed to by both parents, then the father isn't committed to paying for the attorney fees, however, JJ disagreed with me. JJ called attorney fees necessary. However, if the son wasn't assaulting other people, then he wouldn't have needed an attorney. Plaintiff gets $2500. House Flipping Flop-Plaintiff contractor/first time house flipper suing defendant for $5k, for damaging a work truck, and extra work he had to perform after defendant performed bad work. Real estate broker/flipper paid for supplies, and defendant was paid $1500 for labor only. Defendant claims the bad 'paint' was actually bad drywall by plaintiff. Plaintiff pays everyone in cash, no benefits. Case dismissed, no proof.
  12. CrazyInAlabama

    Good Bones

    I think they mentioned that the prices had gone up on the street with this week's flip.
  13. I think there is zero chance Paul will get a residency in Brazil, and a word from Karine's father would cancel any chance that anyone will hire Paul. They cut my cable yesterday afternoon, and so I missed seeing Paul's alligator run, and that made me unhappier than the fact they cut my cable.
  14. I'm sad for the daughter, Kyle, not the father.
  15. Nassar's victims at Michigan State also reported him, and nothing was done until the other investigations started. One coach at MSU was finally fired, because she still supported him, and wanted the gymnasts to send him a "thinking of you" card they all signed. The saddest story to me is the one where one of Nassar's victims told their father, who didn't believe them. The child was six when Nassar first molested her, and was a friend of the family. When the father heard all of the other victims coming forward, he knew his daughter was telling the truth, and the father committed suicide.
  16. CrazyInAlabama


    I can't believe these couples are still together. They don't seem to like each other at all, even at the wedding, and I don't think they fake it. I couldn't believe the golf cart shenanigans last night, and the sister whacking the bride in the car was hysterical. I can't believe the one bride thought her wedding would go viral, for any reason except how rotten the 'dance' was Except for the bride falling out of her gown, it was thoroughly forgettable.
  17. CrazyInAlabama

    Corey & Evelin: The Bae of Pigs

    Evelin is from Ecuador. I could watch the scene of Corey getting his shots endlessly. And the part where the nurse tells him that he'll have to take antimalaria pills every day forever was great too. It's very confusing to me who is moving where, because Paul, Corey, and Ronald all seem to have the same hair styles
  18. I can't wait for the 'baby sleeps between us every night' to play out. I also couldn't believe that the little girl was playing on the luggage carousel. That's so dangerous.
  19. CrazyInAlabama

    Good Bones

    My guess is on the special features that a lot of us hate, that the buyers already have been lined up, and approved features, like the beam, and the price is set, so that's why Mina and Karen use the same higher end finishes in the house, and don't really make a profit sometimes. I bet the wood beam was a planned feature, or they would have dumped it. I didn't like the beam, and if I was looking at the house (which I can't afford) I would have passed because of the beam. I wouldn't have bought because of the fact that the house was so close on the side to the neighboring house, I don't know how they'll even replace siding on it.
  20. CrazyInAlabama

    My Lottery Dream Home

    The couple in Columbus, Ohio tonight were so much fun. I love that his grandmother was telling him no one wins the lottery, while he was scratching the winning ticket for $1 million. I loved the first house, the one that was actually a little over budget. The fire pit and patio were lovely. I loved the master bath, and the kitchen was spectacular. At least the house hunters didn't want a white kitchen. I'm glad this one was the one they chose. The second was nice, but the shower was too small. The third, fixer upper that was well under budget, but I bet it would equal the first house in price after the updates they wanted to do.
  21. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    5 p.m. all reruns- Illegal Power Rip-Off-Plaintiff claims former tenants/defendants owe over $5k for electricity that the plaintiff (landlady) grown son hooked up illegally. Former tenant before defendants was the plaintiff's son, who she evicted. Defendants say they never paid for electricity for the two years, because they never got a bill. Tenants paid other bills, and had everything set up. Defendants want to be reimbursed for having to stay in a motel, and three freezers full of food that spoiled when electric company found out about the illegal hookup, and turned of the power. The tenants/defendants also have a signed lease that says utilities are included in the rent, but plaintiff claims the signature is forged. Tenant claims landlady wanted them to sign another lease that says they'll pay the past electric bill, and give her their tax refund. Case dismissed. (Landlady's son is lucky, someone around here tried to hook their electricity back up a few months ago, they died) Wage Garnishment Travesty-Plaintiff claims ex-business partner failed to pay rent, for a place they both rented for a photography studio. Plaintiff also had his wages garnished for the unpaid rent. The two litigants were business partners, and the plaintiff dropped out of the business after two months, then he was notified of the judgment. His wages were garnished after a default judgment was entered by the court. Loser defendant paid nothing on the rent either, and he was actually in the photography business with plaintiff. Plaintiff claims the garnishment ruined him, but actually trusting his ex-friend and partner did. Defendant stayed in the studio for four years, and he paid nothing, so the garnishment is his. $5,000 to plaintiff. Thanks to soccer analysis, that's it for today.
  22. CrazyInAlabama

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Grumpy Cat (R.I.P.) is definitely cuter, June just looks used up, and stoned.
  23. CrazyInAlabama

    Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    Exactly right, from my understanding of bail, and bail bond. Also, there was a reason that everyone but Dog was a bondsperson in his family, no convicted felons can be bondspersons. With some bonds, the accused's bond must all be secured with cash and property for the full amount, so the bond company can take it to cover their loses if you run for it. Remember too, that some places it's a year or two until you go to trial, so the bondsperson is holding that money in case you don't show up for a long time. I know someone from Hawaii, and he lives in a lovely area. Some evenings when they were still filming the Bounty Hunter show, they would sit out on the front lanai, and watch the convoy of black SUVs with Dog, the bounty pack, and the film crews drive by. on their way from the office to the bad areas they hunted people in.
  24. After some recent custody disputes between parents in Brazil and the U.S., with Paul's arson record, and how wacky he is, I bet he has a snow ball's chance in hell of ever getting custody from a Brazilian court. He can't even get a visa to stay in Brazil, so all Karine has to do if she's in the U.S. is take the baby, go home and 'visit' in Brazil, and never come back. Unless Paul's mommy has a ton of money for attorneys, then Paul can do nothing. Paul also might want to start acting like a normal person, I've met some Brazilian police, and they don't play with someone who comes there, and acts a fool, and Paul's middle name is fool.
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    S07.E25 Jennifer & Marissa & Liz

    Tidbits from Supersized episode (I love they call it that). Liz loves all of the clothing outlets in Houston. The bonus scene of her talking to her mother while waiting for her ride to Dr. Now's office (Instead of the hospitals with EMTs for weigh ins) was kind of boring. Liz likes to read books about ghosts, vampires, and werewolves. Liz did not play sports as a child. That growth on her leg Dr. Now removed is nasty looking, and weighed 15 lbs, plus 5 pounds of fluid, so 20 pounds. I hope that is a sister on dad's side that Marissa lives with, because that way, when Dawayne dumps Jennifer, she can't move in.