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  1. I could watch the apartment hunting scene with the realtors in SA endlessly. The one with the pink hair is even funnier than the dark haired one, and they're both telling the truth. The scene with Ronald and Tiffany discussing having to fund the electric fence for the complex is ridiculous. Their only expense would be the security system for their own apartment. When they were talking security system prices, they were super high, so maybe it included private security people who respond? And the part where Ronald says that the apartment is in a high-crime area, and I had to think any place Ronald will move into turns into a high crime area with his record.
  2. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Had thunderstorms, so I only get to see half of the 5 p.m.- Woman Terrified by Ex-Friend-Plaintiff claims former friend who is 'allegedly' being seen in strange places with her married boss (who is her witness in court). Defendant filed for a protective order against plaintiff (I think defendant's ex single boyfriend roomed with plaintiff, don't remember if he's still defendant's boyfriend. I wonder if they get a group discount for things?), but didn't show in court. Defendant has no proof of any calls or texts by plaintiff, but she called him and it was blocked on his phone. There is no proof that plaintiff threatened her, or anything else. I really wonder if the defendant's witness' current wife saw this, and what she thinks, and if she's still his current wife? Defendant says she broke her ankle, could come to work (witness/boss testifies to this), but couldn't go to court for the hearing. This will be continued tomorrow, for half of the episode, according to my cable guide (which often lies). I remember the Scissor Hand case, and I can't understand why that woman is running loose on the street. She scared me, and she's only on TV.
  3. CrazyInAlabama

    My Lottery Dream Home

    The "New" episodes so far are repeats with extra information added, in pop ups.
  4. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    In the tree case with the two women in Phoenix, the Doctor is a medical doctor, I think family or general practice, or internal medicine. I've actually run across her name when I was toying with the idea of moving to Phoenix. The neighbor who planted the inadequately sized tree to shield her car, might have been parking in the driveway, but either way, in Phoenix the car is going to be super hot most of the year, and that narrow tree wasn't going to do much, and apparently her son-in-law told her that. I loved the part where the gas line had been moved, and Dr. Popp was still claiming it was stressing her out that the tree existed, and was going to blow up the house. I hate to break this to the plaintiff, but that stupid tree will do nothing to help keep her car cool. (I lived a couple of hours from Phoenix for years, nothing stops the sun). She needs to move somewhere with a huge, solid car port, to keep the car shaded (I love the kind with solid sides for this), so the car is in shade, and air can circulate. That might drop the car temperature to 120 degrees, instead of 130. The plaintiff should have thought about the publicity from this case, and the effect on resale of having her neighbor feuding with her. I really wonder how this all worked out after this for the two litigants. I hope they walked away, and have stopped this petty bickering, but I doubt it.
  5. CrazyInAlabama

    Major Crimes

    I wish Lifetime or someone else would start showing this. My local channel that shows it only shows every other episode, for example Hindsight part 3 is tonight, and Part 5 is next Sunday. No point in even trying to watch it.
  6. CrazyInAlabama

    General True Crime Shows

    I remember when the McElroy shooting came out, and then read the stories about what he had done to so many people in that town. I think it might have been written up in Rolling Stone? I found it awful that so little was done to stop him that someone finally had to shoot him. Whoever pulled the trigger probably save a lot of lives that day, because nothing else would have stopped McElroy. McElroy's wife remarried, and then died in 2012.
  7. CrazyInAlabama

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    West Nile can show after infection for up to 14 days, and encephalitis is the worst form, and in humans about 1 in 150 get that. I wonder if the farm received a shipment of something, that has mosquitoes in it or some other way? I'm sure the state Health Department was involved, since West Nile is closely tracked.
  8. CrazyInAlabama

    Flip Or Flop Atlanta

    I really enjoyed the variety of their flips, and how they worked all over the Atlanta area. I recall Anita saying that the requirement that they film a certain number of flips for the show was a big problem for them. I know they do multiple flips at a time, but they probably don't have them on the exact schedule a TV production requires. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't go forward for that reason. And I'm sure endless scenes they filmed delayed everything on the flips, and took up their very valuable time.
  9. CrazyInAlabama

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Some of the other contestants, and winners on the show have a specific cuisine, and are from a particular area, but don't live there any longer. The Hawaiian food truck that won actually was in Southern California, and had a booming business. So the NOLA truck can have that cuisine, and do very well in other cities. I was rooting for them, and I really liked their food.
  10. CrazyInAlabama

    Worst Bakers in America

    The final result is Melody won over Chris, but they both made the most beautiful desserts. They had to do three items each, a decorated cake, a pie, and then a pastry based one. They both did desserts I would love to taste. It's amazing how much they learned, and how proud they were of their progress. I really wish the second place person would get some money also.
  11. CrazyInAlabama

    Small Talk: How Not To Get Caught Dead With Dirty Underwear

    I've read quite a bit of true crime, and some theorize that the reason so many serial killers are never caught is the behavioral people think women aren't serial killers. I think they're wrong. They seem to think that Aileen Wournos was one in a billion, but I agree with the professionals who think up to 20% of serial killers are women.
  12. CrazyInAlabama

    Boise Boys

    Surprise! There's a new episode tonight, the 17th at 7 p.m. Central/8 p.m. Eastern. I wish HGTV would just schedule them, and leave it at a regular time. The next showing I can find on HGTV's schedule is 4 September, Wednesday at 7 a.m. Central/8 a.m. Eastern. (Yes, bright and early in the morning). It's supposed to be a rerun of the River House they demolished and totally rebuilt, and it's the one Luke's family moved into. I love that episode. With the fire house renovation, I think there is generally a cover that can be opened easily (in a real fire house I bet it opens automatically when they get an assignment, and are opening the big garage doors) that keeps people from falling through the hole in the floor.
  13. CrazyInAlabama

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Whatever happens, I'm wishing the best for the Smart family, and hope they find a way to go forward that gives them peace, and happiness.
  14. After the Jumbotron, I see why Gabby was cut. And the rookie candidate! I really like Charm, she actually speaks up. And Charlotte looks great. The Star logo is a tribute to the Lone Star State. (I Googled it).
  15. Bret is risking her future health to dance on DCC? And other teams. Is she out of her mind? Risking her health for a low paying dance job? I can only imagine what the impact of doing jump splits would add to her issues. Jalyn's hair looks so much better than the beginning of last year. I love the color now.
  16. I hate Malena's shorts, they really look like a diaper, and the fringe on the top makes her look really top heavy. I love Maddie's top. I enjoy her dancing. I love most of the final solos. I love the field portion of finals. That Jumbotron really does show every detail.
  17. CrazyInAlabama

    Flip Or Flop

    I don't think Christina would be amused at my cable guide. They still list both exes as "El Moussa" not her new name. Jeff and some of the others, work for T & C construction & Design, Izzy is a contractor that is part of his family's construction business. To make it even more confusing, Izzy and his brothers do their own flips and up scale remodels also. If you get rich enough, and live around L.A., you can hire Izzy (We all have dreams, and that's mine).
  18. CrazyInAlabama

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    My personal view is Ed Smart rode his kidnapped child's coat tales to celebrity. Every time he fades from the spotlight, he comes up with some way to stay in the spotlight. The announcement of his daughter's baby was a total violation of their privacy, and endangering the daughter, her child, and husband. The only reason he hit the news is because he announced it, and thinks he'll get media attention, but I suspect he's fooling himself. He'll be on a few minor interviews, and that will be it. As someone put it so aptly about someone else, "He's a legend in his own mind". I'm hoping the daughter will be left alone, and the rest of the family can adjust to the change in their world. Elizabeth Smart is still quite active in the survivor community, and has done quite a bit of work with other survivors, so she's the real celebrity. However, I saw her father as an interloper who tried to keep in the forefront even after his daughter was old enough to appear alone, without a parent. I'm sure the extended family and friends will help the Smart family through this, but I have zero interest in what the father does going forward. I just hope coming back in the news doesn't lead to harassment for Elizabeth, and the rest of her family. Don't forget that the male kidnapper is in jail for life, his accomplice is out of jail, and living not very far from Elizabeth and her family.
  19. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    5 p.m. reruns, probably 2018-2019 season- First- Malicious Forest Fire Eviction-Plaintiff (annoying tenant) and her equally annoying boyfriend are suing defendant landlords for unlawful eviction. Apparently it must be a pre-Halloween filming since female plaintiff is wearing a billowing Pumpkin colored shirt. They were renting in Riverside, CA, for a year. The property is now rented, but to new tenants. Prior to the end of the year lease, the plaintiffs were served with a notice that defendants didn't intend to extend their lease (a 60 day notice issued two months before lease was to expire). They were evicted in December, and moved in February. Plaintiffs were planning on moving in mid December (time of lease expiration), and alternate houses were no longer liveable because of forest fires. Defendants considered the plaintiffs annoying tenants. Plaintiffs want $3600 security back, The lease specifies that tenants will pay the eviction fees, and allege other damages. Plaintiff wants money for negative mold test, and called the housing department several times. $2300 to plaintiffs. I Didn't Become a Judge to Retrieve Your Toothbrush-Plaintiff suing former roommate for illegal lockout, property, and other garbage. Then had a scuffle about something at work, and started arguing, After telling plaintiff to leave, defendant says plaintiff broke in the back door, and the back window, plaintiff confirms she did this. (Plaintiff says "Tooken" a lot, I really dislike her). Defendant tried to get a protective order against plaintiff. Defendant says on the day of the fight plaintiff took a bunch of stuff, leaving bed and clothes, she came a got other things by breaking into the back door. $998 to defendant for door, and window, and nothing for the plaintiff. Second- Family Business Bust-Plaintiff is suing his mother and sister for fraud. Plaintiff tried to run a construction business in Washington state, but lived in Texas. He was fined for not having a contractor's license (Mom supplied that tidbit). Mother was going to be commission pay for jobs she obtained for plaintiff. Sister is in court (of course it's an iPhone 8), over a iPhone and tablet she gave away that plaintiff bought. $850 for phone for plaintiff. Defendant / mother had plaintiff's iPad, but she claims plaintiff gave the tablet to his little brother (plaintiff says that's a lie). Plaintiff had a roofing job in Washington, but didn't finish, and left town. Mother claims there are four citations for not having a contractor's license. Plaintiff is such a liar, and seems to thing having a business license is the same as a contractor's license, and it isn't the same. Mother in Hall-terview is 'crying', but no tears. Cases dismissed. Property Thrown Down Snow Bank-A wild home sale leaves a plaintiff / selling property owner suing new property owners. Plaintiff sold house to defendants, and claims they disposed of her property (after closing time). This all happened in January in Minnesota, so plaintiff waited until the last second to start moving (she should have moved to storage). Defendants agreed to keep her property until 1 February, but didn't show up until the 2nd of February, so her stuff was gone. But it was very cold, and on 1 February the defendant's items were exploding from the cold, and so he put his items in the house, and garage, and put her items outside. However, plaintiff wants $5k for her stuff, and it obviously isn't worth that. The next day, 2 February, he put her items next to the road with a free sign. Defendants are suing for damaged carpets, and ruined property. The carpet was mudstained, and replaced, so no money for that. The defendants had the U-Haul for extra because of plaintiff's delays. Plaintiff gets $1500, minus $40 for the U-Haul rental.
  20. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    3 p.m. reruns (usually about 2015-2016)- First- Cat Wars- Plaintiff and sister live together, feed many feral cats. Defendants say they have trapped and turned in over 20 cats to the Humane Society, and say that some seasons there are numerous cats. The two litigants toss cat stuff over their 6 foot fence back and forth. Plaintiff is alleged to have thrown water over the fence twice, and thrown a full trash bag of trash over the fence. Then defendant sprayed a water hose up in the air, and nailed plaintiff. (Don't the police have more to do, than arbitrate feuds over cat droppings? All the plaintiff has to do is stop feeding the feral cats). When defendant was opening his driveway gate, sister who doesn't live in house confronted him, and she claims he knocked her down. Plaintiff cat nut says she doesn't feed the cats, but they eat out of her garbage (baloney! in my opinion). Sister who doesn't live there, says the problem isn't the cat feeding sister, but the neighbors' problem. Defendant says he didn't touch plaintiff sister, but claims she tripped over the curb, and then faked her 'fall' and assault. Personally, I believe the defendant. Defendants say that they had to put up a gate, because plaintiff resident sister was coming through their fence gate and letting the cats out of the traps. Oh! I'm mad now, plaintiff another sister sitting down (she lives in the house too) just gave JJ the death stare! Just my personal opinion, I think all of the plaintiffs are a few sandwiches short of a picnic, and the mouthy one that's talking (the faller) is a scammer. JJ said that the plaintiffs need to stop feeding feral cats. I think the nasty sitting down sister feeds the cats. JJ tells the defendants to take photos, call animal control, trap the cats, and no one gets any money. Especially, the sister who instigated it, and as she leaves the courtroom says next time "I'll throw cat feces in defendant's face". Second- Pitiful Porch-Plaintiff homeowner wants a refund on a porch that she says is substandard. Defendant is a licensed plumber, but not a licensed contractor in VA. They actually have a written contract. The porch was supposed to cost $7000 total, and only $5,000 was paid. This house sounds like it was out in the countryside, so codes may not even exist. $5,000 for plaintiff. Plaintiff sounds like a fool. Workman's Comp Chaos-Plaintiff suing former friend for helping defendant's mother close a workman's comp case. Plaintiff is disabled, used to be a mechanic, and seems compromised by his recent strokes. Plaintiff claims he was promised $2k by the defendant's mother (plaintiff and daughter also lived with defendant and mother). This case was seven years old! The woman had her case settled, and is now receiving disability. No proof of the promise of payment by the defendant's mother. (Defendant son says his mother had dementia, and he knew nothing about this entire case).Case dismissed. Shady Car Deal-Plaintiff bought used car parked on the side of the road, not from a dealer, but close to a dealer lot. Plaintiff bought the car, title was not in his name, but someone else's, car was stolen (there are lots that sell cars on consignment from private owners, so the title would have a different name from dealer). Everything was properly signed when she went to pay for it, and pick up car. Plaintiff paid more than Blue Book for the used BMW too, (she paid $1000 more than KBB $7,000). She claims when she went to register the car at DMV it was confiscated. Plaintiff has no accounting from the bank where she withdrew the money, JJ dismisses with prejudice.
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    Good Bones

    I think they don't do the shower enclosures sometimes, because not all buyers like only one kind. I love frosted glass, but many don't. some people still use shower liners or curtains, and when they get faded or stained, they get tossed for new ones. You can spend $20 and change your shower curtain/liner, and change the entire look of a bathroom. I know other people that would spend a ton on frameless shower surrounds, or some other type, but I would never want to spend that. It's the same reason that many builders have everything included except the fridge, so you can get the type you want. My last new house had a credit for fridges, at a specific retailer, because there are so many types. It also takes a while to get the enclosures ordered, and installed, so they might have to wait a while for a glass door to show up. Or they could do a credit with the shower door producer they use, and the homeowner can pick what they want. I have looked at some of the real estate pictures on their flip houses, and they are a lot less cluttered than the show staging with all of the knick knacks, and overloaded rooms.
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    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Dale Jr's sister said that Dale, his wife, and the little girl are all safe. Some people said they walked away under their own power.
  23. I dislike someone, but not for a rational reason. Busy Phillips, or how ever you spell it, looks so much like a college roommate of mine that I cringe whenever I see her. It has nothing to do with the woman, but just that she's so identical to my ex-roomie that I can't stand it.
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    Chrisley Knows Best

    Once the feds finish with the Chrisley's, then I bet the states of Georgia and Florida will be next in line over state taxes. (Unless that's included in the federal charges).
  25. Or maybe Pole had to leave, and Karine and the baby came temporarily. It's not an instant process to get someone in the country, even a legal spouse, for a emigration visa. Of course, since they mess with the time lines, all of mommy Pole's comments could have only been for the cameras. Who knows what the truth in any situation on this show (or any other 'reality' show) actually is? I wouldn't be surprised if the visa process for Karine started before the show started filming, and I have no idea how long it takes to get a spouse, or fiance from other countries to the U.S.