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  1. I've been there a couple of times. and its very pretty. It 's a free museum, but you have to pay for parking ($10 or $15 depending on time of day). I'm not a big connoisseur of museums, but I enjoyed it. I know that they had to return a bunch of stuff that were found to be stolen and had to pull a bunch of stuff that were found out to be fake. WRT Hearst Castle, Julia Morgan had to deal with Hearst himself and worked on the place on her weekends while working as an architect in SF. I was impressed they got the water for the place from the next valley over. (no local water well or supply)
  2. I have a person that works for me, that worked on a study decades ago at Purdue that proved that the two person CPR method shown on April was far more effective than standard CPR for the exact reason stated in the show - it helped recirculate the blood through the body. Chest compression pushed the blood out, the other pushed it back. I don't remember the reason why it was never implemented if it worked better. First time I have ever seen this shown on TV or movies. Cool.
  3. One of his slams against people who discuss coal as a dying industry was to mention that Walmart is the next largest employer in the State. Not to slam anyone, but Walmart is the largest employer "by number of employees" in most of America. Most of the South, a chunk of the Mid West and depending on what pictogram you are looking at, California.
  4. Even better was that there were four parts to this talk (it was queued up in YouTube on the side :) )
  5. I liked how Ann Curry referred to her being raised Catholic by a Buddhist. There is a part of Buddhism where it is focused on you and thinking the right way, acting the right way, etc. Doing the right thing is not taking pleasure in Lauer's downfall and implosion. I'm bad Buddhist.
  6. I loved how impressed Jimmy was by Maya's French.
  7. Joy had so much more patience than I. I would have cut their mic if they kept on talking over me. I actually think that it was his strategy. Get his shots in while he could and blame Joy for not listening to him.
  8. I think the panel didn't know to call him on it. I figured they knew one of the Eastern block countries was invaded in 1956 and another in 1968, but weren't sure enough to call him on it. Dr Z would have smacked it down.
  9. Dagny

    The Mick

    I was a little surprised that the bus went to the casino. I was hoping for a obscure Fight Club callback where the bus driver drove Ben to the casino for a chip payoff.
  10. I can't confirm it, but it looked like Holiday Hannah was different in the flash back scenes than in the partner scene. The only reason I noticed it that partner Joanne looks like Amy Acker and the flash back Holiday didn't look like Amy. Did anyone else notice this?
  11. I like Paris in the spring, did it once. There is a reason why there is a song called Paris in the Spring, but every time I say that I recognize that I sound like a rich pompous jackhole. I try not to say it. Way to sound like the common person Mika.
  12. It really depends on the person. Sometimes I get a slight flush in my cheeks. My friend went beet red.
  13. Depending on which website you look at it is 30 to 80% of East Asians that get the flush. One brother and I don't, the other brother does and just doesn't drink. I had a friend in college that pretty much reacted as if she was allergic with the instant flush and elevated heart rate. I'm glad that Louis got to have his talk with Eddie. This is one topic where rap wouldn't have an answer for him about life. :)
  14. Don't mess with Freddie the Frog. He's my boy. :) Did anyone else catch the guy that think that we aren't praising Wall Street enough? I had to Google the guy. It was weird. He's actually a long time Wall Street guy, shocker.
  15. Joe mentioned that this administration is the most conservative since the Hoover administration. Hmmm, what happened during the Hoover administration. Way to reassure me Joe!
  16. Mika also mentioned, to Joe's laudation, that Trump knows what he doesn't know and that is why he picked his latest NSC chief. Really? After 4 weeks of this?
  17. Paul Ryan can suck on his high risk insurance pools that worked only when it had money. It was almost a 2 hour commercial for the Repubs to talk about anything else this morning.
  18. Joe has friends and family from all of the the US who was with Trump from the start. I don't know what followed because I turned the channel.
  19. One hour they were exclaiming how stupid it was to shut down Warren in the Senate last night and the next hour how McConnell was a mad genius calling the White House about his plans to shut down Warren. Why do I bother? ETA: I took about a years worth of Russian/Soviet history in college. Yay me. One thing that stuck out to me was the belief in the strong ruler and blaming his cronies for any problems. I get the feeling that the people like the stability of the strong ruler, but most have made peace with knowing their place.
  20. I watched it and they are really trying to sink their hooks into you fast. That being said, my mind keeps saying "Rivendell", not "Riverdale". Elves would make it more interesting.
  21. Joe yucked it up during the tiny moment before the break where Rev was trying to explain the Bible. Joe asked him to explain the passage, then talked right over him. Nice Joe. Your mom would be proud.
  22. I swear I'm going to throw something at the TV the next time he calls a 31 year old senior adviser to the President a KID. I don't understand why some 20 year olds and in this case a 31 year old is a kid and some teenagers are considered adults. Its on the tip of my tongue. Every time the group falls back on "Obama did it first", they sound like the kid that got caught by his mother. If it was wrong the first time it was wrong then. If you mischaracterize what he did back then, you are still wrong now.
  23. I thought that Joy's eyes were going to roll out of her eyes when she got the twit to explain how IUDs and hormonal BC were equivalent to abortions. I bet the pro-life people were pissed that she became the face of the movement for a little while.
  24. WTF was going on with Joe talking about how great Tucker Carlson was doing in his time slot, then throwing shade at Gretchen? I guess the booth yelled in his ear and he acknowledged that Rachel is great.
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