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  1. Lauren in that yellow capri jumpsuit with Jay Jay for Mandy Moore jazz was everything. I think that's my new favorite "cheer me up" dance routine (taking over from Boogy Shoes). Was so pleased to see Jay Jay and Darius given opportunities to shine in the final (and Cole in the cha-cha!).
  2. There was no Top 4 group dance, right?? Wonder why not? I can see them not having an all 3 girls dance as that would have left Slavik to do .... another solo?? I loved Cat's finding out about Hannahlei's relationship. "How did I not know this?". She's adorable.
  3. First post! It was so unfair to announce a bunch of safe dancers right before Slavik and Gennessy performed their second number. They had to immediately perform not knowing if they were safe. Since neither of them were actually in the bottom 4, why couldn't Cat have named them as part of the safe group? Very cruel and unnecessary to single them out for that.
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