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  1. Brock1976

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    There are two Christmas traditions for me every year, spending time with family, and the Call the Midwife Christmas special at night. *heart sign*
  2. Brock1976

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    My two choices made it from episode 2, the knife throwing couple and the Hispanic singer woman, both did GREAT!
  3. I admire Carole for leaving the show for the reason she stated, if true, which was she refused to be someone she was not.
  4. Anyone catch Bethenny on Shark Tank? She came across as a ruthless and cold biotch, this isn't really an insult or compliment, just my impression, it sorta confirmed a side of her I thought she has from her housewives appearances.
  5. Sonja "I'm not just a last name, I am a legacy" Uh, even though being a legacy requires nothing but having a last name, so maybe not the best reference to use in the point she was making. Ha.
  6. Brock1976

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    No more trying to fill two season's worth of no name celebrities into one calender year, hopefully they can save up and actually find some 'stars' ppl have actually heard of next year.
  7. I personally think Bethenny started her 'big fight' with Carole over nothing.
  8. hi all, I've been watching this show for a few years, along with the other watch baits on Bravo like below deck and southern charm lol, my first time finding this forum, always wanted to chat about the show with other fans.
  9. I'm not sure about the best, but the worst, in my opinion, was Heather's 'Holla', it seemed so fake, like she was trying to sound trendy.
  10. The bald guy who Bethenny took to Carol's party this season is the guy I mean, forget his name, sad, they say it was from an overdose, which surprised me, he didn't strike me as a drug user,