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  1. CCee123

    S22.E07: Week 7

    I've seen people calling Becca a bore more than once I have to admit I don't understand it. She hasn't been given a lot of face time, but when she does she comes across intelligent, open, and well spoken to me. She just seems like a goofy, regular girl which doesn't mean boring to me. So far not a lot of drama though which I guess can be a bad thing on reality tv.
  2. CCee123

    S13.E04: Week 4: Hilton Head Island

    I know a lot of people had issues with the guys lack of spelling skills but it didn't bother me. In this day and age, I don't feel it's a accurate indicator of someone's intelligence. It's probably because I'm a pretty atrocious speller myself, and I'd be in big trouble without spellcheck.
  3. CCee123

    Season 13: Speculation and Spoilers

    After last night's show, I do believe that Bryan is the one Rachel ends up picking. She mentioned in one of her post show interviews that when making her final decision she had to get over the feeling that picking the "too good to be true" option was a mistake. That she just had to go with her feelings. When the scene of Bryan and her talking about this experience being a "fairytale" and "too good to be true" my antenna perked up. I don't get it because he comes across as so smarmy and fake to me, but she obviously sees him differently which I suppose is as it should be. I just hope it works out for her and he doesn't show less stellar colors in the future.
  4. CCee123

    Gilmore Girls May Get Revived On Netflix?

    I'm just finishing a rewatch of the series on Netflix and now I'm conflicted on whether I'm happy about the possible revival. With the show ending I could imagine a future where things happened the way I wanted, but new episodes makes the possibility of Jesse and Rory getting back together real. I never liked them, but I know I was in the minority, and I wouldn't be surprised if tptb went with them since so many people still root for them. I'm crossing my fingers that the Jesse actor is too busy.
  5. CCee123

    Figure Skating

    For those who like ice dancing ABC is repeating the Shall We Dance on Ice special today at 4est/3cst. I really thought it was one of the best skating shows I've seen since the hay-day of SOI. Along with Davis & White they included Lang & Tcheryshev, Anissina & Peizerat, Belbin & Agosto, and more. I enjoyed how it seemed more like a coherent show rather than separate exhibition programs. The only downside was the musical act at the end but she's easily ignored.
  6. CCee123

    Season 3: Get Your Spoons!

    It looks like things have picked up on the job front for Vanessa. According to her twitter she is now working at Ludo's restaurant, Petite Trois.
  7. CCee123

    Season 3: Get Your Spoons!

    Jen has been writing about her experience for the Boston Herald. http://www.bostonherald.com/entertainment/television/television_news/2014/12/exclusive_tales_from_the_taste_jen_faces It's interesting to hear about the behind the scenes a little bit.
  8. CCee123

    Season 3: Get Your Spoons!

    He was saying she was slow like a turtle. I'm not sure what it says about me but I really enjoy Ludo. Up until last week, when I tuned in to see crazy Chef Joe from Big Brother, I had never heard of Ludo. Now I've seen the first season of The Taste, and Ludo Bites America, and he's the reason I'm going to keep watching. Yes, I could not handle the yelling if I was on his team since I would shut down in that type of atmosphere, but I really don't think it comes from a mean place. He just has no filter and whatever frustration he feels just comes out at a high decibel. After watching Ludo bites I feel like he's a bit of a marshmallow with a hard crust. Noone that goofy can be all bad.
  9. CCee123

    S18.E13: Live Finale! (Thread 2)

    It was for me too, but I think for Meryl it probably was more about Maks and his dream. She's made her dream come true when she won the OGM and very little could top that for her. So while I'm sure it's nice for her to win DWTS, it was more important that someone she's made a connection with get his dream. I'm not saying it's a romantic connection but it's obviously important to her as a friendship and partnership. She knows what being a partner is and I think a lot of it for her is supporting the other one.
  10. CCee123

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Yeah, I'm glad Meryl wasn't put with Mark as well. He just bugs me, and since I was already a fan of Meryl's, I was dreading her being assigned to him. Originally, I was hoping she would be put with Artem since I knew she wouldn't be with Derek, and there was a rumor he was going to join the teaching pros this season. I loved Artem on SYTYCD, and he won his first season of SCD, so I knew he was a very capable pro. I never even thought of Maks because I've never been a huge fan and I didn't think he was going to be on this season. I'm surprised how well they've clicked for me and I hope they are able to pull off the win this week.
  11. CCee123

    S01.E08: Day Trip

    I think I must not have been paying close enough attention in the previous episodes but Lincoln was the one who stabbed Finn right? When Octavia is going on and on about how he's good because he saved her, before chaining her up, all I can think was are you ignoring he almost killed Finn? To top it off he wouldn't tell them about the poison until her precious self could have been hurt. Yes, great guy. Not to say torturing him was the right thing to do but he's not some saint.
  12. Overall, I really enjoyed this week. I found Danica's dance really touching, though part of that might have been because I just love that Billy Joel song. Charlie was joyful, and I thought it was fun to see his girlfriend, Tanith, send daggers Carrie Ann's way. My favorite was Meryl & Maks. It was beautiful and Meryl & Maks just have amazing chemistry between them. Generally I don't agree with 10s in week 3, but with the insane amount of 9s that had already been given out there really wasn't any choice.