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  1. Yep! I have been touting Bridget for Point since the beginning of last season. 😊
  2. Go back a few pages. There are pictures and charts of the final team
  3. Exactly! I just had that thought. "CornField"
  4. I just sent you a message but I think I figured out what it means now...sorry if I sounded crazy.
  5. It was very hard to watch but I admire Kyndall so much for the way she handled the situation. Pure class and no major meltdown.
  6. No way is Bridget on WW. I would guess Cianna and Maddie
  7. Bridget, Hannah, Heather, Alexis, Savannah, Madeline Malloy, Lexie, Caroline and Amy.
  8. Based on last weeks show, I am not a fan of Kat. I know, unpopular opinion.