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  1. As a non-dancer, looking back at the older videos, the dancing doesn't appear to be as technical or difficult. Of course, I couldn't do any of it. 🙂
  2. Thank God!! For a second, I thought someone recognized him as being a suspect of some kind.
  3. Thanks for the info. For a good cause, I'll tolerate them. :-)
  4. Gosh, would she know what the word articulate even means? I hope this isn't indicative of all 20 somethings. If so, we're in DEEP trouble.
  5. As a non-dancer, I really appreciated this detailed explanation. Thanks!!
  6. First time I have something nice to say about VK. The other girls were late in picking up each dance and very fidgety in between dances. VK was the first on her end to begin the dances and stood very still and in position between dances. Other than that, still prefer her in a mask.
  7. I don't like to nitpick the girls' looks, since we all are born the way we're born, and not everyone has the money to have cosmetic surgery for anything we don't like. (Example - my nose. Painfully smacked more than once by my horses, but never broken, darn it, or I could have gotten a free nose job.😀). However, since VK's veneers weren't God-given but were her choice, I feel totally comfortable in saying that I prefer her in a mask.
  8. Oh, they don't mellow. I got my gelding just off the track and retrained him (dressage). He was always full of himself. Not bad-tempered, just bouncing off the walls enjoying life. I just lost him this year at age 39(!!). He was still mounting mares in his pasture last year. He always thought he was still a sta!lion. (Probably why he lasted so long).😁
  9. Um, long time Thoroughbred owner here. All my horses came off the track. They are not all ill-tempered. They are very sensitive and, yes, can be high-strung. They just need someone experienced to handle them. All of mine were sweethearts, but only sometimes difficult due to high spirits, not ill temper.
  10. Hey, don't insult Seabiscuit. He was much lighter on his feet and more graceful than VK.
  11. What a jumbled, incoherent mess. Couldn't even finish watching it. Like most of this Doctor's episodes.
  12. Thanks, Biakbiak. Should have read the whole thread before I posted.
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