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  1. After today all I an say is, she really needs to shut her stupid pie hole. UNREAL what comes out of that monster mouth.
  2. Oh goodie, Ronan is on as a guest host....I'm there! Yahoooooooo
  3. Judy honey, you were right on the money with those two nasty hags. Thank you!
  4. God, I just can't deal with this show any more. She makes me throw up.
  5. oh wow....that was the nastiest bitch I have ever seen.....God almighty.....and Rocco...rot forever you worthless piece of poop. Very good episode though. These fake mob guys really hang themselves don't they?
  7. Okay everybody, is this season totally binge worthy? I am gearing up to start watching! Can't wait.
  8. Bannana: Well Hell's Bells, tell your husband to go get a beer from the ice box and listen to some Jack Benny on the radio for Pete's Sake. You're fine!
  9. I turned it on by accident, figured it would be the hearings, and man was it TERRIFIC, no Migraine Meghan, and Motown Broadway. That was great.
  10. Yeah, she was actually just fine on Seth's show last night. She's so poor, she has to work work work all the time.
  11. Boy she knew knew knew we were all hoping that she was frigging fired didn't she?
  12. Naw, Amara LIVES....nothing can kill her and her cha cha boots! I love her. Damn, this show is so terrific. I want more more more, only one episode left. Damn, I never thought Chris O'Dowd was that good looking, but whoa...he is one fine and very sexy and tall drink of water hit man! 💋
  13. HaaChoo...honey I don't think she could keep a job at Walmart, she brings too much drama and needs too much time off.
  14. I just read that it is up for renewal, so we may have more more more. I loved this series.
  15. I love the scenes in the old folks restaurant, I live for that waiter. I grew up going to a place like that when I was a kid all the way into adulthood, and they had waiters who were 100 years old and honey, THEY NEVER DROPPED A DRINK EITHER! And they wore a tux. Ahhhhh those were the days. Burp!
  16. We have free Epix on Comcast until November 21 so we all can catch up with season 3. WOW, so far so good. I love this show. It is perfection and I don't think anybody watches it because it is on Epix. God, it is so funny and nasty to Hollywood, and perfectly cast!
  17. I could not believe that was the last episode, I loved this season so much, much much more than the first one. Yeah, they HAVE TO HAVE A THIRD SEASON. It's wonderful and really funny this year.
  18. Marcus got married? I need all the scoop!
  19. I got mad when my two "bun men" got kicked off.....I GIVE UP...but of course I will continue to watch because I just love a talent show, what can I tell ya?
  20. Damn, I wanted somebody to save that cute little 15 year old crooner. Oh well, things are back to normal, I am mad at this show.
  21. God Pacino acted like he was on SPEED...it was impossible to watch, I had to turn it off, and I loved both the host and actor. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  22. Enoughcats: Oh my dear kitty kat, you are so funny, thank you. I love Miss V. She is the goddess of all things evil.
  23. Should I bother with today's show gals?
  24. Well I think this is the best series that nobody is watching in America. I love it. Let's hope there is another season, but perhaps they just wrapped it up, and there is nothing wrong with that either. I'm back to loving Holly again!
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