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  1. THANK YOU REAL HOUSEWIFE, YOU ARE MY BITCH GIRL (and I mean that in the sweetest way)....I JUST CAN'T WITH THIS SHOW ANYMORE, I HATE HER SO MUCH. She ruins the show.
  3. Well I see she is back to being nasty to Joy. I turned it off. And whew, those new lips, honey they need to go go go.
  4. Well, I for one, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this gritty and nasty little show. But I adore all British detective murder shows. I think it is very well made, and am trying to get everybody I know to catch this terrific series. I think this show is best if you watch at least two episodes at a time!
  5. My God what a rant. Poor poor poor Mee-gain....she should just say home with her triplets.
  6. Okay gang, I'm out, after many years of this show, it's just too grim. Enjoy you guys, but this show is making me feel mentally ill. I'm off to hunt dust bunnies and clean my bathroom grout, Kissy!
  7. oh MORSE MORSE MORSE....you little devil dog. Still waters do run deep. Whoa, I enjoyed it! Morse is a very sexy quiet fire, and when he smiles, swoon!😈
  8. Deirdra: You made my day honey, why that's how we handle child birth down south. What is her problem, stick that kid in a drawer I say. Throw a hound dog on top of the kid to keep it warm.
  9. I am through with this show, enough already. I had to fast forward through that crazy lady. She could have cared less. We are terrified enough in this diseased world without these selfish people. Bye.
  10. to Realhousewife: Oh God girl, I saw that too, I was screaming at the t.v. Poor Poor Poor Mee-gan. Oh, she is so delusional. I noticed that she absolutely had a glam squad doing her makeup for that show too! Oh, and where was she when they interviewed her? IN FRONT OF HER FLAG I SEE.
  11. Oh yeah, he is a saint, So was Matt.
  12. God, that was boring, I am about through with this show after 15 or 20 years, enough already.
  13. Well, what was up Miss Sour Pusses bum today, she was so BORED by it all, and then disappeared half way through the show. Ahhhhhh, too bad, so sad. 💊
  14. Yeah, me too, I'm an old gurl myself.
  15. Oh man, I'm glad to see this show back, because I think I'm losing it, but anyway, Carol is a total con woman, I wanted to smack her. I had no idea she didn't live there any more, why was she there, (God, what a mouth breather) and you guys are right, DRAMA. Damn I wish they would have been able to keep that house in the family, that broke my heart.
  16. hey fellow neat freaks, Hoarders can also be found on the free streaming channel Tubi.
  17. Can I just say I love my Atlanta Mayor. She is totally kick ass. It's really really bad in Atlanta right now.
  18. hey, did you guys know Mee-gain is pregnant, she told us today. God, I had no idea.
  19. I know this question is crazy, but anybody up for a Mad Men movie? I am still not over the fact they never made a real movie from the series "24"..... I need this.
  20. Camon: thank you, you made my afternoon. God, I remember that crazy hoarder so well. she literally flicked either a mouse or a bug off something she was eating out of a plastic container, remember? I did get a free package of t.p. from one of my hoardet friends though, and I didn't even have to ask. I was shocked, shocked I tell you.
  21. Today was unwatchable. mee-gain, take off those infected glasses and just go away, you need to protect your precious BABY. She was really a bitch today.
  22. Wow, folks, it wasn't the acting, IT WAS THE HORRIBLE SCRIPT. Only a few old pros were able to rise above it. God, that was horrible, but of course I watched every golden fake moment, because I am an old Hollywood Freak.
  23. Fox: I can't remember the names this year either, but I tell you I a really hacked that the bald chick who sang Fever for her blind and the rotund opera singer who could sing ANYTHING being kicked off totally pissed me off. Those gals could sing sing sing.
  24. NJB...thank you dear, you nailed it.
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