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  1. This show is so juicy, but can I just say that Mr. Jamie is flat ass crazy, period. He is definitely a potential serial killer. I swear to God I though the was going to kill his own baby.
  2. Doodle.....thank you honey, you nailed exactly what I was thinking too. I'm sorry, but Tats are just gross. Yeah, I said it.
  3. Blackberry: I totally agree honey!
  4. Is this the last season, because it needs to be, it is so bad. I can't deal with all the stupid stupid personal stories. I hate this show now.
  5. Yeah, I'll give him a pass too. Sorry he died.
  6. I'm in this show for Bill Pullman too! God, this show is always so SLOW....everybody takes forever to say anything, is that suppose to let us know that these are deep and serious matters? Bad script I say, but I'll stick it out for Bill's performance. He is always worth watching, such a wonderful and unusual actor. Anybody want to see the craziest performance Bill has ever given with an all star cast, and a terrific mystery as well, rent Zero Effect!
  7. My God, that old gal was a riot.....what an old whore dog.....Hell, she's probably only 40 not 70. I am so enjoying this show. But I think the mob gal is lying. Where were the professional makeup people for her. Poor thing. Anyway, this is a very juicy story for this little vegetarian. Love it.
  8. I'm all about the Doggies.....This season totally sucks!
  9. .... oh never mind, why even say anything, she is a bitch. I am through with this show forever. Sort of.
  10. Yo, give this show a break will ya. I am. We love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  11. TO CHIT CHAT.....yep, that gal has ruined herself for life with those horrible tats, I simply don't get it, but I am an old coot. That was a really pretty gal who has destroyed her body and any chance for any kind of career. (yeah, I said it).
  12. I'll stick around for a little while, because I adore Ms. Edie as well. God, Nurse Jackie was just the best. This script just wasn't that good was it?
  13. So gang, is this show renewed or what? I lost my Woody Allen orb and don't know.
  14. Yes please, who was that guy in the waiting room, they did not follow up on that. Was he dead, she didn't say anything to her husband. Just said she had a weird day.
  15. Well I adored the dog act, loved loved loved it, and Hans is actually growing on me, God, I think I have too much blood in my alcohol stream. What is happening to me? Anyway, Dogs for the Win!
  16. I binged watched this, and loved every golden rotten moment. Do not miss this show. It is wonderful.
  17. I can't believe I am saying this, but I now hate Victoria more than Sergio, and honey that is saying a lot. But I did like his dress. I like that 65 year old designer, her dress was the best.
  18. I power watched the entire series in one day because I could not stop, IT IS SO GOOD. You guys will flip out, it is flawless.
  19. I am as confused as the rest of you, but for some reason I am loving this show anyway. It's simply freaking me out! The black private detective is my bitch, I love her.
  20. Yeah, I had to turn him off as well, he is a vile nasty creep.
  21. Yeah, I went ewwwwwwwwwwwwww at the kissing scene too, cause if we are going to have kissing, it needs to be Jo and her cute ex husband, who is a saint! This show is goofy, but I'm sticking it out until the end.
  22. Oh and before I forget, our wonderful Matt Paxton's new show is too clean to stream, he's helping normal people move and down size. Boring beyond belief. Love you Matt, he said he was through with Hoarders and he meant it. Good for him.
  23. the only exercise that cow gets, is trying to get her fat bum into that chair every day, Oh and maybe picking up a shot glass full of wild turkey. Me, I love shaking my martini shaker....it's great for my beautiful toned 70 year old arms! Fuck you Meeeegan.
  24. Well Gang, I for one loved loved loved the new episode.....and Larry wearing the hat to keep people away, I wish I could do that here in Atlanta, but I would get hit on. People carry large guns in the Kroger here for God's sake.
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