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  1. I liked the episode - it was definitely exciting. But the conversation between Bell and Morales at the beginning about his family being a bunch of criminals completely telegraphed that he'd end up causing problems. I liked him and Washburn, too. They had been portrayed as refreshingly competent before tonight. (Curbside pickup - really, dude??). Bummer. My other gripe: can Wheatley just die already? So annoying (as in, not very realistic) that he successfully had a cell phone smuggled into his new room. He and his kids (either the storyline or the characters themselves) best be dea
  2. Jesse IS very likeable, huh? Happy he literally gets a seat at the table this time around. However, the camera angles with him and the judges all sitting at a rectangular table were odd. And it seemed like they all felt a bit awkward having to turn their bodies so much in their chairs to face the bakers. It certainly looked awkward, anyway!
  3. Any source for this?? I had assumed it was travel restrictions when I started seeing commercials for the new season. I too like Lorraine and her matter-of-fact forthrightness. I will miss her. But I don't mind Carla; I think her critiques are smart. And she may be "A Lot" at times, but she's not hosting here. Agreed that there are some fun, cute contestants this season!
  4. I also thought "yellow brick road" and that the hedges were a middle finger! Question: what were the answers for "Mud ______"? I know the $5,000 answer was "pie," but what were the other two?
  5. I've always liked Anthony Mason, and I was one of the people who thought he was the obvious replacement for Charlie Rose. He was great on the Saturday program, though. I also had hoped he would have taken over Sunday Morning after Charles Osgood retired. But I came to really enjoy John Dickerson on CBS This Morning. He is witty and not as bland as he may initially come across. I agree that he never should've left Face The Nation, though. As for the new trio - I'll have to get to know Tony. I definitely don't like the tweak in the graphics. Trying too hard to replicate some a
  6. Eh, maybe I'm just easy. I guess I have a soft spot for this show. The floor plan bugged me more than the balcony stuff -- that certainly was action porn, and I was all about it. Homeland always has these sorts of finales with some crazy stuff going down. I found the whole thing massively entertaining. For me, the biggest annoyance in the episode was Boy Child Computer Nerd and how easily he was scared into spilling the beans. I agree that that was stupid and unrealistic. The actress who plays Simone is really beautiful... she looked great in that blonde wig! I wish her character h
  7. I appreciated Carrie's mind going through all the men/assets/lovers/marks she's had over the years who have ended up dead. It's a rather unfortunate pattern... But I agree with you, snarts, on the security at the hospital. Why wasn't someone standing immediately outside the room Dante was in? Come on, Show. Don't be like that. Weaksauce.
  8. I had the exact opposite reaction to the scene outside Dante's apartment. Saul said "I told her to stay away," meaning he had done all he could to keep her safe, and then he gave the o.k. for the guys to go in and apprehend Dante. He was willing to risk Carrie (and Franny) being harmed in the process. That's not hardcore? I will say that this week, Saul caving in and letting Carrie run the show, as others have pointed out, is a bit sigh-inducing. I'll also add that over the course of the show's history, Saul has been portrayed as really incompetent an alarming number of times. I lo
  9. I don't think Carrie has ever been held up by the Homeland Powers That Be as a shining example of female empowerment. She's very much a flawed protagonist, and they make no secret about that. As for this particular plot line: same deal. It was Carrie being Carrie, warts and all. For me, the question after watching this episode (and the preview for next week) is whether or not her bipolar disorder is playing a role in her decision-making. The first two episodes have been slow, but there have been MANY slow episodes over the course of this show's run. I'm missing Quinn, but I'm still inv
  10. He could have made an imposter Caesar salad dressing and put it in a container on the side. No need to put it directly on the imposter salad!
  11. Sad that the original opening credits to the show have been 99% abandoned now :(
  12. Funny how mileage varies. I caught the replay of this tournament the other day and it only cemented my appreciation of Jonathan. I found him charmingly self-effacing. Meanwhile, I thought Lazarus was a little cocky and smug. But others on here loved him. To each their own!
  13. Agreed - there wasn't much "there" there in the finale. But the season as a whole was mostly a return to form.
  14. Totally cracked up when the SWAT team apprehended the Penguin from Batman. Hee hee. I greatly enjoyed this episode.
  15. Wow, hadn't even realized that was Chris Pine. Couldn't recognize him with the beard, and I guess I missed any promos or news items that mentioned him guest-starring. Irlandesa, I'm pretty sure the serial killer has already appeared, no?
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