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  1. Oh no worries at all! I just wondered if you had unlocked the magical world past Season 12 on Pluto! And I'm totally on board with the background noise. I had to lol when you said you were drowning out the hubby's conf calls 😂 I keep my TV on almost all the time just to keep it from being so quiet (I live alone) although it is easy to get distracted while working especially when the good episodes come on (like today when "toxic Chelsea" was getting tossed off the team!) Certain episodes never get old!
  2. How are you seeing anything past Season 12 on Pluto TV? I can only watch through Season 12 (which was the year Tara made the team) on Pluto then it starts over with Season 1. I keep hoping they'll add Seasons 13-14 but I haven't seen those yet on Pluto. Please share the secret if you are seeing any seasons past Season 12 on Pluto 😀
  3. You're welcome! All those blondes can run together sometimes in my head! They both were cute as can be but their "Minnie Mouse" voices were similar too lol!
  4. I believe that was Brittany Evans with the "comma shaped" brows (just saw that episode a few days ago on Pluto 😎)
  5. You are correct. She posted a pic of her and Trevor with the marriage license on IG over the weekend and stated that they're going ahead with a small wedding this coming weekend with just family/close friends with a bigger event to be scheduled later on.
  6. There was no "rumor". Not sure how that was taken that way. All I did was point out the similarities. Regardless I liked both girls and hated to see what happened in either case. Two totally different situations and unfortunate circumstances. I missed both girls when they were cut. End of story.
  7. Never said that they did. Just noting both were great their first year then fell off the top tier so quickly.
  8. Wow that is surprising. I haven't seen any pictures of her or anything about her since she got cut. I know when they first called her in she said she "needed to make a lifestyle change" and "make working out a priority" but she was also falling out of her turns and stumbling during rehearsals. Also her face that 2nd year had a "hard" look compared to how fresh and cute she looked the previous year. I'm with you - something else was going on. How does someone regress that much in dancing (and weight) when they're a top performer and show group member only one year ago? Kaitlyn LeGrand also comes to mind. Her first year vs. her second year were night and day.
  9. So true! Like if they'd actually dropped someone they would show it! Now watching season 8 which was Tessa's first time trying out. I was shocked when I came across her interview after her stroke! That really affected her in a major way. This was also the year Hannah West made it. Comparing that year to when she came back for year two and got cut for weight is eye opening. She was a stick in season 8!
  10. Ha! Yes just watched it this morning (for the 3rd time in the last month!) They showed all the rehearsals, the locker room prep with dressing in the pink outfits, then cut - back in the locker room. I liked the Big and Rich performance (when it was actually shown) and it's just strange now they show the interview with both guys talking about performing with the girls, they show him saying "Ladies and gentlemen the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders" going into the break then cut...not shown. I will note the Komen practice (and some episodes before it) were all the "Cassie and my injured knee and will it hold up". 🙄
  11. I've been binge watching on Pluto for over a month now and have noticed something weird. Why do they now skip over some of the previously shown performances - like the show group performance with Big and Rich and the Komen halftime show from season 7? Has anyone else noticed that? They show all the prep/practice (like for the Komen show) and also show everything leading up to walking out. Even with the Big and Rich performance, going into the commercial break they show them introducing the cheerleaders...then boom - cut - now we're back in the locker room and it's all over. Is this a copyright thing - like the cheesy "music overs" when the use of music limit expired? Or just a time saver? I know for a fact a lot of those performances were previously shown so it's just weird they're missing now.
  12. Good grief was anyone else screaming "F U Kelli" at the TV during that office visit with Julia? I know Julia's comments during media day were off base but geez "now you've insulted LA dancers"?!? Where is this disgust/white hot hate/bitchy attitude towards these "non-favorites" (Julia, Shaina, Madeline S) coming from this year? Kinda going low IMO. Okay okay I have to admit, VK did look really pretty during cameos. Her hair looked great (not so outdated) and her figure was amazing. There. I said it. Moving on....😀
  13. So I just got home and decided to watch the first segment of tonight's show. It is about 12 mins long. In that 12 min segment I counted 35 times where VK was either the actual center of the shot or the camera was zoomed/fixed on her. Yes in the stadium tour there were only 6 rookie candidates present. But hey do we wanna mention rock star DCC Abigail Klein on the wall? Of course because there's a VK memory! Complete with a mommy and me pic. At the field segment with the preacher, they are all seated and Tess is on the front row and VK is all the way on the back row next to Caroline (how dare they put her back there). However when they all stand up (one would think in about the same spot where they were sitting) Tess is telling her story about her concerns several months back about her hometown and guess who is suddenly right beside her? Yep our star of MTT. Then Daphne is talking about her grandfather passing away. Guess who's lurking right there in those numerous camera shots right along with Daphne? Yep that one. Now let's move to the "across the field". Did anyone notice Chandi nailed every line (possibly the first go at it) and looked great doing it? Go on with your sassy self girl! Now hang on...here comes the line with VK in it. Did I just see the golden child miss EVERY SINGLE LINE?? Okay yeah let's cut her some slack as it's the first time trying it. *Bonks self on head. Nope it isn't because she did this last year in training camp and probably for the last 5 years or so practicing before she tried out. Let's rewind this DVR show because maybe that's not the anointed one missing every line. That simply cannot happen. Must be someone else. Replays that scene. Nope. #Illegitimatedcc misses every line. Camera pans to Kelli making weird/shocked face. Ooh is she going to tell her precious V that she missed every line? Perhaps correct her? Offer a vet to help her? No way Jose. She goes after Meredith who we know needs help and isn't that strong. But at least Meredith did actually hit the line once or twice. Cuts to commercial. That's all I can watch for now. Turns off recorded show and sets remote down. Guess that sneaky ole "perceived favoritism" doggone popped up again dang it. Hate it when that happens 🙄 Never thought I'd miss crazy poem-writing self absorbed Vivian, space brain with great abs Morgan, or bad dancing smart ass Chelsea from previous seasons. But yeah seasons 1-13 are miles above this one.
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