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  1. I get what you’re saying. And it’s true she’s a licensed captain regardless of her employment status. But believe it or not, becoming licensed only requires something like 360 hours of on-water working experience (whether as a stew, deckhand, first mate, or whatever), some references, an 11-day class, a written exam, and a background check and drug test. That’s for a large tonnage, inspected commercial boat captain’s license through the US Coast Guard. Not saying that all that isn’t damn hard, and I’m sure getting a job as a female captain (co- or not) in the Alaskan fishing industry makes it
  2. In a very early episode, Rhylee said she “co-captains” a boat in Alaska. Though we never heard her say it that way again (instead, it’s been, “I’m a captain”), I’ve not stopped wondering about the poor soul cursed with being her co-captain. If that person dares to watch this season, he or she must be rocking themselves in the fetal position to soothe the inevitable ptsd.
  3. Brent the camera guy pulled the black stern line off the cleat on the swim platform, thereby allowing the whole thing to loosen - and Ashton to come to the surface. What I can’t understand is why Capt. Rhylee didn’t think to do that herself.
  4. So, it appears that the white tow line from the tender (which was taut) was attached to the black stern line (which still had some slack as it sat coiled in the swim platform). When Ashton’s foot got caught in the lines, it was the taut tow line that pulled him in - and the loose stern line followed. Hope that made sense. Edited to add: This was all while the yacht was moving forward, away from the tender, to begin towing it. Also, fuck Laura and her “cutting corners” comment. There’s nothing about towing a tender that would be considered cutting corners. She and her misinformed criticism
  5. Rats! I should have known it was a Family Guy reference!! But yeah, I agree it still doesn’t apply to her grievance du jour.
  6. Based on recent comments in her Twitter feed, enough people reported some of her tweets (she was getting all weird about 9/11, for example) and Twitter briefly suspended her account. Now that it’s back up, she’s back to the same nonsense (Chrissy Teigen is an enemy now, etc.).
  7. I’ve never come across this before when clicking on a Twitter profile. Wasn’t the case just last night, but this morning apparently Caroline’s account is “temporarily restricted” due to unusual activity. You can still click through, but this is just weird.
  8. This sheds a teeny bit more light on Dennis’s marital situation. Also, “Denny Shields” - very cool! https://nypost.com/2018/08/10/dennis-shields-wife-speaks-out-he-was-the-love-of-my-life/
  9. I’ve been thinking about this statement from his wife. She is clearly hurting too. I can’t even imagine what it will be like for her and Bethenny both to get through this grieving process, knowing the other exists. This is sad on so many levels.
  10. It’s a tragedy if Bethenny didn’t know about Dennis’s alleged addiction, and this news came to her as a sudden shock. I certainly wouldn’t blame her for his ability to hide it. And it’s a tragedy if she did know, and wasn’t able to prevent his death. I wouldn’t blame her for that, either. Guess I’m saying, does it really matter whether she knew or not? Either way, Dennis has died, Bethenny is probably devastated, and I don’t feel like picking her apart right now. Not for this.
  11. Also, his byline on his relatively new Twitter account says “[orange emoji] you glad I got a Twitter?”
  12. I think the dummy actually said “disingenuine.” In Bachelorland that gets you extra credit!
  13. Thank you, @HunterHunted. Glad to hear it. But this whole concept of him becoming a “lawyer for hire”, where “it's kind of got to be a specialty firm where I can come in and close stuff off for people that can't do it themselves”, does sound a bit rich coming from a guy who can’t finish a pillow-stuffing project. But I do wish him well.
  14. I think I took a little too much pleasure in learning that Craig hasn’t been sworn in yet because he still hasn’t passed the character and fitness check. That’s a big deal. All that law school, all those loans, all that claiming he graduated and applied for the bar, all that pressure to come clean and actually graduate and sit for the bar, all that work to pass the bar...imagine if the Supreme Court of the State of South Carolina then says, “Nope. You’re a lying liar who lies and will not become an officer of this Court.”
  15. Did Luanne seriously brag that she works with her musical director Billy Stritch, who worked with Liza Minelli and...Che Guevara? Che Guevara??
  16. I’m 99% sure that was a bottle of Dior’s Miss Dior with a “Miss Becca Blanc” label pasted over it. I wear that perfume and would know that bottle, with its trademark silver-bow cap, anywhere. Did Jean say he had it specially commissioned for Becca? Either he’s a bigger bullshitter than I thought, or those producers have done a number on him.
  17. Mr. Flybutter took one glance at Garrett last night and said, “why’d they put a young Harvey Weinstein on the show?” I can’t unsee that now.
  18. The only way Luann’s blackface would have been appropriate is if she was dressing up as Rachel Dolezal.
  19. "Lauren, I can't imagine what's going through your head right now." "Yeah, me neither." Neither can anyone, honey. Neither can anyone.
  20. Is something wrong with my tv, or are these people orange?
  21. Perhaps the sort of women who go on reality shows are the sort of women that men end up wanting to leave. Takes a special type of person to think they're fabulous enough to make good television. And an extra special type of person to actually make good television. I don't know too many men who'd want to spend a lifetime with either kind... Eta: Same goes in reverse, with self-absorbed men being plenty divorce-worthy too. Only used women in the example since we're talking about housewives.
  22. I completely agree. She has a terribly hunched and stiff posture that makes her seem much older than she probably is. Also, her arms and legs are extra skinny in proportion to her body, with her arms in particular looking like they're attached at the front instead of the sides. And her legs bend outward at the knees sometimes. She reminds me of Kermit the Frog. If this is your kind of thing, then yeah, she's hot.
  23. Those interchangeable assholes (I'd say "vagina-holes," but apparently one is better than the other) and their overbites can go to hell. Their catty tear-downs of Jack Stone and Tickle Monster were beyond obnoxious. Those guys - an attorney and a physician, respectively, not to mention two of the nicest guys this season - could kill more brain cells doing Wells's lemon drop shots than those two bitches could grow in a lifetime. And their calling anyone on this show "shallow whores" is pretty rich... I thought Taylor was making me stabby, but Dumb and Dumberer over there take me to
  24. I like him too. I have a soft spot for weird, awkward, smart people. And though he has proven he can be a jerk sometimes, it's often warranted, so I can usually forgive. As you said, maybe it's the small doses, but he can stay. I'll bring the drinks.
  25. I agree with the posters who have compared Bryan to Josh (of Andi and Josh). Both exude a lot of schmaltzy fakery. However, I do believe Bryan's schmaltz is actually genuine. While annoying, it comes from a good place. Josh's schmaltz was an just attempt to cover up his douchebaggery. He was an ass. Also, Bryan is smoking hot, while Josh was a sweating not.
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