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  1. elysium

    S01.E04: Ripe

    I figured that was canny misdirection on the part of the show. There have been several mentions now of Amma being in danger (the Chief says one of Adora's daughters in in danger and the other is danger...clearly Camille is the danger) or being worried over, so it seems like the time to imply that she'd be the killer's next target. Except, we know that the previous two girls are both tomboys who, in Amma's own words in the convenience store scene when Camille buys the sewing kit, not the cool or popular girls. It wouldn't be in character for Amma to be next. Also, the other murders were about a year apart, no? I do think we take away a lot of other interesting tidbits from that conversation with John though -- why is Amma hanging out with these uncool girls anyway? She clearly had some ulterior motive because this girl knows exactly how to manipulate people and enjoys it. Right? Every episode has been getting shorter and shorter!
  2. elysium

    S01.E03: Fix

    This makes sense. In the first episode, her editor explains that, in sending her back to Wind Gap to write this story, he's hoping she'll get "back on her feet" again or something like that. I remember wondering what's the backstory there and we never really got an answer. It would make sense if she just returned from a trip to rehab/treatment center at work, and he was trying to give her a piece that could be her big break.