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  1. Same here, I never understood how Logan was the bad guy in that situation. And then of course later on Marty proved himself to be quite the asshole.
  2. You'd think! But she was damn determined to finish up the original storyline even though Rory was a decade past any kind of shocker pregnancy.
  3. Jess was never going to come back from that first encounter, when he sassed her instead of thanking her for her insight and advice. Just like Logan was never really going to come back from helping Rory steal a yacht, even though it was her idea. I cried laughing throughout the entire musical, I have no idea why.
  4. For anyone who wants to talk about continuing the political discussion, have a look at my profile's website. (If that's ok to mention here. I hope it is, it's too tedious trying to PM everyone!)
  5. Ah screw it, it'll take too long to message people individually - I've set up something where we can discuss where to go or who wants to host something, so that we don't have to do it via PM. Just look at my profile's website.
  6. I'm trying to follow everyone but it's a laborious process so if I miss anybody it wasn't deliberate.
  7. Thank you for having it as long as you did, I don't know how I would have gotten through the last few months without it.
  8. NOOOOoooooo! How am I going to get through the Orange Menace unpresidency without y'all? Is anybody starting an independent forum, I mean it's just the one thread it wouldn't have to be a big deal? Just hosted somewhere else? Invision still has a free option, right? Well damn.
  9. I mostly agree, I just think that in this case there's no real way to separate a character losing weight from her actor losing weight. It's not like Chrissy can lose weight more slowly than Kate, or Chrissy can decide not to lose any more weight while Kate decides to lose lots more. So if Chrissy had surgery and she's losing lots of weight but claiming that, unlike Kate, she's merely dieting and exercising - she's putting out false information about how easy (or hard) it is to lose weight. So I hope she won't do that. But, I agree that it's her business.
  10. What did I miss, is this being shut down?
  11. Alien invasion! If we have to go out, let us go out knowing that there are aliens. (Sci-fi geek here.)
  12. You make a good point, but I do think that while we aren't entitled to know about her private life, if it's suggested that she lost weight due to diet and exercise and in reality she had surgery, that kind of verges on reality TV. Because the character can't lose weight unless Chrissy loses weight, and if the character "succeeds" using "just discipline" while Chrissy actually needed the surgery, that's a little bit of a bad message to be delivering to people. "Well I guess you failed because you didn't have Chrissy's self-discipline." If you see what I mean?
  13. I'm only embarrassed in the sense that I didn't know I was living in this kind of a country. It's been humiliating to have to realize that we're this backwards.
  14. I don't know what he used to be like, but right now he seems to be speeding through the early stages of dementia. But he's not in office yet.
  15. Agreed, he was never good looking in the first place, and now he's hideous. Throat pouch, bulging gut, orange face, lavender lips and eye bags, teeny tiny pursed anus mouth, and troll doll hair.
  16. Ohhh that's brilliant and probably what was supposed to happen. Too bad the promos kind of blew it!
  17. After reading the article above, I hope she did have the surgery, although I can't imagine why she'd lie about it. But yeah, at her weight her knees take a beating just on a regular basis, even without being injured, so I could see how that would put her in a wheelchair. That was my own main motivation to lose the quit-smoking weight, I had a bad knee made far worse by the extra weight.
  18. This really can not be emphasized enough. They don't care. There is no point in trying to change the minds of his supporters, that road is a dead end. Use your time and energy for calling and writing your reps, they still technically work for us.
  19. I haven't watched the news since 11/9 so it makes no difference to me, but I hope they have terrible ratings and fail miserably.
  20. Yep, I took a look at the replies to someone talking about this on Twitter and it was all, "Hillary lost, feel the butthurt" and "that's fake news, you cuck!" The people who replied really only care that he won, which means they won. When the mushroom clouds appear, they'll still be cackling about how us special triggered butthurt cuck snowflakes need a safe place.
  21. She was burnt out and tired from waiting around in limbo for ten years so she could be written as pregnant and say three of the last four words.
  22. He was never elected to anything - like most of them - so he could say he wasn't a "typical politician," which I guess was true. And he claimed he funded his own campaign so he didn't owe anyone anything, which was a lie, but I guess people believed it because he's supposedly rich.
  23. Yes, I think he's genuinely nuts - it's not nine dimensional chess or what the hell ever. He manipulated the public by telling them what they wanted to hear - it didn't take any kind of genius to devise that strategy, three year olds have figured that one out.
  24. It had a really bad start, and these days it's pretty hard to come back from that even if the show does get better. Which I think this did.
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