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  1. Wasn't just you that saw how excessive the edit was for her farewell episode. It was obviously someone's idea to say 'we love you, Poh' since she was their cash-cow with the sound-bites. Those of us tired of her laughing at her own attempts at humor merely sat here waiting to see if the death knell was truly dire this time or whether she'd have another judge's unjustified save. To be honest, they transmitted her farewell so blatantly throughout the whole show that I was only surprised the judges couldn't find some excuse... like, "oh, didn't we tell you? There's no elimination this week because today ends in a 'y'."
  2. Hahahahaaa, you said 'bowel', not 'bowl'... but it still works!!!
  3. Sorry it's taken me a full week to calm down before I could come and post without swearing up a storm. I warned you I'd hit the ceiling if they pulled some BS and sent Tessa out. Sure enough, that's exactly what they did. I'm still not over it. HOW can they say her dish didn't fit the brief? In my opinion, hers was the only one that did. "Make something creative we've never seen before"... cue Poh making another curry and serving it in! a! piece! of! lettuce!!!... cue Reynold making his typical dessert elements and calling it 'space'. Oooo, aaaaah... BS!!!! Tessa served up Indian food as tacos... a blending of two cuisines... CLEARLY not seen before. Mel said all of the elements tasted wonderful, but they then complained about the flavors being too strong and the heat lingering, etc... but it was a BUILD YOUR OWN style... if they put too much hot sauce on then that's on THEM!!!! I'm sick of it. Obviously with these judges the briefs only matter to determine who follows it most closely so they can eliminate them. Who cares if the remaining cooks can only cook dishes they're comfortable with, a BS story is all it takes to sail through. It also helps if you've got a fat paycheck from production, you really don't even have to present a dish... I'm SURE they'll find some other crock of BS to eliminate ANYone else. Maybe so, but I don't recall that because he probably wasn't specifically talking about 'bottom' when they did it to him. It was overly obvious with Laura.
  4. Okay, I haven't seen anyone mention this and it just seemed too odd for me to let it slide by completely unnoticed. During Laura's immunity dish tasting at the judge's table, the editor's had a little cheeky fun (no pun intended) when Laura was talking about being 'the bottom' last time. They didn't give us a view of her talking. Instead, it was a full on butt shot of her and the judges beyond sitting at the table. WTH!?! Was I the only one who caught this?
  5. You're right, but because they didn't mention it, I forgot where it was suppose to be. I have a sneaky suspicion that the judges, or at least Jock, read reviews before the second half of the season started filming. It's blatantly obvious with his change of attitude towards Laura. First half she could do no wrong, now she can't do anything right... but yet she still manages to squeak by. I still haven't been able to work out if she's really a good cook or not and whether she deserves to still be there. One other note I'd like to mention that is very confusing to me. The contestants talk about how someone will be leaving every three days now, yet we're seeing those three days over a full week, and the judges talk about Sunday's elimination. I know it's all the 'magic of Hollywood', but stop confusing the issue please.
  6. Personally, I'm really missing the master classes. It was a way for the viewers to get to learn alongside the contestants. I also prefer the eliminations where the contestants have to make a guest chef's dish (from the recipe!!!) because they are all then judged on the same dish and their abilities; not on some random dishes and where the judge's favoritism factors in. I've noticed how badly production sucks this season because we have no idea how the vast majority of these dishes are being made. We see them cutting, stirring, and flipping... but hardly any explanation of what they are wanting to accomplish. For example, Emilia's choux pastry was too wet... I know that from watching a lot of baking shows... but they didn't say that, contestants just said it didn't look right. Producers should be there asking what's wrong with it and having the contestant explain. These are missed opportunities that would make the show more view-worthy, in my opinion. BTW, I'm with others in wishing the immunity had gone to anyone other than (this year's token meme-man) Reece. He's had more than enough practice making tarts, cakes, meringues and ice creams in this competition that they should always be perfect. *yawn* Jess made a lot of desserts, but at least she pushed herself and tried outrageous combinations that worked and surprised the judges, and she did a lot of different savory dishes (that weren't always curry). I thought it odd not one judge described the gin ice cream - it sounds disgusting to me, since I'm not a drinker, so can only imagine it being akin to gasoline. And lastly... poor Tessa. I feel like she's getting no love this season. The judges are great at boosting the confidence of other contestants, but I feel like she gets complimented on her greatest cooks and not really praised personally that she has what it takes to win it. She was last year's runner-up (and should-have-been winner), but if you added up all of the airtime Tessa's had this season (46 episodes), I'm guessing she has about an hour combined. That's ridiculous for a final 8 out of 24 contestant.
  7. This show needs to be a lot clearer to the viewers at home. The contestants are given a brief. Why? It seems this year that Poh can fly thru without ever having to follow said brief. Most recent cases in point: IMO, Sarah definitely got Poh'd. Poh makes a Malaysian curry instead of a Thai one that the guest chef called "unpleasant" and the only thing they complimented was the rice. Sarah was sent home for having too weak of a broth... but it was still a Thai curry and it was suppose to be a replicate without a recipe task. I was fuming!!! Then tonight's show, Melissa clearly says "That's right, it's a smoking gun, because this challenge is all about smoke. We would like you to use that gun to bring us a dish with a smoky element. But more than that, we want you to bring us a dish with a depth of flavor and dimension that only smoke can bring ". After Andy's rambling about being able to smoke anything (I think he's experimented with a few too many weeds, but...), Jock then repeats the brief "we want you to use that smoking gun to bring us a truly amazing dish." So what does Poh do? She grabs a wok and foil to make a stove top smoker to make a duck dish... that failed to have enough smoke flavor... and she sails thru to the immunity challenge leaving rule-following Tessa in her wake as another of her victims. BTW, Callum also didn't follow the brief as he used the hibachi to get smoke into his octopus, but his didn't have enough smoke to even be considered... seems odd when Poh's didn't either but she won. The Poh bias is REAL and if Tessa or anyone else I like goes home standing next to her, again breaking the rules of the brief, I will be PI$$ED!! Oh yeah, I'd also like to state that most of my fury comes from the fact that Poh can only cook dishes she's done before. The only creativity I've seen from her is 'how can I shove this dish into this cook's brief'. Prime example was the fairy tale cook when she made the tofu lotus flower in broth that she tried to make the cook before and failed at because she didn't turn on her pressure cooker. Seriously? Most of the contestants say 'I'm going to try to do such and such, I think it will pair well together', with her it's always 'I've done something similar (or before)'. By the way, I mistakenly put this on the wrong week's. *smh*
  8. Gonna just put this out there... I saw a tweet about Benjamin Cooper's Jungle Curry (40 chilies!) in tonight's episode. Besides the fact that all curries have peppers, which I can't eat, that dish looks like the storm drains around here after a really heavy rainfall. NO! THANK! YOU!!!
  9. Hmm, I don't know that it's really that far. When Poh was bringing rice, she was probably being teased and bullied for her lunch. When you son's peers throw their sandwiches away it's probably the same thing... they're trying to avoid being picked on by the bullies, 'Oh, look at the poor kid!' (been there, done that... doesn't always work)
  10. We can see it, thank you... good read! Only one issue I had with it was in the first paragraph... it was Twist Week's Hot & Cold DAY that brought Katie Perry, not week. I'm still stunned by Khahn's flavor combination. I've heard of pretzels and beer or peanuts and beer... NEVER anchovies!!!! I'll give that one a solid pass, thank you. Never really liked the flavor of beer, only drink one if it's ice cold and a blistering hot day and there's no other option.
  11. I'm really liking all three, they create a good diversity for judging... and they appear to be getting along pretty well. Jock has the experience from working in the food industry for so long, he's able to keep things focused and under control without being a Ramsey. Andy's like an excited puppy wanting to please everyone. He'll grow into his role more next season when he doesn't have to oversee his peers. Melissa is great at showing her heart and describing what the food looks like, which we already know for ourselves, Unfortunately, all three of them need to watch a few episodes of MasterChef UK and see how the judges there critique food. The viewers can't taste it, it's up to the judges to describe what the contestants have done. Hearing 'that's banging', 'wow, the flavor in that is spot on' and other useless comments does nothing for the viewers.
  12. I never took it as an American twang. When she spoke, I always associated it more of a baby-doll way of speaking... meek and calm... but not a strong 'accent'. Hmm, interesting... and now she's gone I can't try to decipher it further. 😞
  13. You really didn't ask that, did you?!? His accent is Scottish. Every Asian on the show has an Australian accent. Accents are based on where you are raised, what you hear and learn to speak as a child. Even if you're raised in a home that speaks another language, turn on the TV or walk out the door and you are surrounded by it. Go to school and you must learn to speak the local language. I know it can be shocking sometimes, I was quite floored by it the first time I watched a Big Brother AU series and heard a perfect Aussie accent coming from Nobbi. 😄 I haven't caught up on a couple episodes yet, the last I saw was the fairy tale one. Not really in a hurry to catch up now that I know Jess is gone. I'm steadfastly holding onto hope that Tessa makes it far, along with a few others.
  14. We all know that when it comes to the contestants, it's just for show, they're trying to keep the aesthetic up for the public. It's well known they live together and arrive together in vehicles (unless it's an elimination challenge... and wastefully use separate ones). Possible cross contamination to and from the judges is the main concern, especially when we know they aren't constantly sequestered like the contestants are.
  15. You're in luck. Emilia posted her photo on Twitter and MasterChef retweeted it. She also responded to a few comments, including one from what looks like her mom(?). Have to agree to disagree. This is a season of returning all-star (for the most part) contestants. A lot of favorites went home, like Amina, who should still be represented in this season's credits. Even paging thru google's images, I didn't spot any horizontally striped straws, so for 'realism', they SHOULD be spiraled.
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