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  1. Beantown Gal

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    You totally read my mind!
  2. Beantown Gal

    S03.E17: R&B

    That would explain it. Thank you.
  3. Beantown Gal

    S03.E17: R&B

    I came here to post a similar question! It was so odd to me that Beth chose Kate as her MOH! I was immediately like: "where's Zoe? Where's Sophie? Where are Beth's other siblings?
  4. Beantown Gal

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    Gotcha. Thank you.
  5. Beantown Gal

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    Did they ever say where Roscoe is? Did they mention it when they visited Violet a while back?
  6. Beantown Gal

    S07 E19 Mike & Joey

    As others have stated, Mike comes across as a horrible person and IS a horrible Catfishee! I say comes across because I read his actions as hoping to get his own reality show. His extremely high opinion of himself would definitely make him think this would happen. Granted it would be work, but he would become a beloved celebrity with everyone fawning over him (yeah, right!). I agree Carrey's daughter comes across as a very genuine and likable person, I really liked her but also agree she didn't bring much as a co-host. That said, I feel like she might have brought more if it wasn't with this clown's episode.
  7. Beantown Gal

    S06.E10: Flamingos and a Dance-Based Exercise Class

    I was thinking they are saving it for the season finale. I am behind on a couple of episodes, so maybe something happened?
  8. Beantown Gal

    S01.E07: Hold the Salt

    I echo others' comments in regards to Darlene being rude for salting the paella. While Darlene was rude for not at least trying the red wine with the paella, Ben should have been a gracious host and opened the bottle of white for her. The shoe thing I totally get, but I don't insist my guests remove their shoes if they aren't comfortable (mainly because I quickly run my swiffer steamer over the floors after they leave). But I do wonder: If the paella was made with vegan ingredients and Darlene was expecting it to be bland - again doesn't excuse her actions - she should have salted her own serving. Why Ben served wine with a vegan dish since wine isn't vegan.
  9. Beantown Gal

    S05.E12: Lizability

    IKR! Actually I believe she knows but for whatever reason is keeping quiet about it. If memory serves Kelsey told Liza when they first met that Diana lied about her age - granted only a couple of year but still...
  10. Beantown Gal

    S05.E12: Lizability

    Point taken....that said so is Charles (a publisher and editor - presumably on the latter) and look what a stellar job he has done with it.
  11. Beantown Gal

    S05.E12: Lizability

    So if I'm following this correctly: Millennial is now the parent company and Empirical is the subsidiary and Kelsey is the new big boss running everything, completely disregarding Diana the most competent person to fill that position (at least IMO)?
  12. Beantown Gal

    S05.E11: Fraudlein

    I'm wondering: If Cheryl and Diana knew each other from when they were beginning their careers, and Cheryl and Liza were co-workers at that same time, I'm wondering if Diana remembers Liza from years ago (they may not have worked at the same company, but like most industries, most of the players know or know of each other)?
  13. Beantown Gal

    S05.E10: Girls on the Side

    I was trying to include the quote from @thesupremediva1 about how nobody was believing this woman is 26 but I could figure out how to do it (technologically challenged, lol). Uh Caitlin dear, you really shouldn't make snide comments about your mother's appearance, especially since YOU look like a middle aged woman! Your mother looks a 1000x younger/prettier than you.
  14. Beantown Gal

    S05.E10: Girls on the Side

    Here are my thoughts on last nights episode: I feel like Kelsey was trying to deliberately mess with Charles & Liza's relationship by emphasizing his status as single when Quinn inquired. Liza's response was very professional with a hint of "bitch mind your damn business", how did she say it: nothing publicly? However she worded it - it was spot on. Speaking of Quinn, I realize she is suppose to be this real go-getter and aggressive personality and probably doesn't care what people think of her, but to me that seemed a very unprofessional question to ask. I mean she's all about think of number one and no one else, and do what you want. So why bother asking? I'm not so sure Charles & Liza were keeping things as secret as they think they were. When have we ever seen Liza sit in Charles' office, especially by herself for any length of time The exchanges (in his office) have always been very quick and didn't warrant her to sit. That is something I feel other employees would definitely notice including her relaxed demeanor since she was always kind of "on guard" when she was around him in the past. And did anyone else feel like Diana is sort of picking up hints about Charles & Liza? I thought she might have listened for a minute to their conversation before she barged into his office. I do understand why Charles was to keep his relationship with Liza a secret especially where Quinn is concerned, I'm sure she would pull her financial investment once she knew she was out of the running relationship wise, and if that is the case that is a dick move. Caitlin needs to go away. I don't find her to be an enjoyable character.
  15. Beantown Gal

    S05.E09: Honk If You're Horny

    A friend recently asked me which team I was, and after giving it some thought I realized I'm neither because I can see the appeal of both. That said I do feel as though the writers / producers haven't given Charles and Liza the time to develop as a couple the way they did with Josh. If memory serves (and please feel free to correct if it doesn't), the first three seasons we saw Liza & Josh's relationship develop as it would IRL (or at least on a TV show), but they just put Liza and Charles together and *BAM* they have their first real relationship challenge (the claw chick), I'm not sure they will survive this and I am disappointed because I have always wondered how that dynamic would work out. Additionally I'm not real thrilled with Josh at the moment he does seem to be a little manipulative as of late. I didn't like it (or him) one bit last season when he was blackmailing Liza with her lie, it came across as I lied for you so you owe me this. I would expect this from a frenemy NOT a true friend or someone you deeply cared about. Now it seems like Josh is only interested in Liza because 1). He's coming off of the high of Claire and the crashing of that relationship and 2). He doesn't want to see / hear about Liza being with Charles because he still has resentment towards him from the Hamptons (even though Josh did give her a free pass because he didn't want her to feel like she missed out on anything). We'll see how tonight's episode goes. Lauren is still the only one in that circle that doesn't know Liza's secret, correct? I'm surprised it hasn't slipped out in passing between Liza, Kelsey, Josh and Maggie. I realize Diana doesn't know, I was talking more about her social circle.