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  1. lil-Pixie

    S07.E00: All the Times Teen Mom Broke the Internet

    Terrible decision to have Bristol on this show, would have been better to pic a mom from the 16 and pregnant series, someone who's struggled without fall the money, someone who was part of the franchise, Bristol may have had Trip when she was young, mtv are vering so far away from what they set out to achieve
  2. lil-Pixie

    S01.E07: Tying the...Not

    I agree also. i do not like Ashley or her mom. kyler is a dick, and stephon, I hate with a passion he's a horrible excuse for a human.
  3. lil-Pixie

    Media Talk: The Parenting Guides

  4. I saw on another site that Jade has a sugar daddy page online. and I then saw this!!!! https://starcasm.net/new-teen-mom-jade-cline-sugar-daddy-website-profile/
  5. Na Stephans head is that shape from his ancestors ( they all have that light bulb shaped head) no helmet could fix a head shape like Stephans.
  6. That's because of his Somali head shape, he's a horrible pos
  7. lil-Pixie

    S01.E15: Reunion 2018.06.25

    Sending my prayers and hugs to you, I lost my mom too, so I can understand how you feel, good luck with the chemotherapy and take care
  8. lil-Pixie

    S01.E14: For Now 2018.06.11

    Stephan, I can't with that light bulb headed twisted mouthed (Twonk) he is as ugly on the inside as he is to look at ( I wouldn't take him ratting) bri, looks like she needs several showers ( grubby) did they go out and find the most idiotic families for this show!!! lexi's mom looks as dim as her daughter. pastor Tea wow she's nasty ( wtf does she preach with a nasty mouth like that) Smh@them all WOW