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  1. Keirams

    Are Female Babies the majority?

    I hear you and agree on the science of it, I'm just wondering if maybe they are planting little seeds for a future narrative.
  2. Keirams

    Beyond The Wall: The Culture of The Handmaid's Tale

    I know I need to just go with it, but I have a hard time with this post-America Gilead society totally dumping Jesus. I mean all those Jesus lovers of all Christian faiths all over the US would be okay to just forget the Jesus part of the bible? The whole religion seems very Old Testament aka freaky/extreme Jewish.
  3. Not sure if this has been discussed already or is in my imagination, but it seems like most of the handmaids in June's region have given birth to female babies. There were enough concerned wives to speak to the commanders about their daughters and I noticed that Eden's father said they had another daughter. Not a lot of mention about boy babies. Maybe there's nothing really to this but I wonder if they are playing out a long game for this series, maybe this will come out and may be an issue for such a patriarchal society.