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  1. I might have told this story before, but my parents both quit smoking around 1974, when cigs hit $6 per carton (in Canada). My dad, who was a 2-pack-a-day smoker, quit cold turkey, never smoked again and doesn't crave it. My mother only smoked about 3 cigarettes a day, and only while socializing or relaxing. To this day, she still has dreams about enjoying a cigarette. They smoked for different reasons. For my dad, smoking was a compulsive habit he was tired of. For my mom, smoking was synonymous with pleasurable events.
  2. I think you're onto something. I agree Kalani is likely co-sleeping with one or both of the kids, and it's too crowded and/or disruptive for Asuelu's liking. I don't know if the kids need more food though; I am guessing the kids nurse all night because of proximity to their mom and her milk, not because they're actually hungry. I think, more than anything else, it's become a habit for all of them, and an easy way to get the kids to sleep. It's probably easiest for Kalani to nurse them instead of sleep-train. For the record, I'm pro-nursing too. I nursed both my kids for most of their firs
  3. A few thoughts on their finances over the years: Before the show happened, the Original 3 shared a tri-plex. Their finances seemed to be very co-mingled, in the sense that they shared one home and two or three members worked outside the home to provide for everyone. After paying for their shelter, transportation and certain other fixed costs, each wife was given an equal allotment to pay for things she needed for herself and her household. This of course was unequal, as Meri had 1/6 the children of Janelle and Christine, but the squeakiest wife got the grease, so to speak. Then Robyn
  4. Yes, and this is why my mother did it. It wasn't about her, it was about Grandma's relatives who couldn't attend her service due to age and/or health reasons wanting that piece of their loved one. My mother dreaded it because it was uncomfortable for her, but she did it.
  5. Yes, this is a thing in some families. My Grandma's (Dad's stepmom's) family was one of those. I had no idea about this until a few years ago when Grandma passed away and my mother offhandedly commented that her surviving relatives would probably make my mother mail them pictures of Grandma in her casket. I was shocked, asking my mother, why the heck would they do that? She replied that whenever one of Grandma's relatives died, the survivors all took photos of the deceased in their open casket, and would even mail copies to those who couldn't attend the service. Out of politeness, and to her e
  6. Every time I see Sumit smile I can’t help but wonder if he was/is a prolific thumb sucker. Like, into his teens or even to this day. It wouldn’t surprise me, considering how odd some of his other behaviour is.
  7. Saw this posted on Facebook. Apologies if someone else already posted it. It made me laugh out loud.
  8. The struggle definitely IS real. My mother struggled with low level depression her whole life, and had a weight problem in the 80s and 90s. She eventually lost nearly 100lbs over 2-3 years by following the Canada Food Guide and walking a few km every day that she could manage it (she has a degenerative hip condition and is technically disabled). She told me one of the biggest realizations for her was that she had somehow tricked herself into believing that if she went through the drive-thru, it didn't count. If she physically went into a restaurant, it did. She acknowledges that it's completel
  9. Good lord. I'm 38 years old and 7 months pregnant and aside from the belly, my body looks better than hers.
  10. This popped up on my facebook newsfeed this morning and I couldn't resist.
  11. Jasmin reminds me of something Carrie from Sex & the City said about a party host who wouldn't allow any 'brown food' at her event: "It's like she's consciously trying to cultivate an eccentricity so that people won't notice she's completely devoid of personality."
  12. isn't the St. George real estate market pretty hot, or has been hot for the past couple years? Since he was wrong about the Vegas market, I think Kody was trying to save face by saying he originally wanted to move to St. George and had the houses "all picked out" in a last ditch effort to make himself sound like he knew what he was talking about after all. When we all know he didn't.
  13. It’s been said before, but that’s why most of us visit a doctor/midwife/nurse regularly with our infant. To make sure our child is healthy and growing properly. Saying you’re scared of taking your child to a doctor for fear of being reported as a plyg, in Utah or a neighbouring state no less, is the stupidest excuse I’ve ever heard.
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